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Hello everyone… let’s move to story directly… to knew how this bond happens..

Fb shows..
It’s really opening day of college where a new group of students going to be a part of the college as usual.. like all college seniors take its their day to tease juniors. Our abhi and purab are sitting in a bench on the entrance of the college.. and questioning each and asking them to do something.. it was at that time our pragya and bulbul coming to college.. they are sisters and bulbul is younger than pragya.. both are like chatterbox.. always with bak.. bak.. and behave like boys…
Bul: di… look they are seniors and waiting to raging…
Pr: lets check how’s that?
Abhi and purab stops them..
Ab: so what’s your name?
Pr: pragya and bulbul
Ab: just say your name.. don’tact over smart?
Pur; so both are in which department?
Pr: Mathis..
Ab; so you both are going to be our juniors..
Bu; no I am junior but my di is senior
Pur: what?
Ab; accha so you are the new one going to join in our class chashmish..
Pr: I am not chashmish.. my name is pragya..
Pur; so miss pragya can I knew the reason why you joined in this college pragya smiles..
Ab; why are you smiling like this idiot?
Pr; actually I have heard that in this college there so so many good looking guys like you. Pointing towards purab bulbul giggles.. abhi and purab get tensed by her looks and attitude and escaped from here.. pragbul did hifi..
Bul; from onwards they will not tease us..
Pr; yes.. so lets move to class.. bulbul and pragya leave.. when she gets into her class.. and look around she couldn’t find any vacant place and at last found out a place near purab.. she smiles.. and started to tease him with looks.. abhi who is watching all this.. pulled purab and takes purabs place…
Ab; chashmish.. I knew your plan.. but it’s doesn’t works with my friend.. purab turns and look at pragya… pragya look at him and smiles and blinks her eyes towards him

Abhi who is watching this move his face forward so that pragya couldn’t see purab..
Pr: hey are you feeling jealous as I am looking at your friend and admiring him..
Ab; hey don’t over think.. purab is not like me..
Pr; how do you knew what I am thinking?
Ab; I have seen this type of girls a lot..
Pr; oh achha.. so you are too much expert with this type of girls right…
Ab; hey from one point to which point your taking my words.. pragya smiles.. where abhi get tensed and irritated too
Class started and at interval time.. pragya is on library.. and sees purab there. Taking some books and making notes from it.. Prague smiles and sit near a table near to him.. it was at that time abhi reached there and sees pragya looking at him..
Ab; hey chashmish. What are you up to.. you are following him.. I already told you that he is not like me..
Pr; hey abhi.. what’s your problem.. why are you in between.. if I like to see him.. if I like to follow him I will do that.. and no one can restrict me.. Ab; chashmish.. you don’t knew this abhishek prem mehra.. just enquired about me with students then you will not do this again..
Pr; look Mr.. I don’t want to knew about you.. as I am not interested in you.. by seeing this
Pu; look miss. Pragya.. I don’t knew what’s your problem.. if you both need to fight.. you have many reasons except me.. and fight as much as you want but don’t bring me in between..
Purab leaves bulbul came..

Ab; aagayi next saitaab..
Bul: What you said?
Ab; nothing..
Pragya explained everything a.. they both laughs.
Bul: di… I think purab is such a nice person..
Pr; yes
Days goes.. abhigya started to continue their fights… every time purab and bulbul come between to stop that fight..
Pu:abhi seriously, talking to you.. why you both fight? The reason which make you fight is really silly and I have not seen you now.. as I knew you from my childhood itself.. you usually couldn’t fight with anyone like this.. then why you fight with her.. abhi is there anything special in it more than a fight..
Ab; yes..
Pur: what’s that?

Screen shifted to pragbul..
Bul: di I don’t knew why are you fighting with abhi.. in first I knew its just for a fun.. but nowadays I don’t feel so.. there is something in between that’s fight.. what’s that?
Pragya smiles.. yes.. something… something..
Bul; something.. something means she thinks which means you are in love with abhi..
Pragya in shock. Abhi??? How can you think like that? I am in love with purab…

Screen shifted to abhi..
Ab; yes I am in love with bulbul.. whenever we both fight.. she came in between to end it up.. but actually I end that fight because I am completely lost on her.. her talks.. looks everything… I like her courage.. stupidity.. I completely lost in her purab..
Screen shifted to pragya..

Whenever we both get fight its purab who come in between.. actually I am not stopping my fight.. when I saw him I am completely get lost in his looks.. talks.. innocence.. his love towards abhi.. bulbul do you knew one thing purab has none execpt abhi and his family.. they are childhood friends.. purab loves abhi more than him and trust him more than anyone.. if anything happens to abhi it will hurt him first..
Bul; di.. are you serious in this.? How do you collect all this details..
Pr; if there is a will there is a way..
Pragbul smiles..

