Kunj and Twinkle could barely make it to the door before his lips were on Twinkle’s. He grabbed her from behind as she was opening the front door. He turned her around, and their lips met as he gently pushed Twinkle through the doorway. Kunj pulled away for a second to close the door behind them and he pushed Twinkle up against the front door and kissed her again.

Twinkle tried to push Kunj- Kunj, someone will see us.

Kunj- Twinkle, there is no one at home. I have given off to everyone. He said and kissed her again.

Twinkle- Why?

Kunj- So, that I can spend alone time with my lovely wife.

Twinkle blushed. She too was excited that Kunj wants to spend time with her.

Kunj- One week. Kunj said stepping away from her. He started to walk up the stairs.

Twinkle- One week? Twinkle asked curiously as she followed him, making sure he reaches room properly.

He walked all the way up to the top of the stairs giving further explanation

Kunj- See as per the doctor in next one week i.e. by the end of this month I will be perfectly fine.

Twinkle- Then?

Kunj- Then, we are going to celebrate. So be ready.

Twinkle- Ready for what?

Kunj- Ready for the best celebration ever. Kunj said excitedly.

Twinkle- Really, best celebration ever. Twinkle challenged.

Kunj laughed and said- Are you doubting me.

Twinkle- What if I say yes?

Kunj looked at Twinkle in shock. He thought that this type of Twinkle he will get to look one at a time, that was different as he was thinking something else and he said after coming back from his thoughts- Is this a challenge that you are giving me Mrs. Sarna. Kunj said walking closer to Twinkle.

Twinkle- It is Mr. Sarna.

Kunj smirked and said- Ok Twinkle, I promise you a celebration that you will never forget.

Twinkle- Whatever you say. She dismissed and backed from Kunj and ran to their room.

He quickly followed her with an intention to continue their kissing session.

Twinkle- Kunj called. A week has passed and Kunj wouldn’t allow Twinkle to do anything for him. She wasn’t allowed to assist him with walking or change his bandages.

Twinkle- Kunj, she said while entering their bedroom.

Kunj- Common get ready, we have a celebration to get to. Kunj said in hurry. He pushed Twinkle into a bathroom and pulled the door closed before she could say anything.

He himself went into his large, walk in closet and pulled out a pair of jeans. He was about to put his white shirt but his eyes landed on a black shirt. He remembered once Twinkle telling him that dark colors suit him and black is her favorite color. Black shirt it was for him. He exited his closet rolling his sleeves when Twinkle came out of the bathroom adjusting her earring.

Kunj- You are not wearing that.

Twinkle- What but why? She asked as she was wearing a red color saree that had some sparkle on it.

Kunj- Twinkle, where we are going isn’t somewhere you will want to wear a saree.

Twinkle- Why not? Where are we going?

Kunj smiled- I am not going to tell you that. That’s a surprise.

Twinkle looked at how Kunj was dressed. It was the most casual outfit that Twinkle had ever seen Kunj wear before. She was surprised, also she was thinking where on earth he is taking her?

Kunj- Wear a salwar kameez instead.

Twinkle- Ok, she went into the closet to change her outfit.

Twinkle- Is this dress fine? Twinkle asked, after she had changed into a black long anarkali. It was full anarkali with transparent full sleeves. There were some red flowers made on the kurta that matched the red color border which was on the bottom of the top, right below the neckline also there was transparent fabric that showed off Twinkle’s bust line and Kunj couldn’t stop staring at it.

Kunj- That’s perfect.

Twinkle looked at Kunj skeptically but didn’t comment.

Kunj said again grabbing Twinkle’s hand rushing her down the stairs and into his car- Come fast.

Twinkle- But where are we going?

Kunj- Twinkle, just give up as you know I am not telling you.

Once Kunj drove through the city and onto the long road, Twinkle knew at once that they would be sitting in the car for long time. Even last time Kunj took her out on their date, he took her to the beautifully decorated forest. Twinkle properly adjusted in her seat, getting comfortable for the long ride.

Kunj- Ok, we are here. Kunj said after, being in the car for over an hour in the car.

