IT’S COMPLICATED… — Avneil , Twinj , AdiYa and MaNan ff (CHAPTER 1)

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(Stonehills is school and college both and everyone in this story is studying there from childhood except Nandini who took admission two years ago and kunj who took admission this year).



Scene 1 – At Stonehills

“Stand there all of you ,yes right there” . A girl shouted at few students , her eyes boiling with anger.

“Just tell me who did it or else you know what will happen”. She shouted again looking at each of the students one by one.

“Calm down Twinkle”. Another girl said to Twinkle .

The girl who was shouting was revealed to be Twinkle and other one was Avni who was trying to calm her down.

“Seriously Avni !! You’re telling me to calm down!! When you know one of these blo*dy idiots complained to principal that Manik was being mean to them”. Twinkle said to Avni looking at her in disbelief .

“Twinkie, they won’t do this again … now please let’s go , we are late for the class”. Avni said trying to convince  her.

“Uhh.. okay.. but tell these idiots that I will kill them if they do this ever again”. Twinkle said walking away from there in anger.

“This girl!!..”. Avni mumbled following Twinkle to classroom.

They were standing on the classroom’s gate, looking down because they were late again.

“Wow Miss Taneja and Miss Mehta… you’re late again, congratulations “. The teacher said sarcastically.

“We’re sorry Ma’am”. Avni said holding Twinkle’s hand so she doesn’t lose her temper and create a mess again.

“Come inside the class and take your places.” Teacher said looking at them in anger.

Avni took a seat beside Neil.
The Anger is Twinkle’s eyes turned into tears when she saw Manik was sitting alone today and sad.  She could bear anything but she was not strong enough to see tears in her best friend’s eyes.  She stepped to take a seat beside him.

“Who gave you permission to choose your seat when you’re late for the class , Miss Taneja ?” The teacher shouted at Twinkle again.

Twinkle sighed to control her anger.

Sorry .. can you please do me a favour and tell me where to sit Zoya Ma’am“. Twinkle replied in anger and eyes of whole class turned to her.

Seems you have forgotten your manners Twinkle , come to Principal’s office after you’re done with all the classes , for now you sit beside…”. Zoya (the teacher) said and then started searching for an empty place .

“Kunj sarna.. yes.. take a seat beside Kunj Sarna”.  Zoya continued.

Both Twinkle’s and Manik’s eyes widened in shock because they always sat beside each other since kindergarten and now Twinkle will be sitting beside someone who they called as Nerd .

But.. but Nandini is already sitting beside him Ma’am“. Manik protested .

“Who gave you permission to interrupt Mr.Manik”. Zoya said glaring at Manik.

“Nandini can you sit beside Manik”. Zoya said to Nandini , who was busy in writing what was written on board , that innocent smile on Nandini’s face turned into shock when she heard Zoya . She was completely shocked because now she had to sit with a person she hated ever since she joined stonehills.

But however like a obedient student that Nandini was , she agreed and took a seat beside Manik who was equally shocked and displeased.

And Twinkle took a seat beside Kunj.

“See listen you Nerd.. behave yourself”. Twinkle said to Kunj giving him a warning look.

Everyone got busy in their works as the class continued, Twinkle and Manik were still angry as they thought this was a stupid decision of their teacher to make them sit like this .

Kunj didn’t show any emotions , he was neither Angry nor happy , he was too concentrated on his studies to pay attention to these things or maybe he was just trying to ignore the fact that the hottest girl of the college was now sitting beside him.

Avni and Neil seemed tensed and were planning on how to handel Twinkle and Manik’s anger during the break. Well they were their only friends so they were concerned about them that’s it.

“You seriously think we’ll be able to calm them down!!”. Avni asked Neil hiding her face from teacher.

“Maybe.. hope so , listen na.. I.. I’m very hungry.. I skipped breakfast”. Neil said childishly.

“What the actual hell!!.. here I’m tensed and all you’re thinking is food.. Idiot.. donkey”. Avni said slapping on his head.

“How dare you call me Donkey… you monkey”.  Neil replied frowning.

