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The Episode starts with Ratan seeing Nihaal’s pic and recalling him. She cries and breaks down. Nihaal comes to her and asks her not to cry, and be strong. He says the Ratan I loved was always strong, she never cried. She says you have left us, Ranvi and Veera have got away, its like a storm came and ruined everything. Nihaal says time heals everything, and calms every storm, and we can get everything back, Ranvi and Veera will be like before and everything will be fine. He says when you see the most shining star in sky, think I m seeing you, and taking care of you. He goes away from her. She cries. She says I know Nihaal, wherever you are, you are taking care of me and seeing me.

Its morning, Balwant comes out of the house and prays to Lord to return happiness. He is shocked seeing Veera sleeping on the ground and shivering in cold. He wakes her up and asks what happened. He says you caught cold and covers her with shawl. He asks why are you here in cold, did Baldev fight with you, tell me. She cries. He goes to scold Baldev. She says no, listen to me and goes to stop him.

Gunjan tells Chai ji that the house got bad luck. Chai ji says yes, I have seen all problems in this life, and I can’t see Ratan crying for Nihaal. Gunjan says I know Baldev and Veera should have not married after Nihaal’s death, but Veera is our daughter, should we not call her for patphere. Ranvi says no patphere will happen. She defends Baldev and says he is innocent, no crime is proved on him. Ranvi says then he would have not married Veera, he would have proved himself innocent in court, this proves he married to save himself. She says I know my brother is innocent, and you are ruining others lives by your doubt.

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Ranvi leaves in anger. Baldev puts ice in the water bucket. Mahiya…………….plays………….He baths with cold water. He starts shivering. Balwant brings Veera to the room. She says Baldev does not know this. He says how can this happen. You are not willing to tell me, and calls out Baldev. He comes and asks why are you calling me, can’t I have bath in warm water. Balwant says you were bathing with warm water and your wife was shivering in cold outside. Baldev says so what? Balwant says it means you knew this and you let her be outside. Baldev says I have kicked her out, it does not affect health, and if it happens, what can I do. Balwant scolds Baldev and raises his hand. Veera stops him. He says if you don’t care for her, why did you marry her.

Baldev looks at Veera and laughs, saying I forgot I married her, she is my wife. He asks her to get tea for her. Balwant asks what happened between them. Baldev says I was always like this. Veera says I will make tea. Baldev calls her drama queen, and says I got a good wife, she is ready to do anything for me. Balwant says I won’t bear this, you are doing right, she did so much for you. Baldev says you are great and your bahu is great, what shall I do now, shall I touch Veera’s feet now. Veera says stop it Baldev. He asks her to forward feet. She says stop it, I will get tea. She leaves. Baldev asks Balwant not to interfere in his life, as he has not interfere between him and mum’s fight. Balwant says Lord knows whats going on in your mind. He leaves. Baldev gets teary eyed.

Rajveer makes the constable call Ranvi and he asks Ranvi when is he coming to record his statement. Ranvi says tell him I will come and talk to him. Rajveer says what does this mean, is he moving back form giving statement, then I won’t be able to do anything. Ranvi sees Veera’s pic. Gunjan asks Ranvi is he going to police station, what did he think, will he ruin Veera’s life by putting her husband in jail, you don’t care that Baldev is my brother, atleast think about Veera. Chai ji says yes, its same Veera whom you brought up, don’t do anything that can hurt her heart.

Gunjan asks Ranvi to forgive them, you always listen to hear, since when did you start to listen your mind. Ranvi asks Ratan does she feel he should forgive Veera. She says I can’t forgive Veera, and I can’t give any advice by testifying, do what your heart says, Veera was close to you more than us, you have the right to take any decision. Ranvi says yes, Veera was most close to me.

Veera cries and tells Ranvi that she is regretting for Nihaal’s death/ He says I can see, you have changed with Baldev, my sister/you were not like this. She asks were? He says yes, as you are dead for us now. She is shocked.

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  1. i hate ranvi. he is just a fool to believe baldev did the crime.

  2. Ranvi finks he is a king that he take all the decisisons himself

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