Mere Angne Mein 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Sarla why did Rani leave, I asked her to stay back. Sarla says its nothing like that, many thefts are happening and someone has to be at home, I m staying back. She asks Pari to make Preeti ready for sangeet. Rani worries seeing Amit with Lallan. Lallan asks them to come to Shanti Sadan. Amit and Rani worry, as Lallan gets in love with Amita. He makes promises to Amita and holds Amit. Amit worries and asks what shall I say now, I will be yours, what about Babloo. Lallan promises Babloo that he will make him eat marriage function food. Amit lies about Nani’s heart attack. Amit fools Lallan. Rani gets angry and goes.

Kaushalya asks Raghav to come in sangeet. He asks her not to expect any such thing from him. She asks him to taunt later, till when will he sit in room like this. She says we can’t run away from parents duty, its our duty to support children even if they do mistakes. Raghav asks what shall I do, shall I get Tajmahal made for you. She cries and says everyone just scold me, its rule, when child does good thing, everyone praise the father, and when child does mistake, everyone curse the mother, no one blames father.

He asks did you stop Preeti from doing this mistake, you got blind in her love, and you are asking me to understand you. She says you are father, not mother, you will not understand, I get hurt in heart, I can’t send away Preeti, I have explained her a lot, I have beaten her, what shall I do if she does not understand, its fine, curse me like everyone is doing, but I will do mother and father duty and be part of her happiness, you be here, don’t come. He sits working. She goes.

Everyone gather for sangeet. The lights go. Pari sees Nandu’s ghost in kitchen and screams. She tells everyone about Nandu’s ghost. Nimmi sees Nandu smiling and asks how did you reach kitchen from here. He says its not so far. She asks why did you do this with Pari. He says Pari was happy about Nandu’s death, I had to scare her, I can’t let her be happy. She nods. Nimmi plays the song. Preeti dances Mere saiyyan superstar…. Lucky dances with her. Shanti and everyone look on.

Raghav is upset seeing all this. Pari dances with Preeti. Kaushalya and Sarla smile. Shivam gets Riya’s call. He says fine, I will come to pick you. Lallan and Babloo come there. Kaushalya dances with Preeti and Pari. Sarla gets shocked seeing Lallan. Lallan asks why did everyone stop dancing, its marriage house, dance. Shanti says we know, who are you, tell us, why did you come here.

Sarla laughs and says maybe he came just like that. Lallan scolds Shanti. Shivam says she is my Dadi, talk to her well. Lallan says I m Sarla’s relative. Sarla makes a story. Shanti asks her to take her relations her home, make him leave. Sarla says how to send guests, Lallan dances well, you dance with him. Shanti refuses. Lallan asks Shanti to dance. He asks Babloo to play the song of his choice. Babloo plays song. Lallan and Babloo dance with Sarla and Pari. Shanti holds her head. Babloo shows the juice glasses to Lallan. Lallan goes and adds something in the glasses. He drinks he juice. Lallan pulls Preeti for the dance. Shivam gets angry and Lucky comes in between. Lucky says she is my wife, you dance with someone else. Shanti asks Babloo with whom did you come. Babloo says ask Sarla Dadi who I m. Shanti gets shocked.

Lallan says I will dance with bride, what will you do. Nandu says I will show you and goes to his room and get his stone bat. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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