Itti Si Khushi 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamini ji is also pleased for Aman upon knowing about his new job. Aman agrees to go to meet Divakar ji tomorrow morning. Neha hears everything from a distance and is shocked. He gets up to go from there and notices Neha standing at the door. Others notice her too. neha greets Gayatri ji and Dadi ji. I am in a little rush. Can I talk to Aman in private please? Dadi ji finds it good. They should talk and spend some time together. I kept them both away from each other for a very long time. Neha and Aman go to their room.

Neha cannot believe that Aman has agreed to join Divakar ji. He says mom is worried, which is why she spoke to Divakar ji. I cannot sit at home idly till the time I find another job. She says this job (of a salesman) is way below his qualifications. He points out that no job is big or small. This is what we teach kids too. She agrees but asks him if he will be happy with this job. He says I am doing it only for a while till I find another more suitable job for myself. She knows he wont be happy with it because of the kind of job it is, low salary. Why are you compromising with your life? He cannot sit at home doing nothing. That job will give me some money. I have nothing right now. I have the responsibility of the entire house on me. you, Neeta’s fees, I will have to handle everything till the time Kartik settles down in his work. This is life. Nothing will happen by sitting at home. She says you haven’t tried yet. He has tried to apply in every school but there is no requirement. I am trying for coaching too but everyone is saying no. this is the only option that I have right now. I will do it.

Neha tells Aman that he still has an option. She talks about the ad but he tells her that that matter is over. Neha insists that the matter is still open. He refuses to agree to her condition. She knows that already. Just listen to me once. He requests her not to talk about this particular matter. I am fighting my battles all by myself. Being my wife even you are not supporting me. it is ok if you cannot help me but atleast don’t talk all this stuff. All my wounds get fresh whenever you talk about cricket. She tells him about his admission in NCL. He is taken aback. How can it be when I dint even go there? She says the last date for registration was yesterday. I went there in rickshaw. I got the call today and you have to be there for trials tomorrow morning at 10 am. He wonders how she did all this all by herself. She requests him to promise her that he will go. He reasons that he has not practised in a long long time. How can I go? I am not in form. She is still sure that he will be able to qualify. You are talented. Please be there at 10 am tomorrow. he reminds her that he has to go meet Divakar ji at 10 am tomorrow. I have promised Ma. Neha explains that that defeat is the worst where we don’t even attempt to fight back. She leaves from there while AMan is in deep thoughts.

Sunita ji is caressing Neha and Sandeep’s photo. Sandeep comes there. She asks him if he is having some problems in his professional life. Sandeep says Neha is right. Why do we grow up? Why do we make compromises in life, with our dreams and relatives? We become so practical. We only run after money, nothing else. Is this life where we stop chasing our dreams? She tells him not to be worried. He asks about his father. When is he coming back? He must be so angry with me. his mother says your father’s happiness lies in your happiness. Just think before deciding upon anything. I know that you cannot be upset with him for long and neither can he. Sandeep knows that he has hurt him a lot. Sunita ji tells him how your father asks about you and your new job every single time he calls. Do tell me if he is facing any problem. Sandeep doesn’t want to continue his job. I want to run our shop with papa. I don’t feel happy about my job. I was happy when I was working with papa. I have hurt him badly. He cries. Sunita ji hugs her son.

At night, Kamini ji comes to Gayatri’s room. Kamini ji offers to help Gayatri but Gayatri denies. Kamini ji says I know you have never taken help from me till date or has spoken badly to me. I am sure you must have been really angry with me when you would have got to know that Neha’s jewellery is with me. gayatri denies. I was actually happy that they dint get stolen. I was scared that I lost everything. Kamini ji wonders why she dint complain or got angry on her. gayatri ji has accepted it as her nature. Kamini ji is sad thinking that her kids don’t complain to her at all. Gayatri ji suggests leaving all that behind. I am happy that everything is fine now. I have fallen a lot many times and have balanced myself again. this time too shall pass. Kamini ji apologizes to her. I should have supported you but I was the one who did everything against you. please forgive me. Gayatri ji tells her not to say so. It is enough that you have apologized to the kids. Kamini ji asks her if she has not forgiven her. Gayatri replies that she has no idea what the word sorry means. Please remind me about it or I will remember my past, which I don’t want to! Kamini ji can understand her pain. I have been the worst to you. I have been doing that for years. I never tried making any relation with you since the day you came here. I only chose to be your MIL. I even blamed you when I lost my son. I have hurt you a lot. I have blamed you for everything. You lost your husband and yet I blamed you. you must have been so alone back then. Gayatri doesn’t want to think about the past but Kamini ji says old memories make new relations. I remember my MIL, she had done the same thing with me. She never kept a hand over my head lovingly. I was taught to be strict with DIL and I accepted it. who will mind it if a girl does everything as per your wish all the time without saying anything against it? this is why I turned strict with Neha too. But when I realised that Neha wont follow my orders then I decided to throw her out of the house. But that girl opened my eyes. Gayatri finds it good that Neha has a very pure heart (like a kid). She will forgive you and then she will forget everything too or if things go wrong again then it becomes really tough for relations to stay normal. Kamini ji rues that she has become everyone’s enemy. I lost everyone and am all alone now. I came to apologize for my own selfish reasons. I don’t even deserve anyone’s forgiveness. She leaves from there sadly. Gayatri ji is in tears.

Shagun apologizes to Sandeep. Mumma and I had forced you to take up a job. I told you that I need money. But now I don’t need money. I need my old Sandeep, who used to laugh and crack jokes. You have changed a lot. What will we do with the money which doesn’t give us peace? We need money only to live life which you were earning anyways. You will earn money in future too. I don’t know why I became so negative. Whenever I used to spend money I used to get worried as to how we will get money in future. I separated you from papa because of my fears. Please forgive me, I am sorry. He tells her not to say so. I am trying, everything will be fine. She asks him what he really wants to do. He wants to handle his papa’s shop. She too wants the same. he gets happy. I was talking to mom about it. I will talk to papa once he returns. I am sorry for misunderstanding you. they share an emotional hug. She tells him to apologize to papa when he returns. He is feeling relieved that he will join papa once again. She gets up to go to bring coffee for him but he doesn’t let her go. stay with me for some time. She smiles.

Door bell rings. Akku is happy to see her dad. Anand asks about Neha. She comes running to him and hugs him. he is happy to see her. you must have come with Aman? She shakes her head. he wonders what she is doing here then. Sunita ji says Neha has come here for a few days. He insists upon knowing but she continues to divert it. Neha tells everything to her papa that had happened in his absence. Anand is shocked to know of what Dadi ji and Jayanti did with Neha. He is upset with his wife that she dint even inform me about anything. She dint want to give him more tension as Mam ji was already unwell. Neha calms her dad by telling him that everything is fine now. He tells her not to lie to him now but Akku and Neha tell him that they played Dadi ji and Jayanti Massi’s trick back on them.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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