Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking everyone to leave her alone. She thinks of all the happenings. Kangana thinks of Madhav and cries hugging his pic. She thinks of recent happenings. Guddi asks Ankit did he go mad, its no use to take this matter ahead. He asks are you saying this, I know the value of this relation for you. She says it does not happen as we think, we should accept the situation which we can’t change, everyone has own fate. He asks shall I tie my hands, I will decide what to do, whoever has sparked my sister’s life, I will ignite fire in that person’s life, I could not become a good brother till now, I m with you two now.

Vividha prays in the temple. She hears people and goes to see the person. Guddi asks Ankit not to worry for them. He says I would do this, if Papa was here, this would have not happened. She asks what, its all happening because of Papa. Vividha goes to her car. Kailash sees her. She stops. Guddi says there is no bigger selfish man than him. The people say this man is mad, he is staying here since some days, he does theft also. Vividha hears Kailash. Guddi says for him, his ego and fake prestige were imp, his family was nothing to him. Guddi says you know he has made everyone dance on his fingers. Vividha gets shocked seeing Kailash. He says I m a king. He acts mad.
She recalls inspector’s words.

Atharv warns Kangana. Kangana says I know you all can’t trust me, I don’t expect this, like I told you all, I can’t see you all worried, I m taking this case back, I did wrong with Vividha, I m responsible for this, she has raised Madhav well, life has been bad for me, so I did wrong with everyone, I will not fight Madhav’s custody case. Sujata says I know what you are going through, it would be tough to decide this, I also lost my son once, I know pain to lose a son, you have done a big favor on me, Madhav will be here, Ravish is his dad, you are his mum, you are Ravish’s wife now.

Kangana says I wish this could happen, I cheated him and made him helpless to marry me, but I don’t think I should stay here now. Atharv asks what do you mean, Ravish did not wish to marry you. She says no, I forced him to marry me. They all get shocked. Kangana says I trapped him. Atharv says it seems you love him. Kangana says it does not matter, I have to rectify my mistake, I can’t give Madhav what you all can give, I don’t want to hurt Vividha, it will be better if I leave. Atharv asks what about Ravish and your marriage. She says his love can’t erase my mistakes. Ravish comes and says it can erase Kangana.

She says I don’t deserve to be part of this family, let me go. He holds her hand and stops her. He says you won’t go anywhere, you took decision to drop this case, I trust you, my heart told me I should help you and marry you, I was not helpless. Guddi looks on. Ravish says I will prove this now itself. He gets sindoor from the aarti plate and fills Kangana’s maang. Guddi gets sad.

Kangana cries and sees Ravish. Everyone smile. Ravish says you understand the value of your tears, don’t waste them. Kangana promises Ravish that his family is her family from today, their happiness and sorrow is also hers, she will help others in forgetting the sorrow, Madhav will always be of Vividha. Guddi congratulates Ravish and Kangana. She goes.

Vividha comes home and says Atharv…… They all look at her. Atharv says you don’t know what Kangana said just now. Vividha asks him to come along, she has to tell something imp. She takes him. He asks her to listen, why did you get me to basement. She says I have to ask something, this is imp for me and you, when you got to know about your dad, how did you feel. He asks why are you asking this now. She asks him to say. She says I know you were angry on your dad, when you knew of his death, you went somewhere, I know these feelings are complicated, I want to know.

Atharv gets angry on Kailash and kicks him. Vividha comes in between and says don’t bat him, he is not in his senses. Kailash stabs Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Asana321

    Wow amina di thank you for your update

  2. Asana321

    Oh ! Kailash kashyp ??? but I can’t see I just read above update

  3. vividha became mahaan and bought kangana and then mess was created for madhav. now she is thinking about kailash and he stabbed Atharv.

  4. Diya30

    sooo now another drama.
    at 1st we saw ravish kamgana’s drama
    next ravish again showed her mahanata
    then kangana acted like a typical bahu
    and the last kk…
    vivi u r going to do a mistake but I know after all kk is ur father
    precap…Atharv u r the best… uff sorry Vikram u r the best actor.
    but I’m happy now madhav is only vitharv’s son.?

  5. such a stunning episode really yr but I liked it and yes precap was so horrible and this nonsense kk I hate him and love only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  6. Diya30

    ankit is the person sorry was a villain totally changed (now) n now he tries to become a good bro. nice to see.but I hope he’ll not change (again)
    I just wish atharv will understand everything (kk’s acting)…bcoz he has the power n the brain to think…

  7. Veer

    Episode was good. It’s high time direction and editing improves because if Shashank leaves most of his fans will leave the show and to get back the phase1 viewers and to compensate for lost viewers it’s highly needed.
    Guddi’s positivity, to go ahead in life forgetting the past was very good.
    Ankit isn’t changed a bit he’s still KK’s nalaayak beta. Waiting to see how his character unfolds after KK returning.
    KK is back and that gives me happiness. But at the same time he brings with him lots of troubles of Vitharv and Atharv in particular. This time I hope Vitharv will give back KK what he deserves.