“I will see you after class… you fool..”. Avni said rolling her eyes at Neil.

“Can you please tell what were you talking to the class , Neil and Avni , we’ll be very happy to hear that” . Zoya said scolding them.

“Nothing ma’am, I came late to class so I was just asking this donk.. asking Neil about what you taught before”. Avni lied.

Zoya made them sit and then continued her class .

Most of the students enjoyed Music class because it was not boring. But there was a student at the last bench  who was completely unaware of what was happening in class. His was looking out of the window , his shirt was unbuttoned till chest and almost every girl in the class was looking at him. He was Priyank. According to him Music class was just a waste of time and nothing else. He had nothing to with anyone in class but Twinkle.
You can tell by the way he smiled at Twinkle every time she entered the class that he had a crush on her.. well who didn’t had a crush on her.

Everyone was looking at their notebooks when bell rang and it was break.

Scene 2 – Khanna Mansion- Aditya’s Room

Aditya was resting in his room ,he seemed very tired, the dark circles on his face were a clear evident that he didn’t had enough sleep last night .
He opened his eyes when he heard his phone ringing. He picked up the call … no one answered from the other side.. but he could clearly hear deep breaths…. and he could also hear  someone sobbing.

“Hello ? Who are you ?”. Aditya yelled at phone when no one replied from the other side. He was already frustrated so he throws his phone on the bed .

Why did it felt like it was her voice”. Aditya mumbled in deep thought.

“No no .. no way… its can’t be her”. He tried to convince himself.

Scene 3 – At stonehills canteen

“What does that teacher think of herself”. Twinkle said in frustration .

“Both of us have to sit beside some stupid nerds now… thanks to her”.  Manik also said angrily rolling his eyes.

“Hey.. calm down now.. Nandini is a good girl , I haven’t talked to Kunj but I think he is also not problematic”. Avni said looking at both of them.

“But we’re separated now.. “. Twinkle said with a sad smile.

“Do you think that stupid teacher has enough power to break our friendship?”. Manik said cheering Twinkle up.

“No”. Twinkle said giving Manik a fist bump.

“Well now let’s eat..I’m hungry guys”. Neil said grabbing burgers from the counter.

“Food again… stupid Donkey”. Avni said giving Neil a look.

“Yes I’m hungry so what ? I didn’t eat  like an elephant in morning like you did… you little elephant”. Neil said laughing at Avni.

Haha“. They all laughed.

“Let’s go to our table and eat”. Manik said walking towards table and others followed him. He was looking at his phone while walking when he suddenly bumped into Nandini.. she lost her balance and fell in Manik’s arm ….and screamed so hard that burger from Manik’s hand fell on her face..

“What the hell??”. Nandini shouted at Manik standing Up.

“Same question.. miss murthy… what the hell”. Manik said pointing a finger on her face.

“You bumped into me , so technically I  should ask this “. She replied back , now whole college was looking at her because no one had strength to raise a voice against Manik and Twinkle.

“For your kind information you are no one to ask me anything, and please for god sake don’t even think that just because you are sitting with me , you have any chance with me .. so stop playing these stunts”. Manik said looking at her angrily and then pushing her a little from his way .

Nandini looks at him , completely shocked . Now whole college was laughing at her , she was not weak at all but tears rolled down her eyes for an unknown reason. She ran from there to wash her face.

“Don’t get upset because of them , they are mean”. Kunj said handing his handkerchief to Nandini.

Thanks kunj“. Nandini said wiping her tears.

“Let’s go , next class is going to start in 5 minutes”. Kunj said giving her a smile.

They started walking towards the classroom but someone called them from behind, Nandini didn’t heard anything so she walked away but Kunj turned and found Twinkle standing behind him.

“Hey can you please help me with this project ?”. Twinkle said handing Kunj some papers.

Kunj looked at the papers.

“But we never got any project like this”. Kunj asked Twinkle in confusion.

“Yeah I know.. it’s my punishment.. I came late to the class today.. that’s why….please dear can you do it for me”. Twinkle said smiling at him lovingly.

Kunj nodded in Yes but he was still confused why was she being so nice to him.


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