Itti Si Khushi 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone sits for breakfast. Mr. Agarwal is really happy that they all will eat together. Shagun nods. I haven’t seen this since I have come here after my marriage. Sandeep too wonders if there is some festival today. Dida replies that every day will be an occasion for them since Neha is here now. She wants everything to be the same way like it was in the past. Sandeep is getting late but he agrees. They all are waiting for Neha. They wonder if Neha is still sleeping. Akku denies. She woke up long time back don’t know why she is taking so much time.

Neha is trying to compose herself and her face so that no one notices her eyes or puffy face. She practises smiling but tears threaten to flow again. she points at her faults – bad face, obese n weird hairs. I will diet from today. just then her mother calls out for her. Neha puts a smile on her face and goes outside.

Neha declines to eat hot puris. I will only drink milk. Suraj is happy though. I will eat everything that has been cooked for you. Everyone smiles at this. neha tells them that she will go on diet today. shagun and Neha’s mother find something amiss. Her face looks swollen too. Akku notices it now. Neha lowers her eyes to avoid eye contact with anyone. Neha’s mother knows Neha would not have slept properly without her Dada ji’s shawl. I promise I will find it today. neha nods. Dida suggests talking to doctor. Neha talks against it. I have grown fat because mumma makes me eat so much. They all smile in relief. Sandeep teases her. their mother is against Neha going on a diet as she is still weak from inside. Neha’s parents feed her lovingly. Shagun asks Akku about the shopping. What time do you have to go? I think she will buy engagement ring today. neha goes quiet again. Akku says we will leave after breakfast. Didi too has to come. Neha wants to stay back but Akku requests her. sandeep teases Neha again. go out as you are gaining fat by staying at home. She calls him Motu Bhaiya. Sandeep and Akku feed each other on Neha’s insistence. Neha looks at everyone’s happy faces while she herself feels terrible about things.

Shagun asks Sandeep to bring white sports shoes for Suraj in the morning. She gives him money. Deposit the rest of the money in bank. His mother comes there. She wanted to give some money to Neha and Akku for shopping. Your father left and I forgot to talk to him about it. gayatri ji will do the shopping of the things she likes but Akku too can buy something if she likes it. I will return the money by evening. He gives her the money which Shagun had given him. she thanks him for it. Shagun is not happy with it. Suraj’s teacher had written a note. If he doesn’t get white sports shoes then he will be punished. Sandeep couldn’t say no. plus mumma will return it in the evening. He agrees to buy it on his own. You make mountains out of mole. She had taken advance from her salary for Suraj. I bring the money and I hear things like this. you anyways don’t worry about either me or your son. she walks out of the room in a huff. He too stands there upset.

Akku, Neha, Dadi, Neeta and Gayatri are out shopping sarees. Neha stands at a distance while Akku is busy selecting the sarees with her to be in-laws. Dadi wants high budget sarees which will suit Badrinath Goyal’s name. It is his grandson’s wedding after all. Gayatri declines to buy a saree worth Rs. 80000. It is too expensive. We want a saree for engagement. Dadi tries to talk against it but Gayatri stays put. Shopkeeper agrees to show a lower budget saree. Dadi notices Neha trying a saree and taunts her. gayatri too follows her gaze.

Aman walks inside the shop just when Neha is trying to manage the veil. He compliments her for the same. She calls herself an aunty. She tries to wear it but trips. Aman catches her in time. They share an eye lock. Aman looks away so Neha composes herself too and straightens. She thanks him for saving her. He teases her back. She doesn’t smile this time. He observes this and goes to where Akku and everyone else are. Neha looks at him sadly.

Neeta tells Akku that now bhaiya will help you in selecting saree. He keeps a straight face while Akku shows her sarees. Gayatri doesn’t like anything. They all get up to go from there. Neeta notices the saree in Neha’s hand. She shows it to Akku and they both like it. even Gayatri likes it. the saree is of Rs. 7500. Dadi makes faces at it. Gayatri tells Akku to buy this if she likes it. Akku praises Neha’s choice. You always select the best. Neha is a little surprised to know that Akku has selected this saree itself. They get it packed. Akku thanks Neha who hugs her sister. Akku comments that when they were a kid, I always wanted things that belonged to Didi. Neha nods and continues to force a smile. She also observes Aman’s reaction at the same.

Gayatri wants to select engagement ring for Akku now. Neha walks slowly and is lost in thoughts. Aman comes from behind after making payment at the saree shop while everyone else has gone ahead. Aman pats at Neha’s shoulder from the other side. he smiles as she looks in that direction. What has happened to you? Why are you so serious? I am sure you are not well or how can a chep like you be all quiet! She doesn’t reply. She asks him about his health. He replies that he is good. She asks him why he is talking this much then. He is taken aback. She goes ahead while he looks at her in surprise / confusion. He gets a call so stops.

Kartik is with his girlfriend. She plans a trip to Switzerland for the two of them, next year. Only two of us! He agrees but they have time for it. I don’t have that much money for it. she offers to do it but he wants to bear his own expenses. She shows him things that she has brought for him. they share a hug just when Jayanti comes in without knocking at the door. she has brought tea for them. she is excited to know that the girl’s driver (Ramlal) has come too. She excitedly goes to give him tea with a little extra sugar. She smiles naughtily as she closes the door. kartik is happy that Jayanti will be busy for two hours now. I should check with the others or mom will create a fuss if she gets to know about you. He calls Neeta. They are happy to know that they have one hour. they hug each other happily.

Dadi taunts Gayatri to find a ring herself. You cannot afford to buy a ring of my choice now. She asks for Aman. Neeta tells about the call. He must be outside. Aman is indeed attending a call outside while Neha is again away from everyone in another corner. She too is trying rings. Aman comes inside as he finishes the call. She shows him the ring that she has selected for Akku. She anyways likes my choice. Shopkeeper suggests her to try it. aman too nods so Neha tries it. Jeweller tells Gayatri to call her son (Aman) as he only should select the ring. Dadi points out to where he is. Everyone is surprised to see him with Neha. Jeweller mistakes her to be his would be wife. The husband and wife have selected it on their own. They make a lovely pair, just like Ram and Sita. Dadi corrects him. She is not our DIL. This (Akku) is, a simple and beautiful girl. Gayatri too firmly tells him to show ring for Akku. He apologizes to them. They (Aman and Neha) were standing together. They look very much like a couple. Akku turns to look at them. Dadi calls Aman. Neha too follows him. she shows the ring to Akku that she has selected but Dadi keeps it aside. Show us something else. Aman notices Neha’s sad face. She turns to go. Akku asks her to stay back with her but Neha declines. I am feeling cold here. I will wait outside. Aman gets concerned for her but Gayatri tells him to focus on the main work here. He stands there helplessly. He observes Neha standing all alone outside the shop. A sad song plays in the background. Akku too turns to look at Neha who signals her to select the ring. Akku notices Aman looking at Neha.

Precap: Mr. Agarwal blames Sandeep yet again. I am not selfish like you to tell doctors to remove Neha’s life support to save some money. You had said that you cannot spend any more money. Akku notices Neha standing there. Everyone is shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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