    Good to see Kangana turning good and Ravish confiding in Kangana. This means Ravish will have a happy ending, which he certainly deserves for whatever good he did till the leap. Happy that Madhav custody drama will end finally.

    Precap: KK-Atharv face off ⚔️. I guess KK is definitely acting as mad. OMG KK stabbed ?AtharvSujatha. I don’t want Vividha to again become Atharv’s Achilles heel when facing KK. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  8. Aam2000

    Waiting for the face off…
    So its officially KaVish… But I loved ShweRav..CVs just killed the Jodi..they were too adorable…

    Atharv vs KK is gonna be awesome…phase 1 is back

  9. I heard shasank yas will quit the show. Is it true?

  10. Guddis love is best.but ravish couldn’t understand her…kangana is good mom..but she is very selfish..then guddi is still lonce ravish…i hope ravish guddis life..today episode make bore

  11. Sandy17

    I did not see today’s episode …kangana has changed her decision…the person who has started the problem has ended it herself..gud…ravish..has also changed his decision..all in a matter of seconds.

    Precap..kk stabs atharv ?? …oh my god…even he is in his senses or not his goal is to harm atharv…vivi contain between shows that she will bring kk to her home as she feels pity on him.

  12. Sunanda12345

    Means kangana giving madhav 2 vivida….?????????very very happy….

    Kailash and atharv omg….
    Didn’t watched today’s episode….

    1. Sunanda12345

      Guys how is my dp???????

    2. Sandy17

      I have already posted in Twitter? can’t take my eyes from that ?
      Even my cousin snatched the pic from and put that pic as her status?

    3. Sunanda12345

      @@sandy dear that is magic of our vitharv…

    4. Hey everyone am Hafza
      I am in last year of MRS

      Omg I just liked your dp…??
      I want to see this kind of clips…..
      Kailash stabbed Atharv
      Atharv can’t die

    5. Awesome…??????

    6. Asana321

      Superb DP

  13. Episode was nice but ankit…oh my god he changed wat a change??ravish feeling bad for him….and precap…I think its misleading and I wants it to be plz…no more pain to atharv???

  14. O god I hate u ravish?? if u loved kangana y did u propose guddi, and how dare u fill that kangana’s forehead with sindoor I was so sad that u r dying but now I feel very happy at least we won’t have to see much of that stupid kavish scenes thank God.
    I so knew this would happen and that’s y that jndsd title song God!!!
    This Vivi is mad how can she forgive kk so easily kk how dare u stab our atharv sujatha ????

  15. In true sense, kavish happened. Kangana gonna take her custody case back also she herself revealed the truth behind kavish marriage. Ravish impressed with the change in her and accepted her whole heartedly. In one epi, cvs wrapped up custody case and the difference between kavish.

    Dont know y vivi bought kk back to home. Y she is asking questions related to atharv father. all will revealed after next day epi.

    Yes kk is vivi father who raised her for 20 years. kk love on vivi is fake but vivi loves her father truly. But vivi plz dont excuse/pity him. Becoz of this person atharv almost went near death. Ur daughter khushi suffered alot and lost her precious parents love in all those years.

    Ankit, when cvs gonna end his track. One kk is enough to this show, no need any xerox copy of kk.

    Guddi accepting truth and moving on in her life seems good. What u said about kk is true. Hope u remains to be matured/good forever.

    Cvs show us vitharv vs kk battle. dont go for any sympathi tracks.

    dont know y cvs want to end R track. They can show kavish stroy separately. If there is no R, then what is importance for kangana role.

    Anyways epi is ok. No fighting and no crying.

  16. Jenny123


    1. Sandy17

      Same to u dear ??

    2. Same to u dear?

  17. Divya sabareesh

    Atharv mar jaao vividha jaise selfish ladki ko saath leke jaao aur ravish ko baksh do. Ravish nahi tum dono hai yeh show ki barbaadi. Tum log quit hona chaahiye. Ravish jaayega tho yeh show vitharv se nahi jal paayega sure. Bandh hoga. Acha hai without ravish this show deserves nothing.

    1. Sandy17

      This show has created the ever top trp at 5:30 slot with vitharv story only. Not only about trp but about the effect they have created in the viewers is all because of vitharv .
      This show is all about vitharv if they quit means what is the needing jndsd?

