Veera 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan talking to Ranvi. He says you mean Veera will meet Baldev even if I stop her. He says he won’t go for singing shows as he has to keep Veera safe. Ratan and Gunjan ask her to go as he gave his word. Ranvi says fine, I will come back soon. Ranvi asks Gunjan to come along. Gunjan says I have to be here. She thinks she has to play cards with friends and get the lost money. Ranvi leaves. Gunjan asks the man and takes the cheque and cash. She thinks she will continue playing. Bansuri asks Baldev why is he worried. Baldev says don’t trouble me. Bansuri says if I not worry for you, will I worry for neighbors. Ratan tells Gunjan that Ranvi was worried, how will he do the show. Gunjan asks can I go to stay with her parents for one or two days. Ratan says yes go, and talk to Baldev.

Veera comes with aarti plate asking where is Ranvi, did he not come. Simran massages Baldev’s head and he gets annoyed. She says everyone say I massage well. He says no need, forgive me. She cries. He says see I know you are helping me seeing me worried, but I m fine. Bansuri sees this and thinks Baldev changed his tone seeing her crying face, I have to teach more to Simran. She asks Simran not to be upset and massage her head. She talks about Baldev and says he did not value you. She asks her to use her tears on Baldev, that he will leave Veera and be mad about her.

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Amrit signs thumbs up to Simran. Veera cries as Ranvi left without seeing her face. Ratan says Ranvi want you not to meet Baldev, we explained him and he is not agreeing. She asks Veera to give time to Ranvi. Gunjan hugs Balwant and says she wanted to meet him. He says yes, Bansuri said you came to meet me and needed Rs 20000, why. Gunjan says she had some work. He says I heard that you are having card party with your friends. Gunjan acts and says they are rumors, I just hang out with friends.

He says you have responsibility of two house. He asks her to become like Ratan’s family. Bansuri looks on and says everyone praise Ratan and Ranvi, and you too started giving lecture. It looks like they are Lord and we are devils, I know what happened in football match, you supported inspector and not our son. Amrit hears this and tells her plan to Simran. She meets Gunjan. Simran tries to bond with
Gunjan. Simran praises Gunjan and they gossip about Mumbai and stars. Baldev comes and says Veera did not take my call since morning. He asks Gunjan to tell her husband not to interfere in my and Veera’s life. Gunjan says relax, we have guests. Baldev says I don’t care. Gunjan says why are you overreacting, don’t listen to Ranvi. He says but Veera is listening to him. She says go and marry, end this mater. Simran and Amrit are shocked.

Bansuri comes and scolds Gunjan. Gunjan says Baldev and Veera will do what they want to, even if they run and marry, as they are adults and law is with them. Baldev and Gunjan leave. Amrit fills ears of Bansuri. She says trust Lord, Baldev will have a good wife and you will get a good bahu. Bansuri says I wish Baldev brings my choice of bahu. Gulati comes to meet Rajveer. He asks about the illegal wine matter and what action to take. Rajveer says keep an eye on all godowns, no one can do wrong work in my area and I want the previous reports tomorrow.

Rajveer thinks he should get sympathy from Veera and get her on his side. Veera gives water to Nihaal and hears Ranvi’s voice on speaker as he talks to Ratan. He asks about Veera. Ratan says she is fine. He says take care and ends the call. Veera says she is not feeling good like she is going away from Ranvi. Ratan says a mum wants her children to be happy, marry and settle down, but united with family. She says Ranvi was small when your dad left us, I went through loneliness, so I pray this loneliness does not come in my children’s lives, I pray like Ranvi is happy with Gunjan, you also stay happy with your life partner, as it makes life easy. Nihaal hears them.

Veera says Biji, you may feel lonely even now, when we get busy. Ratan says yes, it hurts me, but when my children come home, I feel glad. She leaves. Veera sits with Nihaal and asks him does he love Ratan. He is stunned. Veera says I know you won’t answer, but I know as your eyes show whats in your heart, I understand everything. She says Biji never showed us her pain, desires and dreams, so we did not know what she wants, she lived for us and did not think about her, but since I fell in love with Baldev, I felt life is incomplete with love and I want to remove the incompleteness from her love, I know you will take care of her. He changes the topic. She says don’t change the talk. He asks her to make Ranvi agree for Baldev and not hurt elders. She says I can’t hurt Ranvi, as he is like my parent. They say we are with each other. She gets Baldev’s call and she tells what Ranvi decided that she can’t meet him. He says I will find some way but can’t stop meeting her. She says we have to do something. He says but what.

Baldev tells Veera that he got everything what she said and he spoke to pandit ji, he bought groom and bride’s clothes. She says if anyone know about this marriage, you know what will happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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