Itti Si Khushi 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunita discusses about Neha’s behaviour with her family. dida is sure that Neha ate something wrong which might have affected her head. Sunita cannot understand what that could be. I feel she is still not able to differentiate between being a kid and a grown up. Anand gets a call from Mami ji. He gets to know that Mama ji had a heart attack. He assures Dida that he is fine, though he is in a hospital. Dida wants to go there asap. Anand agrees to leave to Bijnor with her tonight itself.

Neha wakes up and asks Aman if the ritual is over. When did I fell asleep? It is night already? I dint even realise it. He nods solemnly. You can sleep now. She tries to talk to him but he is irked. Let me stay here peacefully atleast. I cannot face Dadi ji and Ma because of you. Neha is confused. He continues that she has embarrassed him enough. I had thought that people are wrong about you but you proved me that they are right. You are that Neha who they think is a kid and is not fit enough to be the DIL of our house. Neha is taken aback and clueless about what happened after when she got ready and left her room with Neeta. He tells her what all she did outside. She is confused and doesn’t even remember anything. He asks her if she took her medicine. She nods. Plus this all never happened before even if I had skipped my medicines. Did I really do all this? Ma will be really upset with me and Hitler Dadi would scold me like anything. I had wanted to behave like a good DIL but I ruined everything. I will be scolded a lot. She starts crying thinking about it. He calms her down. You are not different. You are my wife and a part of our family. We will face everything together. Don’t cry. She nods. He takes promise from her that she will never skip her medicines from today onwards. She smiles for him. he tells her that Dida has invited them over at their house for the pag phere ritual tomorrow. she smiles broadly. She worries about Hitler Dadi’s reaction. He tells her that no one is upset with her. it was actually Dadi who handled everyone. Neha is surprised. Hitler Dadi is very good then. I call her Hitler for no reason then. she is hungry so he gives her her favourite chocolates. They enjoy some cute moments together as they feed chocolate to each other. They share a cute hug.

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Next morning, Kamini ji asks Gayatri about Neha. Gayatri says Neha is not well so she has sent her tea in her room only. She is getting ready as she has to go for pag phera. Neha comes there just then with Aman and greets them all. She also apologises to them for her behaviour yesterday. I don’t know how and why I did that. Kamini ji acts all sweet and lenient with her. Gayatri also forgives her. Kamini ji tells Neha to wear some jewellery on the occasion as she is their DIL. Neha goes to her room. Kamini ji and Jayanti look at each other.

Aman smiles and back hugs Neha. She thinks that the jewellery is a little too much but he praises her instead. A new bride looks like this only. She wants to go on his bike with him. He agrees and they both leave together.

Sunita and Akku do the aarti of the newlywed couple. Neha calls out for Dida, papa and everyone but she gets to know about Arjun Dada ji’s ill health. Neha asks her if Dada ji is fine. Her mom nods. Aman asks about Sandeep. Sandeep has gone to give an interview today. Neha is surprised to know that Motu Bhaiya wont sit with papa at the shop. No one tells me anything. Akku says everything happened in haste so we couldn’t tell you anything. Sunita takes Neha inside with her to show her something while Akku sits down to chat with her brother-in-law.

Akku asks Aman if Neha is fine now. She has never behaved this way before. Dadi ji and Aunty must be upset with Didi? He denies and tells her how they are actually supporting Neha in adjusting. But Neha will have to be careful as people wont be able to support her for long. Akku nods. Mumma is worried about the same thing.

Neha tells her mom that she has no idea what happened with her yesterday. I ate what everyone has been eating. Her mom asks her if someone gave her something to eat, like sweets or sherbet. Neha thinks but then shakes her head. I am completely blank about it all. I am sorry I know I have given you and everyone at home tension. They all thought that I skipped my medicine but that wasn’t so. Sunita tells her to let it be. Be careful from now onwards as you are a wife, a DIL now. You will have loads of responsibilities on you. You will have to act maturely. Your jewellery is very expensive keep them in a locker safely. Neha nods and assures her that she will do everything nicely. But I will keep calling you to ask about the cooking, rituals and everything. Her mother smiles. I will tell you everything. But don’t let your MIL and Ma ji get embarrassed because of you. You are the respect of that house. You are lucky to have a husband like Aman. Aman comes there just then. He suggests leaving but Neha wants to stay back for a little longer to talk with her mom and Akku. He has some work to do. Sunita tells them to go back together only. Your house is nearby only so we can meet her anytime we want to. She reminds Neha of her responsibilities and how she has to take permission from her MIL and Kamini ji before coming here. Neha nods. They sit down to have lunch.

Neha and Aman come home. He assures her that they will go to her house again soon. Jayanti hears their convo. He has to go out for an hour so he leaves.

Jayanti greets Neha. I had thought that you will stay at your house till evening. Neha replies that mumma told her to do anything after taking permission from Ma or Dadi ji only. Neha goes to her room.

Neha realises that the cupboard is locked and the keys are with Aman. She decides to give the jewels to Ma so that she can keep it safely. Jayanti comes to give her water. Neha tells her about the jewellery. She gets to know that Ma is sleeping. Jayanti suggests her to be careful with all this as there are many burglars around. Neha tells Jayanti to keep it but she declines as it is a very big responsibility. Jayanti suggests her to give them to her mother for the time being. You can take them back from her once Gayatri ji wakes up. Neha likes the idea. She keeps the jewels in her bag and heads to her house. Jayanti smiles.

Neha comes to her house and Suraj tells her that her mom has gone to market with Akku. She goes inside her parent’s room. She keeps the bag on the bed while she takes out the key from the drawer and opens the cupboard. She locks it and keeps the key back in the cupboard. She tells Suraj to inform Dadi that she has kept her very important stuff in her cupboard. She leaves.

Jayanti comes to Kamini ji’s room and tells her that her plan has been put into action.

Precap: Gayatri asks Aman and Neha to give her the jewellery so that she can keep it in the cupboard safely. Aman tells her that they cannot find the jewellery. Neha had kept them and she cannot find them there. Neha starts crying which irks Gayatri. Stop crying and I want my jewellery from anywhere.

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