Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kangana going towards the bed. Sujata worries. Ravish comes and stops Kangana. He asks her to have drink. She says I will first take medicines. He stops her and gets medicines for her. He signs Sujata. Kangana drinks and gets dizzy. He holds her. Sujata goes. The man says sorry to scare you. Vividha asks who are you. Atharv says undercover policeman, I called him in party. The man says yes, there is some evidence, we keep evidence in such a way that none doubts on us, I wanted to show evidence to you, so I came here. Atharv asks what were you showing. The man gives the evidence. He says we clicked these photos from water tank area, forensic dept. took the photos, the shoe prints are of some woman, do you have doubt on anyone. Atharv says no, if we know, we will tell you.

The man says we got another thing apart from the knife, this hairpin, we got this from same place, maybe it belongs to same woman. Vividha recalls Kangana. The man thanks them and goes. Vividha checks hairpin and says I know this hairpin is of Kangana, it means she has killed Vipul.

Sujata gives Kangana’s phone to them, and asks them to see what she has seen. They also see pictures. Atharv says we know its Madhav’s pictures, Kangana loves him. Sujata asks him to check well. Vividha sees Madhav’s birthday pics and says its 5 months old, how did she get these pics, we did not get her that time. Atharv says it means she has kept an eye on us. Vividha says I m scared for Madhav. They ask her not to worry. Sujata says we are together, nothing will happen to Madhav. He asks did you get anything else. She says all calls came from same number, its saved as K. He says she calls K always. They get shocked seeing Kangana at the door. Ravish holds drunk Kangana and makes her rest. He says now we will find out who is this girl and who has sent her here, she will answer her, she is in effect of a drug, she will just say truth now, when she gets senses, she won’t remember what we asked and what she answered.

Ravish starts recording and asks Kangana what’s her real name, why did she come here, who has sent her, what’s her motive, tell me. They all look at her. Ravish asks her to say. The light goes.

Atharv says if fuse is off, emergency lights will get on, I will go and see. He goes. Everyone wonder what happened to lights. Dadi asks Ankit to see. Guest asks is anything checking. Ankit asks them to wait. Atharv goes to check. Dadi says where are Atharv, Ravish and Vividha, ask them about lights, go and light candles. Guddi asks her to hold Madhav. She sees Atharv and asks about lights. Atharv says it was not our plan to switch off power and make ambience romantic, but its a powercut, we will get lights else have candle light dinner, I will just go and check.

Ravish says Atharv forgot his phone and did not take torch along, I will just come, don’t worry, this girl won’t get conscious, keep an eye on her. Sujata says I will go and see Madhav, he would be afraid in darkness. Vividha says don’t worry, I will be fine, let Sujata go to Madhav, I will stay here. Ravish keeps his phone and goes. Vviidha asks Sujata to go. Sujata goes. Vividha sees Kangana.

Atharv says I forgot my phone, how to make this fine in darkness. Ravish comes there. Atharv thanks him. Ravish asks what’s the problem. Atharv asks did you leave Kangana alone. Ravish says Vividha is with her, once lights comes, we will go there, after guests leave, we can do our work well.Vividha thinks why is it taking much time for fuse. Atharv checks fuses. He says someone has cut fuse wire. Ravish gets shocked.

Vividha hears someone coming. She goes to see. Atharv fixes the fuse and switches on the lights. Dadi shouts Guddi. Atharv and Ravish hear Dadi and run.

Everyone get shocked seeing Guddi’s hand bleeding. Guddi says its nothing, Madhav said he wanted to have sandwich, I went to kitchen and my hand got cut. Dadi Bua asks how did you get so much blood on clothes. Guddi says I cleaned hands with dupatta. Dadi assks why did you not wash hands in sink or apply ice, why were you running towards the gate. Ankit asks where were you going at this time and why. They all look at Guddi.

Ravish says we can ask all questions and end this chapter, come. They all get shocked seeing Kangana’s neck cut. Ravish says she is alive. Dadi asks who has cut her neck. Atharv sees Guddi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think someone came to attack madav or guddi while saving her or madav’s life she got cut in hand
    In some where I read vividha atharv and ravish doubt guddi (she try to kill kangana) but I don’t think so

  2. Eva1

    I think kk is present in the house

  3. no its cant be ghudddi.someone framing her.

