Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guddi saying them about her wound. The client says Atharv, many people left in darkness, we did not leave, thanks for this lovely evening. Ravish says we have our work, come we will complete it. Dadi asks what work. Atharv makes an excuse. Ravish signs Vividha. Ravish asks Guddi to take care of herself. They all go upstairs. Vividha says before they all know this, we should find out. Ravish says we can end this matter now, come. They all go to Kangana and see her throat cut. They all rush and make Kangana lie on the bed. Vividha calls the doctor. Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Kangana.Dadi asks what happened. Dadi Bua asks Ravish who has cut her throat. Doctor treats Kangana. Police comes. Ravish sees inspector and asks him to come. Inspector asks them to go out. Atharv says I will stay back, you all go. Inspector asks constable to check the room well.

He says I will come back for interrogation. Everyone get tensed. Dadi says I don’t understand, how did this happen. Atharv says just police can say this. Dadi says I understood whatever is happening in our house is because of someone’s bad sight. Ravish says much happened tonight, we are tired, I think we all should go and rest. Elders go. Vividha says I think we should check if Kangana got conscious or not. Ravish, Vividha, Atharv and Sujata go to Kangana. Ataharv says she did not get conscious, we will check later. They go out. Ravish says someone tried to kill Kangana, but the cut was not deep to take her life, I don’t know when will she get conscious. Vividha says we did mistake to give her drugs. Atharv says we had to clear our doubts, the wait got long.

Ravish says but do you think this girl is wrong, she was attacked, it was her good fate that she got saved, I think murderer is someone else. Atharv says I don’t think so, there was Kangana’s hairpin found near Vipul’s murder spot, she tried to create differences between me and Vividha. Ravish says but there can be other reason. Vividha says maybe Ravish is right. Atharv asks why will murderer kill Kangana. Ravish says maybe she has seen his face, that’s why. Sujata asks who will be that person. Vividha says there were many people in party. Atharv says Kangana was with us. Vividha says no, Kangana was alone for some time, I was with her, I heard someone coming, so I came out and heard Dadi shouting, so I reached in hall, I saw Guddi’s hand bleeding. Atharv says Guddi said her hand got cut by kitchen knife, why did she run out of house. Ravish says she knows this house well, did she get so much confused to run out of house. She asks what do you mean, Guddi did all this.

Its morning, Guddi sees Sujata, Atharv, Vividha and Ravish. She asks do you all think I tried to kill Kangana, how can you think so, that I will try to cut her throat. Atharv says we are not blaming you, we are just asking. She asks what’s the difference in asking and blaming. Ravish says we have seen blood on your clothes. She says I told you my hand got cut while making sandwich. Sujata says we can’t deny all this, we trust you, but outsiders won’t, Kangana was attacked when power went, your dupatta and hands had blood, we have no way than asking you, do you want to tell something to us. Guddi says my hand was cut, I was tensed seeing blood, I did not do anything, how can you think so. She says I did not keep my dress, why would I keep blood stained dress, are you thinking it was Kangana’s blood on my dress, and I have washed dress to erase proof, don’t you trust me, you are blaming me. She justifies.

She says Atharv you have trust on me right, do you also think so. Atharv says we will do this later. Guddi asks Vividha will she blame her. Vividha says no, like situation is seen, I know something which none knows, Guddi likes Ravish since much time. Ravish gets shocked. Vividha says Guddi likes Ravish even now. Sujata asks what. Vividha says yes, Guddi likes Ravish.

Vividha says I know my sister can’t do such wrong work, I trust Uma’s upbringing, Guddi can’t kill anyone. She hugs Guddi. She says I want you to accept in front of everyone that you did this. They get shocked. Atharv asks what. Vividha says there is someone who is doing all this, we felt Kangana is behind this, but she was attacked too, now if Guddi accepts she did this, the murderer will think we have doubt on Guddi, he will be relaxed and do some mistake, by which we can catch him. Atharv asks how will we do this, we don’t know him, how to make this reach him that we doubt on Guddi.

Vividha says we tried to doubt on Guddi, but I did not see anyone. Atharv says the person is very clever. She asks can we find him or not, if his target is one of us then… He asks her not to worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh!! Wowwww finally Amena, you got interested to post today’s episode.
    Thank you Amena.

  2. Today’s episode was ok. Precap was the best thing about this episode. Vitharv surely have unique chemistry between them, the way he takes her into his arms and the way she holds his collar, it’s quite unbelievably natural and unique to Vitharv only. These little things that make this show and this pair one of its kind. Vitharv complement each other very well.

    I feel kangana herself slit her throat because Ravish put his phone beside door and in front of kangana in yesterday’s episode but today phone fell down when he lifted her to put her on bed.
    Sister – sister equation was good.

    Don’t know whom to fault director or editor or screenplay writer because some scenes are really good and some are really poor. On the whole who ever is responsible, is average at his best. Didn’t want to be judgemental but can’t digest the fact that show is getting ruined because of them.

    Tracks can’t always be good in daily soaps. But a bit of magic from director or editor can help the show to sail through them.

    Hoping for the good.

