Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranjeet and Dangru coming to Bakool’s house. Baa mistaken them to be florist and says we don’t want. Bakool says he is my boss. Baa asks them to come inside. Ranjeet asks Bakool about his leg pain. Baa asks Ranjeet why he is not wearing tie if he is boss. Bakool says it is not necessary that every boss wears tie. Baa starts acting and tells that Bakool is busy in office much and shuttles between house and office. She says he got married, but don’t have time for her. Everyone is shocked. Baa says I mean to say after marriage, he will not have time. Ranjeet says he is searching for groom for her daughter. Baa says she is also searching bride for Bakool, any villager girl. Ranjeet gets tensed and says even city girl can learn your customs if you teach her. Jigna comes and tells that she came to temple. Baa calls her Bahu and asks her to make tea. Bakool tells Ranjeet that she is a Harry’s wife.

Harry comes there. Ranjeet says you have surprised us, you got married and haven’t told us. Harry is surprised. Ranjeet tells that he met his wife just now. Harry says I am not married. Bakool says sir saw Jigna and I told him that she is your wife. Harry is in fix.

Ranjeet tells Bakool that Dangru massages well and can make him fine, says he will leave him here so that Dangru can take care of him. Bakool is shocked and refuses. Dangru stays but Bakool.

Bakool tells that it was his plan to have a fake accident, but everything was happening against his plan. Ranjeet asks Pandit ji what to do as he said that he shall be Nana within a year. Sheena comes and asks about Bakool. Ranjeet tells that he will make him stand so that her family can start. Sheena says she is not eager to start family and asks him to better understand. Jigna comes to Bakool and tells that she will change his pant. He asks her to go and says he will change his pant. Jigna asks if he is feeling ashamed and tells that in her village, men used to change clothes in open. Bakool says I am not villager. Jigna asks but you are a man naa. Bakool says no, I am not a man what you will do. She calls Baa. Baa asks bakool to let her change his pant. He refuses, but Baa asks Jigna to change his pant. Dangru hears them and gets shocked hearing Jigna is Bakool’s wife. He thinks to inform Ranjeet.

Jigna takes off his pant and asks him not to feel shame. Dangru tries to remember Bakool’s wife is Jigna. He goes on the road and telling that Bakool’s wife is Jigna. He collides with drunkard. He says everyone knows that his wife is Jigna. Jigna comes to Bakool walking with one foot. Bakool asks what happened to her. Jigna tells her that she has kept mannat for him. Bakool says you don’t have mind and asks her to atleast walk properly. Baa comes and scolds Bakool, saying that he will not get wife like her. Bakool asks when she will come modern and asks Baa from where did she get Jigna. Jigna cries and goes. Harry calls Bakool and tells that a customer is asking discount. Bakool asks him not to give discount more than 10 percent and tells how he is troubled at home. Harry asks him to romance with Jigna. Bakool gets angry.

Harry sees Dangru and asks him to come to office. Dangru says he has something to tell to Ranjeet and goes. Ranjeet asks what you are doing here and tells that I left you at Bakool’s place so that you can massage him. Dangru says he recalled what he want to say.

Bakool stands on his feet and Dangru looks on doubtful. Bakool is shocked. Malti tells Jigna about the mannat. Jigna says Bakool will fulfill the mannat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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