Hum Hain Na 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arindam sees Sagarika decorating sari and praises her talent. Aunt sees sari and asks whose sari it is. Arindam says he bought it for Sagarika. Sagarika says she will return this sari to Bunty as it is his mom’s.

Sagarika returns Bunty his mom’s sari. He gets happy seeing it in 1 piece and carries her. He says his mom will be very happy seeing her saree back in 1 piece. Sagarika says she is unlucky as she cannot see her mom happy at all and asks him to go and show this sari to his mom.

Bunty gives sari to his mom and says Satya corrected instead of Sagarika. Mom thanks Satya and asks he to keep it in her room. Bunty calls Sagarika and says his mom is very happy and thanks her. He thinks he has to show Saagarika’s goodness to his mom.

Lakshmi praises Satya in front of daadi and says Rani is exact opposite to her. Daadi says Satya takes care of Bunty well and she is thinking of marrying her to Bunty.

Saagarika’s dad sees a student copying during exam and tries to take him to principal’s office. Student frightens dad and asks him to beware of him. Dad gets afraid. Bunty’s dad sees that and asks Sagarika’s dad about the issue. He sees that student was cheating. Bunty’s dad takes him and his friends who came to his rescue to principal’s office.

Bunty is busy having lunch. Satya comes and thanks him. He asks what did he do. She says she is thanking for praising him in front of Lakshmi and saying she corrected her sari. Bunty says he could not take Sagarika’s name, so he used her name. Satya gets annoyed hearing Sagarika’s name. Bunty asks her to keep quiet. Madhav calls him and informs that Sagarika’s dad is in market and is going to buy fish. Bunty leaves. Satya starts murmuring in front of Ratna and scolding Bunty, says she stolen Sit’s garland, but even then she could not spoil her image. Ratna hears that and asks why did she lie to everyone and says because of her mom’s sari got spoilt. Satya apologies for her mistake and asks her not to tell anything to mom. Lakshmi comes there and asks what are they talking about. Ratna says she was thinking it would have been nice if Satya would have become Sita. Lakshmi says she is our Sita. Satya thinks if Bunty’s mom is on her side, then Bunty will be hers soon.

Bunty and Madhav waits for Sagarika’s dad at market. Dad comes and starts buying fish. He sees Bunty’s dad and asks if students will not trouble him after today’s incident. Students come there in bike and starts misbehaving with them. One of them tries to hit Bunty’s dad, but bunty comes on time and holds his hand.

Precap: Bunty’s mom praises Satya in front of her husband and says she is thinking of Satya and Bunty’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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