Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranbir telling Neil that US people are coming to inspect if he and Ragini are really married or just faking. Neil asks what is he talking about, who are these people. Ranbir says it is his mistake, when news spread about domestic violence in media, he gave statement that his parents are really married, so concerned authority is coming here for inspection. Pam says what is wrong in it, they will come here and will go back with positive report. Neil says it is not that easy, if they give negative report, it will be very difficult for him to correct it in US. Pam says they all consider them as real couple, how will concerned authority will know their marriage if fake. RK and children back Pam. Neil says they are professionals and will easily identify lies. He will go back to US tomorrow itself to sort out things. Super nani, naani, pam and children insist Neil to stay back.

In a room, Agam and Suhani ask Ranbir to think of an idea to reunite their parents really. Ranbir says as dad said, it is not easy. They are professional people and will identify mom and dad’s lies easily. Arav enters. Suhani tells him about problem and asks to think of a plan. Arav says he is busy with his work, so they should think of a plan and leaves.

Neil tells Ragini that US team is professional and will ask very personal questions which they cannot answer. Ragini says they have to do this for their children’s sake. Neil says he did not want to change, but will for her.

Agam thinks of sharing his problem with his girlfriend and goes to her milk parlor. She says she does not want to talk to him as helied that he is poor, but he is super rich and she hates rich people who lie. He says she is misunderstanding her, he is very poor and if she does not trust him, he will leave. She comes under his crocodile tears and forgives him.

RK takes Pam to a roadside tea stall. She says he always gets her tea instead of pav bhaji and sweet corn. He says pav bhaji is very hot and if she eats it, she will also become hot. She asks if he jokes always and stays in his illusional happy world. He says being happy is very easy and if she also follows him, she will also be happy. She asks if he does not get tension at all. He says whenever she is with him, he is not tensed at all. Their conversation continues..

Ranbir sees Arav talking to goons. Once Arav leaves, he asks goons why Arav meets them. Goon says it is none of his business. Ranbir says he wants to take revenge from Arav. Goon says he cannot as Arav will become very rich in a few days. Ranbir asks how can he. Goon says he cannot say and leaves. Ranbir feels something is fishy.

Agam starts talking weird and says if he goes back to US, his love life is at risk. Neil asks what is he talking about. Agam sees Ragini and says his love is mom/Ragini and he cannot leave his mom. Ragini gets emotional. Neil asks her not to act niruparai. Suhani asks to serve them food in room. Ragini says she has already. Agam and Suhani leave towards room. Ranbir comes and says he found an idea to tackle US team.

Neil and Ragini with whole family wait for US team. US team enters, introduces themselves and say they are 2 more members. Aman and Nivedita enter and say they are main investigating them, 2 chinese Americans are just their supervisors.

Precap: Neil tells Pam and Ragini that Nivedita is behind all his problems. Pam asks how does he know. He says when he enquired his US team, they informed that Nivedita spread news about domestic violence, etc.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice episode thanks hasan for the update after a week they are telecasting I am happy nice show keep going

  2. They telecasted in 5.30 why they put in such early slot but nice show now that this show trp will increase

  3. Thank goodness nachiket knows the truth about nivedita now! But Nivedita and Dr. Aman being a part of the U.S. department is bullshit. God save nachiket and Ragini from nivedita… I hope the couple is reunited soon ?

  4. Thank god Neil knows everything now about nivedita!I wish nachiket and Ragini reunite soon. Dr. Aman and nivedita being a part of the U.S investigation team is real bullshit!

  5. This is so funny!!!
    USA authorities sending teams to India to investigate if Neil and Ragini are happily married …. USA has such jurisdiction in India… ROFL….
    ……and hiring Nivedita and Aman to do so. … hahaha …. US authorities are also a puppet in Nivedita’s hands. …what a believable story line… hahahaha…can’t stop laughing….this writer is so whacked out!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What’s the xact time of show ???

  7. OMG..Too funny! US sending 2 people that are already connected to them!! Show has lost the storyline! Think its ending Nov 16th

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hahaaaaa tnx neil kwing truth of nivi the witch…
    totally agree us send nivi/aman how helirously stupidly funnyy…..hahaaaaa.
    Good acting but story writers losing track…

  9. Great Neil u know the truth but aman turning evil and nevi aman being a part of US team ha ha ha …what do the story writers think we are? fools ? Story is fiction alright but that also has to have some limits.trp are down I know they have to b with such awful story line . anyway the show is getting over… Thank god otherwise god knows what would happen

  10. chanda panday

    Today’s episode was good but found it very ridiculous that Aman and Nivedita are in the investigation team and the 2 clowns from US are only to supervise

  11. OMG!
    Can’t beleive US people are so nosy! LOL ROFL..
    What ******

  12. Yes i agree it us worth laughing at this episode. No USA team comes and investigate domestic violence case in another country.
    The team chosen that too from India.Why US does not have their own people?
    Chosing Known people is conflict of interest.
    Try better story line. No wonder it is losing TRP.

  13. I am not happy with the new timing… I never reach home before 7pm from my work… I was having my dinner with IKNMP daily…. feeling bad for it now.. any other serial could have been moved to evening but not IKNMP 🙁

  14. guys any one know the new cast of parvarish season 2 then plzzzz reply

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