Dil Dosti Dance 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sara takes a leave from Rey, he watches her leave then calls her. He says it is late, should he drop her home. She says he is busy, but he says he will do it later and takes her along to drop her. She gets into the car, he tries his door but the lock doesn’t open. She tries to unlock her side of the door as well, but it doesn’t work. He tells her to stay inside, he will get someone. Sara says she is afraid of closed things, he tells her to calm down and think about happy moments and runs. Sara suffocates in the car, alone. She has fainted when Rey comes back. He struggles with the door, sprinkle water on Sara’s face and asks her to look at him. She hugs him, crying.
Swayam runs to the college, everyone laughs at him. He gets conscious, a boy asks him he is the one on the notice board. Swayam runs to the notice board, someone comments he just looks a ninety’s hero. She thinks this photo was just with him and Sharon, so this is Sharon. He takes the picture and the note along. Sara comes across him, and tells Sharon told her to get some files. She informs him that Sharon is unwell and asks for some message. Swayam says he would like to give the message by himself.
Karma was worried, if he is getting serious with the relation. The boys come there, and approve of him. Karma says technically he has won the bet. Vicky says he will have to kiss her, in front of anyone. Karma resists, but they ask him to give the bet money otherwise. Bharat asks him to accept that he is in love. Karma says he just feel that if Huma knows about the truth, she will be hurt. Karma leaves, while the boys discuss that since the bet, the fights of Huma and Karma have stopped.
Karma helps an old blind man cross the road. Huma calls him, then thinks Karma has such a sweet side as well.
Sara comes to the rehearsal hall, when Simmi and Nil were arguing on a step. Nil asks Rey to show him the step on Sara. Rey was reluctant but they all forces him. Sara comes to Rey, Simmi notices Chintoo laugh at Rey and Sara. Chintoo says Rey and Sara spent a night together on the day of party. Simmi asks if he is telling the truth, and tells him to keep his mouth shut.

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Raghv asks Ishika what is she doing. He says he came to take the face wash. Ishika blames him, and they both argue. Ishika throws water on him, he throws back. She laughs, he says she must never have done a greater mistake and turns down the bucket of water on her. His vision blurs, and he feels dizzy. Ishika holds him, but he fells on the floor. Ishika shouts his name, worried.
Nil says to Simmi, if Rey and Sara dance together in front of sponsor, it will be a hit. He notices Simmi lost, Simmi whispers in Nil’s ear. Nil is shocked, and whispers it to Bharat. Bharat tells Amar, they tell Vicky about it. Simmi says Chintoo told her, when Rey and Sara come there. Rey asks what are they doing, Simmi says she was thinking about going to see Sharon. Rey says he will also come, and goes inside to get the bag.
Sharon sneezes in bed, Vicky comes to shock her. Simmi and Nil also come inside the room. Amar brings adrak tea for her. Rey asks if she is ok. Sara looks at him, while everyone stare at their look. Sharon asks what ate they all doing. They say Sara told them, she is unwell. Sharon says is anyone left. Sharon says she isn’t as much ill, as they came to see her. She sneezes again. Sara tells her that she met Swayam. Vicky says someone posted Swayam’s photo on notice board, with a bad caption. He blames it to juniors. Sharon asks kaka for some snacks. Vicky asks Sharon if she posted the photo of Swayam there. Sharon thinks why would she post the photo and thinks Swayam must have come there too. Rey takes Sharon’s photo, she asks why he is taking her photo. Rey sends the photo to Swayam, Swayam says she is habitual about attention seeking. Swayam asks how she got cold, as she is so angry. He says he won’t text her, then thinks how she took care of him in hospital. He texts Rey to tell her take care.
Rey says bye to everyone, but is reluctant to shake Sara’s hand. They all leave too. Sharon asks Sara what is going on between her and Rey. Sara says there is nothing. Sharon says there is, and asks her about it. Sara says, on party night they had a moment. Sharon asks what does it mean. Sara says they woke up together, that morning. Sharon is shocked.

PRECAP: Swayam denies that he didn’t give Sharon the gift. Swayam looks around to find who gave her the gift. Sharon says someone else can give him the gift, as she still is the diva of the college.

Update Credit to: Sona

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