Itti Si Khushi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

A cute song plays as Aman keeps smiling as he looks at Neha. Aman continues to look at Neha with a big smile. She too smiles shyly as he continues to look in her direction sweetly. What are you looking at? He says you had said yesterday that you want to see your dreams come alive. But how would we know what our dream is? What’s that one thing that will tell us that this is our destiny? she gets confused. He smiles saying she wont understand. She agrees that she cannot understand all the grownups at all. He gets up to go inside to give sweets to aunty. She calls out to him and throws something in his direction. He obviously misses it and she ends up laughing. Captain Aman Goyal you have become slow. You have also forgotten how to catch things. He has brought a gift for her – the same ball. You kept this dream safely with you for all these years. I am scared what if I throw it in the dustbin if it is with me. I have anyways forgotten how to catch. She takes it from him. they share a cute eye lock with the same cute song playing in the background. They both smile at each other for a long long time.

At Aman’s house, Gayatri is waiting impatiently for Kartik. We have to go to Agarwal House. They all must be waiting for us. Neeta knows her brother. He has gone to his friend’s house to play cards and wont be back early. Gayatri gets upset but Dadi speaks in favour of Kartik. Aman too tells his mother not to spoil her mood today. Dadi isn’t sure if they will be greeted properly at Agarwal House. Aman explains that we are just going to meet them on Diwali’s occasion. It should be about happiness only. They all leave.

At Agarwal House, Dida wants Neha to do aarti today. this house’s happiness has returned with you after so many years. Neha is worried what if she makes a mistake. Dida assures her that there wont be any mistake as she is with her. Neha does the aarti happily. She turns to give aarti to everyone when she notices Aman. She rushes to give it to him excitedly. I did aarti today. he smiles while taking blessings from the aarti thaal. Gayatri, Dadi, Jayanti and Akku observe their expressions.

Neha gives aarti to everyone along with wishing them a very happy Diwali. Akku wishes Aman. He nods back and they both stand uncomfortably. Neha sticks with Suraj as she notices them together. Neha, Suraj, Sandeep, Aman and Anand go out to burst crackers. Akku wants to show the house (gharounda) to Neeta. Dadi is impressed that they still continue the old traditions. She too wants to see it and really loves it. No one makes it nowadays. She relates how she used to make one always when she was a kid. She blesses Akku thinking that she has made it. you reminded me of my childhood. Jayanti compliments Akku. She will keep her house like this as well. Dida nods but then adds that Neha has made it. all the ladies turn to look at Neha who is busy bursting crackers. Dadi eyes the gharounda worriedly. Neha doesn’t like to do household work. I can see that Shagun is busy with work while Neha is only concerned about her crackers. Dida takes them inside. Akku and Neeta continue to look at the gharounda.

Neha wants Akku’s help in making the roof of her gharounda but she wants to go inside to make arrangement for dinner. She agrees to do it later. Neha reluctantly agrees. Aman has heard it too. Aman cannot stop looking at Neha as she celebrates Diwali by bursting crackers. He smiles as he looks at the gharounda.

Dadi talks about her old times and the lavishness with which they used to celebrate any festival or occasion in the past. She asks Anand if he has any problem in spending money for the engagement. He agrees to do anything that she wants. Gayatri reasons that they only had wanted it to happen in a sober way. Jayanti talks in Dadi’s favour. Dida remarks that there is no need to use a sword when a pin can do the work. Younger people do some things in a much better way. Dadi is confused. Suraj storms inside with the cracker. Sandeep and Neha try to stop him. dadi scolds / blames Neha for it. Aman speaks up in Neha’s favour. We couldn’t do anything as Suraj ran inside with the cracker without any warning. Neha feels good that he spoke in her favour but Akku is certainly a little taken aback. Jayanti makes use of the opportunity. One day this house will burn and we will not be able to do anything but look on from a distance. Everyone has a different expression on their face after hearing this. aman can see that neha’s smile has disappeared.

Shagun’s mom (Rekha) greets them just then. Shagun and Suraj greet her and so does Neha. She wishes everyone happy diwali. She has brought gifts for each one of them. Dadi points out that a girl’s parents do it happily. agarwal family notice this. Rekha tells Sandeep that she had thought that they would have painted the house this year now that Neha is back. Dida says it will be done before Akku’s wedding. She goes inside to freshen up.

Anand wants to show decor pics to Gayatri to choose from but she is ok with whatever he decides. We should only aim for what we can afford. Dadi taunts her for this as well hearing which Neha smiles. Akku takes her aside to set the table. gayatri remarks that the couple should be best and our families like the partner whom we have chosen for our son / daughter respectively. Aman looks at Akku and Neha one by one. He smiles when Neha smiles at him but makes a straight face when Akku looks at him. He looks really worried.

Akku shows decor pics to Neeta who goes to ask Aman’s choice. He looks at the pics absentmindedly, plus he flips past the page which Akku had liked. Neha brings litchi juice for everyone. Neeta says it is bhaiya’s favourite juice. Hearing this, Neha turns to go without giving juice to anyone but collides with Aman. The juice spills on his kurta. She cannot help but laugh over the situation. Aman too smiles back. Dadi is irked though. He is your jijaji. Start valuing relations. Neha nods and then apologizes to Aman and Dadi. She leaves from there sadly.

Akku finds Neeta lost in thoughts. Why are you so quiet today? you haven’t even spoken about my dress or engagement. Are you ok? Neeta dismisses it to Diwali pollution because of which she has a headache. Sunita sends Akku to bring napkins from her room. Akku leaves. Neeta is tensed.

Akku gives towel to Aman. She wants to ask him something. I had told you to think a lot in the past days. You told me your decision as well but I still want to know if you have any doubts. You still feel that we will be happy together? He says he too wanted to talk to her about this. before they can talk Suraj takes Aman outside with him. Akku stands there worried.

Dadi doesn’t like the food as it is too spicy. She complains to Sunita about it. Dida says maybe your (Dadi’s) acidity has increased. The spices are perfect. Dadi retorts that she has lost the sense of taste after eating medicines. Jayanti praises Dadi again. she looks way young than a lot many other women of her age. Rekha agrees. There is something else about rich people. Sunita offers less spicy food to Dadi. Gayatri asks for Aman. Neeta is clueless about it.

Neha goes out stealthily to put the roof on her gharounda. She finds Aman doing something to her gharounda and shouts at him to stop. He is shocked as she slips over something.

Precap: Aman tells his mom that he cannot get engaged to Akku. She is stunned. How can you be so sure that you will be happy with Neha for life? He has firm belief that he will be way happier with Neha. She walks away distraught. Shagun has heard everything and looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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