    2. If ur a ravish fan..its k..but don’t tell…like these becoz…these show is all abt vitharv oy..there love story..makes huge fans and..followers for these show and it will be continued…. And if u are on the news that shashyank is going to quit….plz don’t show ur anger on vitharv…vitharv they are the soul of jndsd and will always remind like that

    3. I think its your anger talking, take it easy or you might just bite your tongue n don’t worry you’ll get over it.

  18. Aleya.marzan

    ooooo alllaaaah i missed today

    i wish i could watch it

    poor vivi dont fall over kk trap

    good night all

  19. Y jndsd family is very lazy in writing fanfiction serial swasan everyday 27 fanfiction is posting pls my frnds be active I too will be starting writing a fanfiction fastly

  20. I just hope Ravish leaves the show without dying. Just have him and Kangana leave to another city (Kangana too as it’s not necessary to have her character if her husband is leaving the show). I don’t want him getting killed. He doesn’t deserve that. He should be the only Vashist left standing.

    Now with regards to that precap, I’m sure it was a dream or something like that. How can everything happen so fast and all of a sudden, he’s in the actual house and pulling a knife out. He needs to be in the basement for a while before they let him out or he gets out. But I don’t think he actually stabs Atharva.

  21. @@@@diya sorry to late reply.at first I thank you to reply me.I am very happy to know that not only I but also you are Bengali in here.Sorry dear I have not enough time to spend here.I just enter this page.I am busy with my exam.I hope all vitharvians are well and always will be well and can spend their time happily. Diya I am also very happy to know that now you are a registered member.nice dp…see you later good night…

  22. Omg!!!!! Precap is so horrible.
    Vividha forgives her father. Good vivi.
    May be this track is similar to first track of jndsd( first track ends with vi……dharv separation) if it is true, vi……………….dharv separation is also true. Cause
    Today vividha said that adharv’s father story(similarly she also feels like adharv). But just characters are reversed.
    I feel bad fr ravish character ends. I miss u shashank (ravish) ji.
    Gudnt frnds sweet dreams.

    1. Halo..sudeeer y r u always upon vitharv separation if u tell like these a 100000 times also they will never get..separated…and ur way of writing vitharv.from that I understood…u…did nt like ..vitharv but ur wish will never ever happen..ss. Kk came back it doesn’t mean next is vitharv separation… Its means vitharv will together going to fight against kk..just that….good night

    2. VizPinky

      U will never change and have no shame also…I told u naa don’t appear again just get lost from here…..kukka thoka vankara anatu evaru ninnu marchaleru ????????

  23. YOUR Ooshi (Ooshi Akbar)

    hey guys how r u all my old frnds i am here just to say that
    TOREN GE DM MGR TERA SATH NA CHOREN GE (han ghaib zroor ho skte hain)

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hi ooshi akhar…how r u? ??

    2. Hello Ooshi bhayya. How are you? Good to see you back.

  24. VizPinky

    Don’t know what to say about today’s epi.got irritated seeing kavish scene.and vivid don’t know why she brought kk back again..I know he is her father but then also again because of her pity atharv is going to suffer.it was clear that nothing will happen to atharv tomorrow but if anything happens what will be the situation.again viv would have been blamed for this.I don’t like this to happen.

    Anyway eagerly waiting for kk face off…gud n8 guys..???

    Soo many members r missing pls do come back.missing u all sooooooooooooooooooooo much.????

  25. VizPinky

    Guys did u all have seen this seg.l have seen it just now and it was osm.our vikku is always best…He is using his acting skills even there and see how he is changing his expression’s…He was sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable ??????. Laughing through out the seg by seeing vikkus actions ????. Also what to see shivik seg ????….

    1. Sandy17

      Pinky, its really superb seg…shashank said it right when atharv was delivering dialogue he had expression of shahrukh ?

  26. Once again vividha has invited trouble in their home,, just hope precap is misleading coz if its true that kk has stabbed atharv then vividha shouldn’t be forgiven for her carelessness,, without consulting anyone she keeps inviting dangers all the time n others including herself suffer due to her impulsive actions which are taken without even considering the consequences.

  27. I think its your anger talking, take it easy or you might just bite your tongue n don’t worry you’ll get over it.

  28. Ravish is so lucky two girls love him ?. But if phase 1 as to be brought back kangana should not be there and the old guddi should be brought back then it will be phase 1 in true sense.
    Veer r u a doctor,engineering or something bcz u seem to be a well educated and mature person the y u explain things is so good.

    1. VizPinky

      Ya me too think the same…veer is very talented and well matured ???????

  29. Hi friends how are you all?
    Today I had my physics lab internal. I wrote good. I got easiest experiment. I’m vet happy.
    Coming to the episode thank God Madhav is only Vitharv’s son. This stupid Kangana’s drama ended. At last Ravish chose Kangana.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hi nazneen how are you…miss you a lot..

    2. Sandy17

      Hey nazneen, how r u dear and what r u studying?

    3. Hello di. I’m studying engineering 1st year. Physics cycle.

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