  3. Another stupid episode?????..
    I feel better watching?? CID series ????than this stupid crime thriller????.
    Great director??? and great actors???? are proved as deaf ??no one heard the mobile fall down sound????????….
    Ha ha ha ha???? again and again police man are made big fools???…S I ?said constable to check everywhere in room???, but constable.???.checked sofa,pillows, dressing table..etc but he didn’t get any idea to check under d bed!!???
    Biggest wonder??? is vitharv didn’t discussed about photos and person with name k’.
    Biggest shock????Ravish still believes Kangana?????.

    Finally I have a doubt!! How many C..I’s, S.I’s will exists in vashista’s area. Daily a new ci/site will appear on screen????

    1. Hahaha 143 di. ???. Kya kar sakte hai boliye? Yeh directors hammein unki taraf paagal samajhte hai shayad.
      Ravish knows the truth now that Guddi likes him now what will he do?

    2. @143 in JNDSD except villain & Atharva​ rest all are fools ?and still Atharva doubting kangana. This kangana track so boring. Though married to Atharv, Everytime Viv supporting Rav. So irritating.

      Yes. It is better to watch CID series. Atleast tracks will be interesting and police ppl r more clever.

      No mention of kangana mobile phone pictures.. so strange!!!

    3. Gud afternoon guys @Nazneen, sweety & my jndsd family, sorry for the late reply but this page has been giving me headache since morning i couldn’t log in.
      @Aisha dear what r u saying whenever i don’t see only vividha atharv in ur then i always think maybe this is not aisha & someone has stolen her identity we love it keep it up.
      Have a lovely afternoon /evening

  4. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode.at precap their hug??

    1. how r u Dear and how was ur day good afternoon

  5. Eva1

    I’m curious if ravish will take interest in giddi after getting to know she liked him before and even now

  6. what is happening even updates r late… we all know kangana is the killer… now am certain kangana did this to herself to divert their attention. Hope they realize this.

  7. @143 its such a shame that ravish and vividha r still hoping that kangana is innocent even after seeing all the evidence against her. i feel like giving them a tight slap each.
    143 yesterday too that investigator left the evidence with vitharv i thought all the evidence r kept in police custody till the case is solved.

    1. Ya Linah di. I too felt like giving a slap to each other. Still Ravish is believing that snake oh God I think he started liking her??.

  8. Very late update…
    I am really shocked still ravish belives kangana.don’t know what to say about him. ..???

  9. https://youtu.be/pmLOC-_vXr8
    Intersting segment of shivani

    1. That was really fun

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    Sunanda di and all Vitharvians.
    Happy Sunday guys.

    I don’t know what will Ravish do after knowing the truth that Guddi likes him.
    He still believes that snake ?

    1. Happy Sunday nazneen…have a nice day…

    2. A Very Good morning.
      Happy weekend..
      Have a joyful day.

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    6. good after noon

  11. nothing to say but vividha don’t be scared no one can harm you till you both are together no one has the guts to do that so don’t be scared only

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  13. What’s happening there it became boring

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    Nothing to say abt this episode.precap is good ?

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  15. KANGANA:-bhaagne aur bachne mein jo fark hai woh tumhaare liye khatam ho gaya,waqt kam hai mere paas aur tumhaare paas hai hi nahin vividha.


    1. Plz can u translate it into English plz…

    2. Sorry!! I am not fluent in Hindi…
      But what I understood is..
      Kangana saying to vividha!!…..escaping or being safe from her(kangana) is over.Now kangana has less time.. and vividha has no time (means kangana thinks to kill vividha).

    3. Can anyone say give this dialogue in English?

    4. Sorry * say meaning or give…..

    5. Anyone Pls translate it 4r me.
      Dear do u know it in telugu..

    6. kangana, vividha tho chepthundi….na nunchi safe ga undadam/na nunchi thapinchukovadam lo theda em ledu!!!..(Kangana)naku kontha samayam mathrame undi plan sucess avadanike..(vividha)neku aa time ipoindi(maybe kangana wants to kill vividha)…

    7. Almost true translation.
      It’s really fun to translate from one language to other, literally.

      Telugu: Parigethadam mariyu thappinchukovadam lo a-dythe theda undo adi neekosam samaptham ipoyindi. Samayam thakkuva undi na daggara, inka nee daggara ithe samayam assale ledu Vividha.

      English: The difference between Running and escaping is finished for u. I have less time and you don’t even have any time Vividha.

      Literally translating each word will result in losing its true emotional and feel.

      Had good time translating them.

      Ha ha ha ha ha………

    8. Almost true translation.

      English: The difference between Running and escaping is finished for u. I have less time and you don’t even have any time Vividha.

      Telugu: Parigethadam mariyu thappinchukovadam lo a-dythe theda undo adi neekosam samaptham ipoyindi. Samayam thakkuva undi na daggara, inka nee daggara ithe samayam assale ledu Vividha.

      It’s really funny to translate truly from one language to other. The real essence and the feel of dialogue gets lost.B-) B-) B-) B-)

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  17. What an episode…ho again confusing but precap was awesome..and to all my frnds happy Sunday

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