Hai frnds, how are you?.

It was my another few shots.
I know iam not a good writter so plz adjust with my writing.

This story start from before abhi’s ml… iam going to change the storyline little bit…

The story start with abhi call pragya from his car and talk emotinolly. (Abhi be in car and car break is cut by talik plan) pragya hearts break totally of abhi’s talk. She said to him try to stop the car but she hears a loud dash sound after that no sound from abhi’s said. Pragya drop the phone and cried. After sometime come to sense and goes out and took one taxi and try to found abhi’s spot.

On other side purab was search abhi ( we know right purab came to know about aliya plan then abhi call him and told him take care of pragya) 《my storyline is change from here》. Purab searched abhi bcos of heavy rain it’s little bit difficult for him but he tried . Some time later purab come to one of hill road on that road there are too much of people gather and talk something purab feel something fishy so he stop his car and come to the people and ask wat happened. They said we seen a car is rool down from this hill with out of control. Purab gets shocked and ask if any one seen the person inside the car. One person said I see him but not clearly. He is look like our rockstar. Purab was super shock and ask them if there is any way to go down they said yes. Purab took one person help and go to down of hill.

On other side Pragya is searching abhi she could not know crtly where is abhi. Taxi driver gets anger on pragya but pragya hold her hand in front of him say the situation. Then searched abhi with tears. But bcos of heavy rain pragya could not found abhi and taxi driver also not get clear view of streets so goes out of city. But in oe fine stage diver lose his balance of car and hit with a lorry… it was a big accident.

Finally purab find abhi but abhi is unconscious. So he took him to hospital. And he calls MM And arora house and tell about abhi. They all reached hospital but prgaya is missing. Purab try to call pragya (we know right pragya phone is parted Bcos of anger on abhi) so phone is switched off. Purab don’t know where is pragya. Here abhi is in dangerous situation. Dadi and sarala maa ask about pragya but purab said don’t know. All are in tensed bcos of abhi and pragya.

On street people all are gather to the accident spot they see driver and a girl are in pool of blood. Everyone just watched them even not a call to ambulance. There came a lady she called ambulance. After 10 min ambulance arrived. They took them to hospital the lady also goes with them(including lorry driver he also lit bit injury). The lady admit them in hospital lorry driver is now ok. Taxi driver finally came out of danger. But still pragya is danger situation. ( hospital is not same of abhi. It is totally out of city) the lady try get family detail about pragya but she don’t get anything about her. So she wait to pragya be opened her eyes.

Here in abhi hsplt. Purab and raj bhaiya try to found Pragya but they don’t get any detail. Finally after 6 hrs doctor said to them abhi is out of danger. But still not open his eyes. Aliya and tanu came to hospital but purab stop them and slap them.

Other side Pragya is still danger stage doctors are try hard to save Pragya. The lady try get details about pragya but don’t get anything.after some of hours pragya is out of danger. But still in unconscious stage. The lady wait to pragya to open her eyes. Then only she will get any detail about pragya. She just entered Pragya name in NIKITA in hsplt report card.

Next morning.

Abhi gets conscious and open his eyes. Purab and dadi see abhi. Dadi cried abhi said Iam fine dadi u don’t worry. They think abhi will ask about pragya but abhi ask where is aliya. Purab looked abhi shocked. And asked why u asked aliya. U know right she is betrayed befor purab could complete abhi said I know purab aliya is in Australia. So u both don’t tell anything about this accident to aliya thank god u not tell if u tell this to her she will get upset. Purab and dadi was Super shock. Then again abhi continue u know purab yesterday I try to drop her in airport na she totally upset bcos of leaving me. On that though I drive the car so hit with another car. Ok where is our other family members. On that sarala ma and rsdadi entered but abhi ask purab who are they. Everyone gets shock of abhi. That doctor came inside and check abhi. Then said every one to leave him. He want much rest. After doctor came outside ask purab to his room.

Here finally pragya slowly opened her eyes. Some of flashes come infront of her not get clear view. She just hold her head and scream. The lady call doctor. Doctor came and give medicine. Doctor said to that lady Pragya has heavy attack in head may be she lose her memory let’s wait to open her eyes.

Here abhi hsplt. Purab came out of doctor room then tell everything one abhi lose his memory of 2 yrs. Everyone one get shock. Specialy sarala ma and rs dadi.

Here pragya hospital after 2 hrs pragya open her eyes. And she a lady in front of her. She ask who u r? The lady said just the helper of you. Then that lady ask wat is ur name? Pragya try to get her name but don’t know. Pragya said I don’t revember anything. And cried. Lady consul Pragya . Then doctor said to that lady pragya forget everything bcod of heavy accident even her name also.

So this was my first shot. So abhi totally forgot about pragya and pragya forgot everything think even her name.

If pragya will find her family?

If purab find about pragya?

Wat happen if abhi and pragya meet?

Wat will aliya and tanu do if they know about abhi ml and pragya missing? .

Let’s wait and watch.

Bye drs

  1. Nice story line it is amazing please dont stop it.
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  5. Saranya24

    Nice but so sad tat both lost thr memory hope it goes well loved it love u????and dnt say u r not good writer all r good writers oly tat too compared to real kkb all ff writers are 1000 times awesome to the core so dnt wry ok love u dear????

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  9. Prathi

    This is very interesting go ahead dear ?

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