Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish scolding Situram. He says I left everything on you, my life and secrets, what did you do. Situram says I know many secrets. Ravish beats him. Vipul comes with police. Situram gets arrested. Ravish apologizes to Vipul. Vividha cries and says sorry. Suman says I can’t believe Situram was doing this, I thought he is loyal, we can’t believe anyone else. She looks at Sujata. She apologizes to Vividha and says I m really sorry, you had to bear all this here.

Vividha says no, everyone has to bear for deeds. Suman says I lost trust on my judgment, I found Situram loyal, he did this, if anyone else comes, how will I believe. Guddi comes there and greets Ravish. She hugs Vividha and asks how are you. Vividha says fine, how are you, how did you come suddenly. Guddi says I wished to meet you and came here. Suman says you did good by coming here, its your house too. Guddi sees Sujata and cries. She takes Sujata’s welfare. She asks Atharv how is he and hugs him. Atharv pushes her away and asks who are you. Vividha says she is our friend Guddi. He asks who. Guddi says your friend, Guddi.

He likes the shades and asks shall I take this. He wears shades. Guddi cries. Suman asks Vividha to take Guddi to room. Vividha takes Guddi and asks her to take rest. Guddi says I did not know Atharv’s state is so bad, will he not get fine. Vividha says we all are trying, Ravish arranged good treatment for him, lets hope for the best, how is mum and Dadi. Guddi says they are fine, no Papa’s news. Vividha asks did I ask you about him. Guddi says there was a time when he was your Lord. And today you are like he was nothing for him. Vividha says cheat is like termites, which can end any relation from life. She asks are you fine. Guddi says yes, I will freshen up and meet.

Its morning, Suman and Bhoomi make breakfast. Atharv comes and greets them. He takes a knife. Suman asks him to be careful, give it to me, it will hurt. He calls her mad. Sujata comes and stops Atharv. She asks him not to trouble Maa. Suman says I m not his Maa and gets angry. Ravish looks on. Atharv asks Suman why does she get angry. Ravish asks Sujata to take Atharv. Sujata takes Atharv. Doctor treats Atharv and says now Atharv will get injection to get fine. Atharv refuses and runs to the top of the sofa. Everyone ask him to come down.

Atharv asks Suman to see, they are asking me to take injection. Suman says take it, it will be better for you. Atharv says I don’t want, you take it and pushes her. Sujata asks whats this bad behavior. Vividha and Guddi come. Atharv says Vividha, I don’t want the injection. He hugs her. Everyone get shocked. Kalindi and Bhoomi smile.

Atharv does not leave Vividha. Suman gets angry and looks at Ravish. Vividha moves away Atharv. Suman goes. Kalindi asks Bhoomi did you see Atharv’s hug. Vividha asks doctor to give injection to Atharv. She tells Atharv that he is brave and can take injection. He looks at her, and doctor gives him injection.

Vividha says injection is given, you did not realize, I will take chocolate for you. She goes. Sujata goes to Suman. She says Atharv is not in his senses, you know his mind is like a kid, don’t feel bad, did you get hurt. Suman says this wound is very old, just manage your son and keep him away from my son.

Guddi talks to Uma on phone. Uma takes care of Ankit. Guddi says I m fine, you also take care. She sees someone and ends call. She sees Kalindi. Kalindi says sorry, are you fine, I m happy you came here, Vividha needs someone close, there can’t be anyone better than sister. Kalindi talks sweet and says it will be help for Vividha, about her and Ravish’s breaking marriage. Guddi gets shocked.

Ravish talks to Vividha. Guddi comes to them. Guddi greets them good night and asks them to sleep. She goes. Ravish says I will leave, you sleep. He leaves from room. Guddi gets shocked seeing this.

Vividha asks Guddi to sleep and goes. Guddi sees someone and goes to window. Chintu/someone catches Guddi and shuts her mouth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i bet athrav will save guddi and they will unite and ravish will be with vividha ??????