  4. o god now what is this new drama who is the guy has guddidrinkeduice and she is being trapped is k means kailashkailashscared when kamgamakamgamaanding bear thbearor only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  5. Sunanda12345

    Don’t know wt 2 comment for today’s episode

  6. Oh my god ways happng….hoooo…suspence

  7. O god..who behind this???

  8. Ya,it will not guddi who attackd kangana

  9. What’s this ! Shocking. I’d never been expected this. Who killed kangana ? It’s sure that its not Guddi. Someone is utilizing the situation.

  10. In all this chaos where did vividha go?

    I think she got kidnapped…

    What do you guys think ??

  11. Kangana is alive.
    I don’t understand y this ppl show kangana and ravish together, I just hate that chipkali.

  12. I don’t think guddi will do such thing ,some1 is trapping her?

  13. One more thing guys u noticed guddi when kangana got attacked she was in some others thought
    I want to ask u all if kangana really drink that juice I don’t think she drinked maybe she was acting and she herself cutted neck god knows

  14. Kangana did not drink that juice,she is acting,but how she can cuts her throat??..??maybe she will act like dumb for not to enquire her based on this.let’s see..love u Ravish ?

    1. Kangana got very small cut and guddi’s duppata was having lots of blood then how could they blame guddi I have 100% sure guddi got cut in hand by someone and I think she was following him/her so she went outside the house what u think guys

  15. Sammy,don’t worry..our favrourit show is not going off..pinky told it and she also gave a link about it..and it is confirmed..

  16. Today’s episode was full of confusion.kangana was not dead and also they did not show her drinking drink.I am feeling something fishy in all these things.is kangana doing any drama.who’s foot steps should did viv hear.
    There was only one line of blood scratch was there on kanganas neck but there was lot of blood on guddies hand by this i felt that guddi did not do this.
    We have to wait 4r some more days to reveal it.

  17. Gud nyt frnds.sweet dreams.

  18. oh no another drama now it won’t be easy to find out kangana’s motives… don’t know if she’s playing drama or what…. i’ll just wait and watch what jndsd has in store for us.
    Gud nyt jndsd family? .

  19. My frnds ..hai to all..how r u all….

  20. Thanks chechi,can u send me the link plz?

  21. hi friends nothing to say.but

    1.yesterday the kid didn’t look like madhav but today……

    2.guys the trp is decreased .it’s 0.6
    i’ve a doubt. when ssel go off air 2morow it’ll be the show which will have lower trp. now star plus can take a decision ……… i don’t want to utter the word

    3.i think guddi did saw her like dead and got scared

    good night

  22. Any mohanlal fans here

    1. Yup…iam a great fan of lalettan

  23. Mng to all

  24. Shefff,i lik some of mohnlal’s movies..but not a fan..

  25. Sunanda12345

    Hi vitharv fans.Gm have a nyc day

    1. Gud mrng akka..???

    2. gud morning sunanda dear
      have great day

  26. Hi friends.. good morning!!!
    Have a nice day..

    waiting for today’s episode…

    1. hi 143…have a nyc day too

  27. Foolish episode!!??
    Director tried to fool audience??.. But he is d biggest fool????.
    Anyone can point?? that they didn’t showed kangana drinking that juce..????.so its obviously she didn’t drink and doing drama??.
    Sujatha is a fool,left from room saying she has to go to madhav??.
    Atharv and ravish are fools to left from room on d purpose of power cu??t.
    Vividha, a big fool,?? when she didn’t find anyone at d corridor, she should go back to room??, but vividha is an intelligent girl ???went to hall leaving kangana alone in room???.

    Guddi, what a lady she is, she don’t know what she is doing, what happened, what to answer ????.

    Great precap??..kangana still alive, after having a cut on neck!!????
    Brilliant episode to fool audience. But we are not Mr.director????

    1. hii 143 can i know in which clg u completed BTECH and which branch I am also studying in guntur.