Scene shifted to abhi…
Pu; are you serious? Do you really feel for her?
Abhi smiles.. do you express this feelings to her…??
Ab; not yet yaar… I don’t knew if she have some feelings or not? And what will she tell or react by knowing this..
Pu; don’t worry I will help you to reach at her..
Screen shifted to pragbul..
Bul; di.. did purabknew this?
Pr; no bulbous.. I don’t tell about this.. and he knew that I am always watching and staring him.. but he thinks that to make abhi in anger.. it’s not real.. it’s just my way to look at him then no one will misunderstand me..
Bul; don’t worry di.. I will help you..
Fb ends..

Ali; then how did you both help each other..
Ab; aliya.. what is this yaar.. if you get to knew full story.. then there will be no thrill… so wait we will tell that later..
Pr; abhi.. can we leave to class..
All dispersed to respective classes.. abhi… pragya. And purab entered class.. abhi sits with pragya and purab in front of them..
Ab:chashmish are you feel bad that I am sitting with you not purab..
Purab is listening this and smile..
Pr; no…
Ab; you don’t feel bad.. I am doing this to make you anger but..
Pr; I knew that.. even purab too.. but it’s really good to sit like this.. we can watch and admire each other.. if he sit beside me that will be difficult.. I want to turn my face.. and professor will get knew about this.. that I am not listening the class.
Ab; I feel so sad that one way to make you irritate have lost..
Pur: abhi.. I can’t get one thing abhi… you both purposefully fight that you both love me and purab.. now we are with you.. then why are you fighting now?

Ab; actually purab now this happens as our routine.. I can’t stay away or leave one foray without fighting her.. may be she too..
Pur; if college ends then what will you both do?
Ab; it’s simple.. after that.. you will get married with pragya.. and I will be with bulbul.. and we all are together in one house.. and its easy to get fight and you both will end it..
Pur; seriously u both are mad..
Abhigya all together mad at you purab.. and smiles.

Screen end at their smiling face..
So friends I am really happy to see all your comments.. and I knew most of you are little bit upset with this new pair.. but this story is something different from which what I have written and you all are thinking that why episode is not linked with promo right.. actually we ‘re coming to that promo soon… but before that there is some scenes to we must gone.. may be most of you get an idea about the story by reading that promo.. but no idea about how they reach at that point.. just wait for that.. and vidyadi.. I am going on break from this episode onwards and will be back on
Next Thursday with next episode.. so you must wait for that… thanks for all your wishes for my exam.. I have exams from Monday to Thursday.. that’s why I am not uploading.. but will be back with a bang… love you all

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  1. Princesskrisha

    All the best for your exams di love you di do your best di n di pls sleep well before exams n di i want my dear di to top all exams n di todays epi was awesome

  2. Hai yaar haritha…nice nok joke as always….keep going and all the best for your exams….

  3. B_Ani

    great epi…u are angry on me for that q??? i am sorry…literally sorry.
    i will never evr do dat again…sorry.
    and best of luck for ur exams chechi…will u be there tmrw? i will post CD…
    bye yaar…tc…

  4. Reshma_Pradeep


  5. Saranya24

    Lovely darlu loved ut waiting fr it miss u fr 4 dats but all the best fr ur exams u ll rock tat too love u???

  6. Whoow..soo cute epi di..i loved it..abhigya first meeting super??…semma di…and their fight,nok jokes supero super di..u rocked it di…
    Oh nxt part thursday…eagerly waiting for it di…
    ALL THE BEST 4 ur xam di…do well…love you di..take care…

  7. wat a lovely episode .i was similing while reading u r episode.this is cute luv story and different from others too. i am waiting for next episode.and all the best for u r exam.

  8. Abiya

    Abhigya part was so cute all the best for ur exams dr

  9. Prathi

    All the best Hari take care do well.. I am loving this very different

  10. Superrr……

  11. Very nice and interesting dear

  12. Awesome?All the best!!

  13. wow nice epi dear honey………..

    study well n take care

    best wish 4 u exam yaaaaaaaaaa do well

    always waiting 4 u………bye

  14. SavitaVidya

    this is the reason why i alwayshates exams in school soo much, they always make you miss out on the cool nice thing. but also they are a pre requisite to a good life soo take care dear and best of luck, dear……

    i am sad and waiting for thursday….


  15. Interesting sissy

  16. Awesome di…waiting for next Thursday….keep rocking di… love you so much di

  17. Mukundraj

    Nice one

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