Twinkle- Finally. Twinkle said. She looked around her and she realized- Beach?

Kunj smiled- Yes, come on.

Twinkle followed Kunj out of the car. Kunj started walking on the sand, but suddenly sat down and started to take his shoes off. She saw all over around the beach and asked- Kunj, where is everyone?

Kunj- We are alone.

Twinkle- Alone?

Kunj- It’s a private beach and I have booked it. It will be just us tonight. Kunj said looking longingly at Twinkle- Look over there. Twinkle looked to the middle of the beach. There was a small table, just large enough to fit two, with a pure white table cloth. Sitting on top was a luxurious candle light dinner. Around the table was some small lights in the shape of a heart sat in the sand.

Twinkle said smiling- It’s perfect.

Both of them sat and ate, having a nice and long conversation. Twinkle was happy that Kunj hadn’t gone overboard with his so-called celebration. She was expecting something more public exciting, but she was glad that Kunj had opted for something intimate.

Kunj- Do you want champagne? Kunj offered as he poured a drink for himself.

Twinkle wrinkled her nose and shook her head.

Kunj- Come on Twinkle, we are celebrating. At least have some for the toast. Kunj tried convincing her. He poured a little bit of champagne into a glass and handed it to Twinkle.Twinkle- Thanks. She said taking it unsurely.

Kunj- To you Twinkle. Kunj said holding on his glass- For being sweet enough to forgive your good for nothing, extremely selfish, huge jerk of a husband.

Twinkle- Kunj, that’s not true.

Kunj- Of course Twinkle, I am terrible and you are amazing. You nursed me back to health after my accident even though you were angry with me and you found it in your heart to forgive me.

Twinkle- But Kunj, you are great too. I am happy that you are my husband.

Kunj- Really. His face lit up.

Twinkle- Of course.

Kunj- To us then, for being such an attractive couple.

Twinkle laughed and clinking glasses with Kunj. She too ka small sip of the champagne and set her glass aside She and Kunj then ate the delicious food enjoying each other’s company.

After eating, they took a long walk on the shore line. twinkle sunk her toes deep into the sand, loving how it felt against her bare feet. Kunj held her hand as they walked. he kept glancing at her, taking in her beauty. he started pulling her towards the ocean, but Twinkle stopped him.

Twinkle- We will get wet.

Kunj smiled- That’s the point. Come on Twinkle, have a little fun. He pulled her along so that their feet were completely submerged in the ocean.

The water felt cold against Twinkle’s feet. She clung close to Kunj, not liking that waves that lapped at their ankles. Kunj turned to her and stared at her.

Twinkle- What is it? Kunj hadn’t taken his eyes off her.

Kunj- Maybe wearing a saree here would have actually been a good idea.

Twinkle- Why do you say that? Twinkle asked remembering that Kunj only asked her to change.

Kunj took a step closer and said- Twinkle- He leaned his forehead against hers- You in a wet saree…… would have been damn s*xy.

Twinkle gasped and blushed. She started to walk back to the chore. Kunj grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. Twinkle her heart beat quickens as Kunj kissed her. She placed her hands on his chest and moved closer to him. She felt his hands leave her waist and started to open the buttons of his shirt.

Twinkle asked breaking the kiss- What are you doing?

Kunj- What do you say taking a dip? Kunj asked taking his shirt off and throwing on the dry sand near the shores.

Twinkle gave a shocked look to Kunj. She took a few steps back, moving closer to the shore.

Twinkle- No, we will catch cold. She said not wanting to get wet.

Kunj- Twinkle, we are young and healthy. A little water is not going to harm us. Kunj said walking closer to her with a serious look on his face.

Twinkle backed away more quickly and soon started to run- Kunj don’t.

Kunj too ran after her, knowing that he could quickly overpower her. He laughed at Twinkle’s futile attempt to get away from him. Kunj quickly diminished the distance between them and tried to grab Twinkle’s hand. He missed and grabbed her veil instead. It easily slid off her shoulders. Twinkle paused for a moment to see what had just happened. Kunj stopped and looked at what was in his hand. He smirked at Twinkle, who still stood a few yards in front of him. He threw her veil onto the shore and started running again after her. Upon seeing this Twinkle too started running again.

