Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aman after getting a call from Neil going in searching of Ragini and finding her on the said road. He asks her to get into his car. She says she does not want to and will meet her in hospital in the morning. He insists. She says it is her son’s birthday and she has bought him laptop and prepared his favourite dishes. He insists her and takes her in car. She asks how did he know about her in distress. He says Neil informed him. She gets angry. He says even if someone else would have informed, he would have come to help her. She says he does not know Neil, he gets happy seeing her in pain.

Neil is stressed seeing Raghini in pain. Pam comes and asks him to join Agam’s birthday party as he is at home. He says if the party is still on and says he does not want to attend it. She asks if he is upset seeing Ragini and yells that Ragini and says she is the reason for all his problem and came to party uninvited. He asks who invited Arav. She says Agam insists to celebrate his birthday with his brother, so she called him. Neil gets angry on her and asks her to get out of his room. Pam walks out sadly. Karan asks if Neil is joining for dinner. She says he will not attend. Karan says he will get him and goes to Neil’s room. Nivedita asks Pam why is she upset. Pam says Neil yelled at her. Nivedita says she will get him back to party and says she has not failed in life yet.

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Neil tells Karan that Ragini always ruins his happiness. Nivedita enters room and asks Neil to come out. He shots at her to go out. She starts acting and cries. Neil smiles at her and asks her to go while he joins her later. Karan asks when a girl cries, he smiles, then why is he upset seeing Ragini in pain. He says he is right Ragini makes him upset always and he can only be happy with Nivedita. He goes out and joins her. Pam gets happy seeing him smiling.

Arav says Agam that he will leave now. Agam asks him to have food and go. He says he is late already. Agam says as he said, neither, Nishi, nor Sunny tai came to pary, only mom came and left without even having cake, she is still angry on him. Arav says she is upset on him as he misbehaved with her some time ago.

Karan’s tries to take out his car’s keys to give it to servant, but realizes that Karan took his car in an inebriated state. He calls him and asks to come back, but Ranveer says he is fine. Neil asks Karan where is he going. He thinks not to upset him further and tells that he is going to his warehouse and will be back soon.

Arav rides his bike and sees Shilpa with Ranveer in his luxury car and gets sad.

Sunny comes home. Nishi asks about Arav. She says he is enjoying his birthday and having all sort of Italian, chinese, continental food, etc, in Neil’s house and will not have pav bhaji made by her. Naani asks what does she mean. She says she saw Arav in Neil’s house and he told he wants to stay with Neil and not her. She says she should not have kept Arav after her divorce and says girls are better as they get settled down after their marriage, but boys feel the burn with burdens.

Arav comes home and apologizes her, but she gets into room. Naani asks what did he say. He says he misbehaved with mom. Ragini comes out with his bags and says he is free now to go and stay with his dad. He tries to explain, but she says she is happy that he will get out of poverty and will live a lavish life with his papa, etc. Naani asks her to stop, but Ragini says her love is not enough for her children, they need better life. Arav asks her to stop and says she knows he murmurs rubbish when he gets angry and apologizes her by holding her legs. He gets food and feeds her.

Shilp’s mom comes and tells Ragini that she is worried about Shilpa as she has not come home, sees Arav and asks if she did not meet him. Arav realizes that Shilpa is still with Ranveer.

Precap: Ranveer comes home with blood-stained shirt after car accident, leaving Shilpa to die in car. Pam panics and says Ranveer will have to go to jail now. Nivedita asks her to stop panicking.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Horrible precap.I think now its time for taught a lesson to Ranveer.Ranveer should change and have a good intentions to his mom and Arav and Nishi.

  2. WHICH turn is taking ragini and neil’s life by this accident..too big suspense..

  3. I so wished ki ragini ko pick krne k liye neil aaye bt ye aman fir beech mai aa gya..

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