      1. [email protected] nice to see ur comment after a long time.
        i completed my B.tech(ECE-2012) in VVIT college Nambur, guntur.

        and in which college u r studying and which brach??

    2. @143-Another foolish thing is Viv confirmed to Atharv-that hair pin belongs to kangana. But she did not share that news with police. And bhoomi did not give stmt to police that she is suspecting kangana

      And the whole JNDSD team is mentally deranged.

      JNDSD team is not willing to use their brain. So far did vashishts informed to police that kalindi is missing???? To my surprise,forensic team and police failed to recognise that it is an injection not hair pain.???

      Now they have her mobile and “k” number-the only person kangana is contacting. Let us see if they do call trace to find out clues.

      1. Yeah u r right!! How can forensic department didn’t find that hairpin was actually a injection????..maybe they also viewed it as a normal ppl???

        Bhoomi-really a good observation, its a idiotic act by director, as a wife she is totally out of case???..
        And I have point… In party episode bhoomi was not shown..but suddenly.. After lights was on..bhoomi reached to hall silently??.

        And mobile number with ‘k’…its a gr8..clue but..I think vitharv and ravish don’t care it!!?? becoz kangana got hurt and guddi with blood.. poor A,V,R take care for kangana as usual????

        And we r idiots to think all these things!!???
        Its our JNDSD, everything is possible without logical things!!!?????

    3. And more over generator/inverter is not working in that big house???? Strange!!!! Only Atharv have to do electrician job. Without any light,Atharv able to walk all the way (so dark right???). Atharva did not realize that he has to carry torch with him???? OMG… Now a days every mobile has Flashlight. None of their mobiles have that feature??? or they did not get idea to see their flashlight????

      Coming to cut on kangana neck – i suspect kangana or bhoomi
      In JNDSD -what is Ankit present role??? So many characters in the show without any proper screen space to them??? Anyways this JNDSD is portraying lead character as side character.

      Director ji.. so far I am under impression that u r not sure when to drag an episode and when u shud completed the track quickly… Ex:Atharv marriage track u completed it in hardly 10 min(not even one episode). Though u take 2 episodes to show marriage rituals…ppl never get bored. 20th April .. too much dragging. While watching yesterday’s precap it realized that u don’t know how to investigate crime. I know CVS has major say in this.. but u started directing whatever crap(script) they provide. What do u think of viewers??? In the precap,again I felt Atharv sidelined.

      1. All these mess is due to losing old director, theme of the show,
        New director has messed things of d show by converting love story to crime story.
        We can understand this from marriage track..how can anyone think such a crime honeymoon?????..except our JNDSD director.?????
        Present director has more interest in crime stories.. But I think he is not able to handle screen play!!

    4. Right said 143. What to say? Really foolishness. The cvs can’t use their brain properly now a days. They think that what ever they show , we ‘ll swallow that without water. Nothing left today to cmnt abt,except this foolishness .

  28. hi friends good after noon.

    total foolishness filled

  29. i’ve a ques. when many days ago atharv drank the juice which had lizard how did he got saved don’t even consulting doctor

  30. @143 i am from KITS CLG CSE(2013)

  31. Note: Not to offend any section of fandom.

    It’s truly my personal opinion about JNDSD.

    JNDSD was best till Vividha’s marriage with Ravish(infact all ajmer days). Vitharv, Sujata, Kk, guddi, dadi, uma, Ankit, Abdul Chacha, Dubey and even Gungun, payal all d characters got good screen presence and they were brilliantly integrated into the main story. Every frame of the story telling and direction, dialogues were stand out and never seen before. No negatives during this phase.

    JNDSD was GOOD after Vashists entry, moving to Delhi. It was good because of baby atharv acting, Vividha’s soulful acting for missing Atharv and later Vividha taking care of Atharv in that baby state. Even Ravish’s character and acting carried the show to some extent. Sujatha and suman characters were nicely portrayed during this time.
    Negatives: Guddi death drama. Eye locks between Ravish and Vividha even after Ravish knowing Vitharv love each other (worst part of story telling in this phase).

