Uttaran 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Nandini saying that the one who doubts on me can see and check for themselves. Damini removes the handkerchief but is shocked when she doesn’t find any mark on Nandini’s forehead. Nandini asks her if there is any wound at her forehead. Akash you can throw me out of the house asap in case it is there. Damini apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. Nandini says it is ok. How can you (Akash) think that I can do something wrong with Meethi? Gomti comes to call Akash as police is at their door.

Police has search warrants for Akash’s house. We have got to know that you are hiding a criminal named Vishnu Kashyap at your house. Damini and everyone is taken aback. Akash tells everyone that police has got wrong info. They just want to investigate a little. Akash thinks of keeping the police away from storeroom anyhow. Police and Akash walk inside the house to search for Vishnu. Damini is tensed thinking Vishnu is in some problem. Nandini thinks we will find out the truth very soon. I cannot understand why we have kept Vishnu in the house.

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Inspector and his constables check everywhere but don’t find anything. Inspector notices a room locked from outside and gets curious. Akash tells him that it is a storeroom, we never open it. the inspector insists on checking it. Akash waits outside worriedly but inspector doesn’t find Vishnu even in that room. He apologizes to Akash for troubling him like this but I am bound by duty. Akash is relieved thinking they dint find Vishnu there. It is perfectly ok as you are just doing your duty. He goes to drop them till the main gate. Nandini wonders about Vishnu’s disappearance.

Outside even Akash is wondering the same thing. he sits in his car but Vishnu suddenly calls out for him from the back seat. Akash asks him when did he leave from that room. I was so scared that you will be caught today. Vishnu relates how he was thirsty. I went to the kitchen quietly and noticed police at the gate. I realised that police has come to look for me only. I jumped out of the window and hid here when you were opening the gate. I thought they wont check outside again as they have already done that while entering inside. How did the police come here when no one at your home even knows that he is here? Akash understands that Khanna has understood all their plans. This is why he is trying to trap you in Hawala’s case. He knows that you will come directly to me if you escape from the police.

Nandini gets Khanna’s call. He scolds her for misguiding him. Vishnu was not found at Akash’s place. Nandini says why I would lie. I saw him entering inside this house along with Akash. I feel that Akash has hidden him in some safe place. Don’t worry I will find him anyhow.

At night, Meethi wakes up and is surprised to see Maiyya and Damini by her bedside. Maiyya tells her to rest but Meethi wants to do some work. Damini makes her understand that Maiyya is right. After black magic you become very weak. You should rest for a while. Meethi worries about Akash and Rani’s tomorrow’s schedule. Maiyya reminds her that tomorrow is a holiday. Meethi begins to say something when she gets cramps again. maiyya makes her lie down again.

Vishnu is in the storeroom. Nandini notices the storeroom and wonders if is hiding here. She goes to open the door which alerts Vishnu. she comes inside to check but doesn’t find Vishnu anywhere. Where did he disappear? Vishnu opens the cupboard a little to peek at her. she feels something and turns to look at the cupboard. She walks towards it when Rani calls out for her. Nandini gets diverted. Meanwhile, Vishnu recalls meeting her in Khanna’s office. She is Rani’s mother then. But what is her connection with Khanna? Rani tells Nandini that she is getting calls from one particular number again and again. I am observing the same since so long. You kept your phone on silent / vibration and it has been scaring me every now and then because of the noise. Nandini replies that Maiyya doesn’t like it when she talks on phone. Rani leaves after giving her the phone. Nandini is irked that Khanna is calling her again and again. I will see him later. She starts walking towards the cupboard again but her phone rings again just when she was about to open it. She scolds Khanna for calling her incessantly. You know everyone here doubts me. If they find me talking to you then my game will be over. I am searching for Vishnu. khanna tells her not to act smart with him. Vishnu’s staying in that house is neither good for you nor for me. nandini promises to find Vishnu asap. She ends the call. Vishnu is shocked hearing their convo. Nandini finally leaves from there. Vishnu comes out of the cupboard when she is gone.

Nandini hears Gomti ranting to herself as to how Maiyya and Meethi have made her a servant in this house. She thinks of something. Vishnu too watches her from far. Nandini gets to know that gomti is making lemon juice for Meethi and offers to get sugar container for her but instead hides it in another bigger jar. She lies to Gomti that she cannot see sugar container anywhere. Gomti gets irked and turns to see for herself. Meanwhile Nandini mixes the ashes mixture in the juice while Gomti continues to look for the sugar jar. She finally finds it and adds it in the glass. She again offers to help Gomti who asks her to pick up the spoon from the floor. Nandini bends down but hurts herself on her head again. she holds her head and then walks out of the kitchen. Vishnu has observed everything and is confused. In her room, Nandini removes her fake makeup. Vishnu observes it all from standing near her window.

Vishnu tells everything to Akash. This woman is wrong. She is behind all this or she wouldn’t have hidden her wound. She also added something in Meethi’s lemonade. This is why Meethi is not getting well. She only informed Khanna about my location and he informed police. This woman is pretty dangerous. Her staying here is not good for anyone. do something. Akash says if Nandini is behind all this then I wont let her stay in this house for another second. He leaves.

Nandini smiles seeing her reflection in the mirror. Akash comes there with the same glass of lemonade. He apologizes to her for doubting her. I shouldn’t have done that. I have brought lemonade for you. Meethi dint drink it. I thought when you do so much for Meethi then I too should do something for you. Nandini’s smile disappears. She lies that she just had tea. He nods and then removes her fake makeup instantly. She holds her head as it hurt her.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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