Twinkle- Stay away Kunj.

Kunj- Never.

Twinkle felt Kunj’s arms around her and accepted defeat. He grabbed her from behind and the two came crashing down into the water. They were still near the shore so the water was shallow. Kunj rolled both of them around so they made it deeper and deeper into the water. A wave washed them making them complete wet. Kunj and Twinkle started laughing. Kunj laid down letting the water rush over him again and again. He pulled Twinkle wet body on top of his. Twinkle leaned down and kissed him. Another small wave collided into them, but they didn’t notice. Kunj sat up so they were still in sitting position, not breaking the kiss. Soon he stood up and lifted Twinkle in his arms breaking the kiss and both Twinkle and Kunj’s eyes were locked. He carried her down the beach, where she saw a small bonfire and few blankets kept and spread for them to sit and relax. Kunj sat her down on the blanket and ran to get his short and Twinkle’s veil. When he came back he laid the articles of clothing beside them and handed Twinkle a towel.

Twinkle- You plan all of this?

Kunj- All of what?

Twinkle- This, playing in water and all.

Kunj grinned- Maybe.

Twinkle- You could have warned me before, I would have got one more pair of clothes so that I could change.

Kunj- And I could have helped you changing. he winked.

Twinkle- Kunjjj. Her cheeks were red.

Kunj laughed – Ok, if I would have told you would you have come? Kunj asked already knowing the answer.

Twinkle- Never.

Kunj- That’s why.

Kunj leaned over Twinkle and reached for his shirt. His cheek brushed against hers. Twinkle instinctively moved her face back. Kunj smiled and kissed her on her cheek, and then her chin and then her neck. He started giving feathery kisses on her neck. Her skin was tasting salty because of the ocean water. He kissed her lower until her reached her chest. Kunj looked back up at Twinkle and placed a quick kiss on her lips before backing away and putting on his shirt.

Twinkle, fazed by what just happened, put her veil over her shoulder, pulling it over her chest and then on the other side of the shoulder. She felt cold. Kunj handed Twinkle another blanket, which she placed over her legs. Kunj took the last blanket and wrapped it around himself. He moved closer to Twinkle and took her also in his blanket moving the blanket aside she was wrapped into. He then moved Twinkle so that she was laying down and leaning her head on his shoulder and chest. Kunj stayed sitting leaning back and shifting his weight onto his arms that were stretched behind him. They stayed like that for a longest time, reveling in the warmth of fore.

Twinkle- Kunj said breaking the peaceful silence.

Twinkle- Hmm.

Kunj- I need to tell you something.

Twinkle- Tell me. She asked Kunj hoping that is not going to give her any ad news again.

Kunj- Please, just listen to me.

Twinkle- I am listening Kunj, what is the matter? She said shifting a little so that she can see Kunj’s face.

Kunj- Twinkle, I know it that you are going to have hard time believing it to what I am going to tell you, but I have a confession to make.

Twinkle was worried now with the word confession as she remembered last time when Kunj confessed her it was bad news for her and what he needs to confess this time.

Kunj after looking at Twinkle’s expression immediately said- twinkle, don’t worry it’s a good confession this time not like last time.

Twinkle- Ok, tell me what is it? Twinkle was relieved that she is not going to hear any bad news but a good one as she was in no mood to ruin her perfect evening.

Kunj- Twinkle, I Love You.


Wow, finally Kunj told Twinkle that he loves her. Did you all knew that it was about to come. Well they played in the beach spending a romantic time with each other

.How do you find the episode and what’s all your reaction on Kunj declaring his love for Twinkle? What do you think Twinkle will accept it or not?

Well do tell me through your comments.

And thank you to all of you for lovely comments.

Also would like to tell you that I am thinking to end this FF as this FF is coming to an end, I think few more episodes.

Please share your reviews and hit like buttons as well.

Love to all my readers.

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