Itti Si Khushi 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku and Sunita are relieved that everything is sorted finally. It is good that Neha will go back to her house before your papa and Dida comes. They discuss how everyone was upset with Neha since past few days. They get coffee and snacks ready.

Aman tells Neha that this isn’t possible. She reminds him that it is his dream whereas he talks about it as her past. She insists nonetheless. You always wanted to be a cricketer. Thousands of people will apply for NCL but only 4 will get selected. Please try. You still fit in this age bracket. This opportunity is godsend. He talks about being practical and of taking care of his family. I have the responsibility of our house on me. she requests him not to leave him dreams. It was your dreams, please I beg you. He understands that she always wanted to see him as a cricketer but you have to accept some things in life. She asks about his happiness. He replies that she is his happiness. I will be happy when I will settle down with you. Neha points out that it will be incomplete. Please try it once for me. I have promised Ma that I wont play cricket and I cannot break this promise. I haven’t even practised. Plus only 4 will get selected from thousands of people. I don’t have any scope. She says you only need one chance and one spot of yourself. Focus for that. Why do we have to worry about what others are doing? You should try once so that we don’t regret losing out this chance later on. He tells her to stop. I want to search for a job and I am already applying in other schools. she is shocked to know that he too was fired from the school. Why did they fire you? He says someone has done big time politics against us. No one at home knows about this. If Ma gets to know about it then she will get tensed. This is why I want to find a job before anyone gets to know about anything. I bear all the expenses of the house and you are expecting me to waste time in NCL?

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Shagun assures Sandeep that Neha is mature enough to understand everything. He finally realises that he scolded Neha for no reason. she is anyways worried and I too reacted this way. I don’t know what is happening to me. Shagun knows that he isn’t happy after leaving his father’s business or by starting this job. Sandeep nods but it isn’t right to scold Neha like this. At times I feel papa is right. I am selfish, I never think about my family. I only think about money. I couldn’t do anything for my family. neha needs my love and support right now but I am not doing the right thing by behaving with her like this. she has no one but me. sunita ji comes there to tell her the good news. Shagun and Sandeep smile in relief.

Neha tells Aman that Dida says when God closes one door for you he opens another one for you for sure. We don’t realise it at that time. Please understand, God is giving you second chance. Please don’t lose it. I dint know that you lost your job and I found this opportunity for you. This is a sign from above. I want you to chase your dreams. Just the way we used to get inside the area which was filled with thorns while we used to be busy running after butterflies. We dint care about thorns back then but why do we think only about thorns when we grow up? Why do we stop thinking about butterflies? The fear is inside you and only you can overcome it. give yourself a chance once. Maybe you will get selected. Aman tells her to stop. I don’t want to be a cricketer now. I am happy keeping my family happy. you are my dreams and so is our home. This is why I have come here at this hour to take you back home. Let us go. she stays put. They both refuse to listen to each other. She tries to instigate him but in vain. He turns to go as she is not ready to listen to him but just then Akku and Sunita ji come there. They are surprised to see them fighting again. Aman asks Neha once again if she is coming with him or not but she shakes her head. Sunita ji him the reason. he says Neha is not listening to him whereas Neha says the same about him. Aman says if this is your decision then I am leaving, but think calmly later on. He leaves for his home. Sandeep gets tensed once again when Aman tells him that there is still a lot to sort out. Aman walks out of Aggarwal house.

Jayanti apologizes to Kamini ji for which Kamini ji scolds her. I did so much for you. For now leave from this house in next 5 minutes. Jayanti is angry at Neha that she troubled / insulted Kamini ji like this. I will make you pay for it.

Neha’s family members wonder why Neha is acting stubborn. Aman himself had come to take you. Neha says I myself want to go with Aman to my house. I know my happiness lies in that only but what about Aman? He is really bad as he is thinking of everyone else but not for himself. He has his dreams which he isn’t trying to live. He has moved ahead for everyone else. Sunita ji reasons that she can discuss this there too. Neha knows that Aman wont listen to her if she goes back. Sandeep says you shouldn’t have let him return alone. He felt bad. He had come to take you. There was no point doing this new drama. Neha knows what she is doing. I am not just Aman’s wife but his best friend too. If not me then who will think about all this for him? Sandeep agrees, but there is a way to put your point forward. You could have explained it to him there only. Neha repeats that she knows Aman, his reactions and his way of thinking. He will never agree if I don’t do what I am doing. Please let it be, I know what I am doing. She leaves from there. Sunita ji cannot understand anything and Akku thinks of what will Aman say at his home.

Neha’s words continue to echo in Aman’s head as he reaches his home. He sits outside only. Gayatri notices him thus. Kamini ji asks him about Neha. Why did she not come with you? What is this new drama? He tells them that Neha refused to come back. Gayatri ji is taken aback. Kamini ji wonders why Neha did so much if she dint have to come back. Aman lies that maybe Neha needs more time to think over things. Kamini ji talks against Neha yet again. Jayanti too adds fuel in the fire but Gayatri scolds her for doing that. How will she come when we have behaved so badly with her? she will be scared thinking what will happen with her now if she comes back. I will go tomorrow and apologize to her. if I can insult her and send her out of the house then I can apologize too. It isn’t a thing to be ashamed of. Neha is after all the DIL of this house. Jayanti looks down. Kamini ji inores Jayanti and goes inside. Jayanti feels bad.

Next morning, Neha is all set to go somewhere (on a mission). Akku asks her about it. this mission will change Aman and my life. Neha shows her the news clipping. I want Aman to fulfil his dreams, live life his way and not compromise on anything. Akku tells her to talk to him once. Things settled down just now. What if he objects to it? Neha explains that when she used to organize cricket in their area then also Aman dint use to come and be a part of the match. The reason was he was very scared of aunty. I still used to help him get out of the window and play the matches. Akku explains that time has changed now. You are his wife now, not his friend. Neha says I am his friend first then wife. Akku points out that this isn’t practical. Neha replies that compromising is not practicality. I just want Aman to live his life, do what he wants to. Everyone has that right. I don’t see any harm in it. the opportunity is so good. I just want him to try it once. Akku wants her to talk to Aman once atleast before doing something. Neha has already done that. His answer is same like you. I wonder why we stop chasing our dreams when we grow up. There is nothing practical in it. you wanted to be a fashion designer but you are doing a job right now. motu Bhaiya wanted to open a different kind of cyber cafe. Why should we leave our dreams behind? I have seen it from my childhood how Aman always wanted to be a cricketer. If I was not in the hospital then he would have been surely playing for India today. now that I am back I will make it happen even if I have to use that window again. just wish me. Akku thinks how will Didi do it when jiju wont accompany her. Neha knows it is tough. I have to convince NCL team once that Aman deserves one chance. I don’t know how I will do it but it will be great if that happens. Akku wishes her luck. Neha tells her not to tell anything to anyone. Akku promises her. the sisters share a warm hug.

Precap: Gayatri asks Neha to come to their home. Neha says I know I should come but I have made a promise to myself. I wont come to that home till Aman enrols himself in NCL. Gayatri is shocked to know about NCL (Nirman Cricket League).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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