  2. I’m sorry but this is stupid.

  3. I am feeling very bad for sujatha n atharv. They r suffering very badly in vashists home. Suman insulting them very badly. Plz shift location to our tabela. N today atharv felt vividha. Heart touching scene. But don’t know whom the writers going to unite vitharv or ravidha(still confusing audience) . Because of kalindi they can’t hide dis secret many days. Even After knowing truth ravish making vividha feel guilt. Very bad. Now who will save guddi from dat stupid chintu. Dis Serial showing only molesting girls n heroes saving them.first vividha now guddis turn. Very bad. Feeling very disturbed n disappointed

  4. Guddi nd chintu entry???
    Is another twist in jndsd.
    Anyhave today atharv behaviour is doo childish.is atharv got his past back when he was taking injection .

  5. Hope guddi won’t tell vividha to move on with ravish. She knows her sister n jiju(atharv)s love for each other. Dis time ravish may save guddi from chintu. As he is also male lead. So dis time writers may give chance to ravish, as they given sithuram case to atharv. ?don’t know what is d intention of writers.

  6. who iz chintu????

  7. What’s wrong with guddi now??????
    Y this mad director making all tracks against girls???
    Do this director thinks Always male lead have to protect women in d show.

    Where is “naya soch” brainless star plus team..
    Stop nonsense and start something new …

  8. Antonio conte

    This good serial becomes a puzzle…well waiting for atharv’s cure…

  9. What’s this new drama? Who is chintu? Is the guy they handed into the police?

  10. Was that a Army people house or a criminals guest House..
    Always attacks on female…so easily

    Already stupid vipul is there to do such things. Now this new one/chintu.. O god hell with u director

  11. Such a gr8 show about true love b/w Vitharv –>was Turned into negative towards women respect, attacks on women’s.

    Whats wrong with writers/Director???
    going behind girls??

    why did guddi came to Vitharv??
    Who is that new stalker behind guddi??

  12. Till now Atharv didn’t even touch vividha…now truth is out in family.. Now Atharv hugs vividha in front all family members..
    And now vividha feel uneasy to hug Atharv
    Wat a stupid thought Mr. Director.
    Don’t make vitharv away becoz of stupid ravish family
    Keep Atharv always clean and green.

  13. What is this.. Atharv treats guddi like a sister how can he marry his sister.. ???

    1. Some viewers seem eager to get brother n sister married. Must be common in their society.

  14. Oh!!! noooooooo
    something is fishy with vividha, don’t do this mr.director plz it’s a request
    only Vitharvvvvvv

  15. Precap maybe guddi’s dream that chintu attack

    If it’s true then I think this track may get Atharv loss memory by saving guddi from chintu again

  16. Plz ravish& vividha ko milado

  17. Mei ye thab dekungi jab athrv sujatha bane ga…atharv come back……atleast mere angne mei srl bettr dan dis stupid srl…

  18. Day by day the comments nd audience wet decreasing itz just back of the writers . Iam dam sure writers will unite ravidha nt vitharv .its waste to watch nw this serial gud bye jana Na dil se door . I bcm fan of jsdnd just bcz of vitharav nt ravidha ….bye bhe

  19. Hating serial day by day mad serial not concentrating on one thing one time ravidha one time vithrav geeting mad…..hope is gng day day for ravidhaa……thenn whyy ravish entryyy

  20. indera sanichara

    Writers stop being childish why can’t you guys show something different Guddu just came at her sister and someone attack her this serial is getting crazier every day.

  21. Aab suno suspence kiya actually ye chintu koi aur nahi vividha ka childhood frnd aur ye prank kar raha guddi kay saath…. aur ye jo chintu se guddi pyaar karti thi…. taabhi issko dekh kr…guddi hayran h…..
    Chintu matlb ki pravez magrey ek bhut he rich boy h jo ki negative character h…. aur yehi h humara naya villian character….

