Oberois Memories – Part 14

The next day, Anika comes to OM as Dadi requested.

The Oberoi family, they were having their usual continental breakfast when Anika showed up.

Dadi- Anika puttar, you came,

Anika- I did make a promise.How are you feeling Dadi?

Dadi- Turns out I just needed my favorite girl.

Pinky-This is not fairs, Ma. What about me?

Dadi- Stop acting Pinky, You are my daughter- in- law. I will obviously love you and Jhanvi.

Anika- Dadi, I also bought Souyma.

Souyma. comes with minimal makeup and looking thinner than usual.

Rudra can’t believe his eyes.


I can’t take my eyes off Souyma. She looks so pretty. I feel really bad for what I have done. It wasn’t her fault.It was OUR fault.

Sumo, I want you back… I really need to change her nickname


Rudra pushes Om of his seat.

Rudra- Souyma, there is a seat next to me. Come and eat breakfast with us.

Souyma- Its fine, I’ll side next to Bade baal wale bhaiya.

Om- Duffer, someone was sitting there Rudra.

Rudra- Sorry Om.

Dadi- Why have you become so thin Souyma. Are you not eating.

Souyma- I became quite ill and afterwards probably because of exam stress but don’t worry I have been eating.

Rudra- What exams.

Souyma- The end of year exams. For all subjects and courses. This really decides your future.

Om- Rudra, have you been going to college.

Rudra- Kinda.

Om- Please explain.

Rudra- I went for like an hour and they said if you are studying Maths please go to the MainHall.

Om- They why didn’t you go to the Main Hall. You are studying Maths.

Rudra- It was at the other side of college and I just had done 100 pushups so my feet were hurting.

Om- duffer.

Rudra- At least Prinku didn’t do the exams.

Prinku- Actually I did. They went really well. I even told you, to come but you were busy taking selfies.

PriOmShi- As usual.

Rudra- Exams don’t mean anything. Look at Shivaay, Business Man of the year. He failed all his exams.

Shivaay- Actually that’s you. I have passed all my exams except for one: 11th grade Hindi

Everyone laughs.

Rudra- Well Om, in college spent no time studying, only meeting exams.

Om- That’s you actually, I was pratically a nerd in college.

Tej- That’s fine…Because rudra is starting buisness.

Rudra- No!

Tej- Yess.

Dadi- Enough. Can we just have our breakfast in peace. Where did Anika go?

Shivaay- She went to order the flower arrangment.

Dadi- Someone keeping a close eye on her. She should of had breakfast with us.

Pinky- No thank you. That middle class girl puts me offs my breakfasts.

Shivaay- Mum… really… not again

Tia enters.


Shivaay(rolls his eyes)- Hey Tia. How was…

Tia- Paris was great. thank you.

Shivaay- I thought you were going to Thailand.

Tia- Yeah… change of plans.

Shivaay- Why did you go there again?

Tia- I did have some busnisee work there but then after I just relaxed(with Dushant)

Shivaay- Oh thats seems nice.

Rudra- Lady B… I mean Tia. i was scrolling of my Explore on Instagram and I came across your 2nd account @Tia2ndAccount<3 and I requested you but you haven't accepted me still.

Tia POV.

Shoot. How did he find my secound account, I can't let him follow that as he will then find obout Dushant. Please don't question my bio of T&D.

POV end.

Tia- Oh! That account. Its inactive.

Rudra- But you change your username twice a week and your profile pic.

Tia- Its INACTIVE rudra,

Rudra- Oh and question two. On your Bio it says T&D and on your profile pic there is you wearing a necklace saying T&D but then you change it sometimes to a massive engagement ring, which I know Shivaay didn't . Please explain.

Tia- Um… the T and D is me and my friend… Daljeet. and that ring is daljeet. Her fiance gifted that.

Rudra- Oh. That makes sense.

Everyone leaves.

Scene change to Swetlana's room(Swetlana went to Germany for her "skin problem")

Mrs Kapoor, Rumi and Tia are there and they face time Swetlana.

Swetlana- Hello family.

Mrs Kapoor- Hello Swetlana or should I say .

Swetlana- Swetlana's face is not reacting well with mine. It feels like acid on my face

Tia- Hope you get well sista.

Mrs Kapoor- When will we get our revenge Tia… we are all waiting.

Tia- after the wedding which is in a weeks time.

Tia gets a call.

Tia- What you don't know where he is


Tia- Please find him. He means everything to me.


Tia- Thank you .


Tia- Bye.

Rumi- What's wrong T.

Tia- Dushyant is gone. No-one know where he is. It's like he was kidnapped.

Mrs Kapoor smiles (She kidnapped him)

Mrs Kapoor- Don't be stupid. I think I know what happened to Robin/Dushyant.

She shows video of Shivaay running over those people( the stunt thing)

Mrs Kapoor- You know how Dushyant is an actor, well he was lying down here and Shivaay ran him over.

Tia- (crying) NOO!!

Mrs Kapoor-Yess. You can say his final goodbye to him.

Tia- Watch out Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Tiana Dushant Khuraana will blow you and your pathetic family, You took out my happiness. I'll take urs.

Rumi goes to Mrs Kapoor.

Rumi- WOW. Tia's mad, she used her full name.

Mrs Kapoor- Yes and this will make my revenge much more sweeter.

Scene changes to Rudra's room.

Souyma-Come on Rudra, we are going to be late .

Rudra- Where are we going?

Souyma- Work experience.

Rudra- No, I don't want to go in buisness.

Souyma- I'm not taking you there.

Rudra- Promise

Souyma- Promise

Rudra- Look, I'm sorry for what I've done…

Souyma- It's fine. Let's clear the slate.

Rudra- I'm not going all the way to college to clear the slate board.

Souyma. Oy duffer its an expression. Fresh start.

Rudra- Friends(handshakes souyma)
Precap. Tia's plan.Shivika bonding and Ruyma bonding at work experience

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  7. Heyyo, Rain rose
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    Will u b my friend?
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