    JNDSD was still OK or NOT BAD till Vitharv marriage. After Atharv fake report drama even though Vitharv were separate the show had their screen presence and Madhav really carried the show to some extent along with Vitharv, Ravish, Suman.
    The last 4 episodes before leap were good but with some hiccups.
    Negatives: Leap itself is a negative. CV’S, to be frank, literally ruined the show by adopting the leap story line. Over crowding of side characters, deviating from original track, black magic drama. Ravish taking Atharv place in every one’s life can be justified but adopting Atharv character was not at all digestible. The same way Atharv not getting the feel of Sujata name was truly disgusting.

    JNDSD after Vitharv marriage is the worst phase till date.
    Negatives: Vitharv marriage was too hurried. They atleast should have shown their 7 vachans FB’S during their marriage to make the viewers emotional and getting them interested in the show again after 7 months of triangular love drama trauma that they gave to the viewers. Direction and editing are flawed to the core not even a single episode was good to be frank. Killer bride killings and her introduction right during Vitharv marriage was too much. They should have waited a bit more.
    Again over flocking of characters. Madhav – Vitharv equation totally ignored. Even dances of Vitharv were not directed properly.
    Positives: Few but they were really good to be honest. Vitharv dish washing, Weight scale scene, Nokjhok between Vitharv and pillow throwing scene and scenes between Ravish and Madhav. Ravish-Atharv bonding. Triangular love story ending.

    1. Absolutely right veer.every word in ur comment was apt.we r still waiting 4r our old jndsd.it can happen only when prateek sir directs the show again.
      Can anyone say me from which track director was changed. If anyone have idea pls say me na plsss..

    2. Conclusion
      1. JNDSD CVS so far did not justify empowerment concept. Vividha​ Everytime failed test of empowerment as she could not stand as independent women to face problems in her life as SUJATA.Viv character – women journey and Atharv role in empowering Viv is concept of JNDSD. Respected CVs pls justify yourself where are we now????
      2. Feminist ATHARV SUJATA – without him JNDSD is nothing bcos of his role in
      a. empowerment concept–Soul of JNDSD.
      b. Vitharv love – life of the Soul.
      Now this character is sidelined in the current track
      3.Viv characterisation -in phase1 she proved herself. But later u projected as women who lacks self realization (immaturity). Usually problems in life are lessons to learn. But JNDSD cvs pls question ur conscience what lessons Viv learnt in her life?? This Viv characterisation is product of JNDSD CVs conscience. Is n’t it???
      4. This ultra modern crime story – Kali billi,terrorist track,mehra murder,black magic,killer bride kangana. Did u ever realize where are we heading to??? With crime drama whom are u empowering??? I feel like lead characters are incompetent to face criminals evil plans.. do u object this????

  32. Sorry if my comment is too long. But I couldn’t summarise it in few words.

    AtharVividha, Sujatha, Ravish, Madhav Dadi (E for indumathi) are Carrying the show only because of their acting skills and working chemistry between them. Because it has lost the direction side, storytelling and editing are poor to worst.
    Had people not watched the first 100 episodes they would have left the show already.

    But sadly we can’t leave the show and we can’t live without the show.

    Just hope some day the show gets its true self back and that too with a bang.

    These are my sincere feelings after watching JNDSD from episode 1 to till date.
    Along with watching phase 1,2 multiple times.

    Sorry if I had hurt somebody’s feelings on this page.

    Finally I think starting separate tracks for Guddi, Ravish (with some new characters), and moving Vitharv back to Ajmer with KK’s re-entry, changes in direction and editing, nice storytelling could solve most of the problems the show is facing along with TRP problem.

    Have a nice day ahead….!!!

  33. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTLhmr7juEb/
    First promo of show…First love on show… First crush on vikku…my love???
    This promo and vikku dragged me towards the show and tied me with it in such a way that I can’t even move my leg an inch.

    My happiness is with u vikku(atharv)..love u sooo much..????

    1. So….beautiful…. Great

  34. Hai I’m also a great fan of lalettan. Ellaa lalettan fansinum hai……

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