  22. After watching todays epiode, its clear atharv is not metallly illanymore.he is acting like that.and our socalled bahu vividha also feeling uneasy while hugging .nd our atharv expression clearly showing he felt her uneasynes.may be cvs wat t show atharv uniting vvidha and ravish.

    1. I agree with u

  23. Ye chintu koi aur nahi humara naya villian character h… jo ki vividhaji ka childhood frnd… aur guddiji isko bhut pasand karti h…taabhi guddiji isko dekh kr hayran ho jati h…
    Chkntu waise real name pravez magrey 2013 Mr world finalist….

  24. toleratng this show for the last one month hoping vitharv reunion.now its clear what i read in fb is true.the end gme is ravidha.being a true atharv fan i wil stop watching it frm tomorrow.cvs ruined such a lovely independent chars atharv n suatha for the vasisth family. soooo sad .RIP #JNNDD LOVE ATHARV AND SUATHA INSPIRETD ALOT

  25. toleratng this show for the last one month hoping vitharv reunion.now its clear what i read in fb is true.the end gme is ravidha.being a true atharv fan i wil stop watching it frm tomorrow.cvs ruined such a lovely independent chars atharv n suatha for the vasisth family. soooo sad .RIP #JNNDD LOVE ATHARV AND SUATHA INSPIRETD ALOT

  26. So irritating this serial has become. I would like to see Atharv as his usual self again, being active in work e.g. Taking care of his cows, riding his motor bike n so on, instead of being confine in a house n behaving like a total geek. I don’t like to watch such silly behavior , it is quite annoying . Really want old Atharv back.

  27. Today’s epi director said that ravidha unite.
    May be adharv sujatha truth reveal avvakamundu(suman family car brackdown ayye back ki vachhemundu) postman/coriour boy vividha ki letter estadu aa letter lawer daggaranunchi vastundi. Vividha letter chusina tarvate. Guddini vividha rammantundi cause atharv ni mental ga cure cheyadaniki. Cause vividha decided moves on with ravish. Cause ravish is an orphan. He is not suman-ramakanth son. Ravish thinks adharv ni ramakanth family ki daggara chesi tanu dooranga vellipovalani anukontadu. So ee truth telusukonna vividha ravish tho vellipovadaniki decide avutundi. ( vividha kooda tana family ki (father) dooramayyindi. Remaining adharv). So ultimately ravidha. But plzz director ji adharv ni guddi tho unite cheyyoddu.

    1. Is it true wow that will be awesome I want to see ravidha United

  28. Only ravidha

  29. Athrav should come in normal stage…And athrav n vividha ‘s love should win…..pls do that fast writers…

  30. First we want our atharv back. Till now I felt vividhas feelings for atharv, guilt for ravish. N ravish making vividha to feel too much of guilt. But at d end writers may show feel of guilt for atharv n love for ravish. Den dis is a case we don’t want such a girl for our atharv sujatha. If vividha loving ravish den plz unite dat characterless female lead (still I have hope in vividhas feelings for atharv) with ravish only. They suits very well(one is cheater n other who breaks promises, can’t even fulfill his fathers last wish n selfish). Our atharv sujatha won’t expect any pity or guilty feeling. If he knows vividha started loving ravish means he him self unites ravidha for sure, because he gives such a value to vividhas wishes. N all comparing dis story to hum dil DE chuke Sanam,where he gave importance to a promise made to his guru. He gave more importance to his promise. Still I expect all to stand for their promises. Our atharv already came back after fighting with mouth(death) as he promised.

    1. Agree with each and every word

  31. I hope vitharv together.. Atharv loves vivida alott..

  32. i don’t understand what the benifit to Mr. kilash by doing this marriage. i don’t see sujatha & atharve like this

  33. What the f**k!!!!! I love vitharv not ravidha….now on m nt gonna watch this show 4eva…I want the old atharv with vividha back….

  34. today’s update plzz…

  35. today’s written update plzz…

  36. Where’s today’s update?

  37. today’s written update please. Why still not posted

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