Mere Angne Mein 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baba telling Sarla about her own loved ones cheating her. He says this has some miracle scorpion, which will bite the person who has evil eye on you, I have got this from Himalayas, first end the enemies outside your house. Sarla says she has many people in her knowledge. He says the scorpion will do its work, even in your Maayka. Sarla says I think I should go to my Maayka, Kaushalya Bhabhi is the big problem. He asks her to go.

Vyom asks Pari to go inside the house and meet Sujeev, talk to him softly. He says I have some work, I will come later, you meet him, and gives her tips on how to talk to Sujeev. She says I will do what Sujeev says, but he should like me. Vyom wishes her all the best and sends her.

Pari combs her hair and does makeup. Vyom smiles and informs mum that Pari will come inside in some time. Sujeev looks for Vyom, Mama and mummy. Mama ji and Mata ji see him on live feed. Vyom comes to them. Mata ji asks how much is Pari taking. Vyom says don’t worry, she will come. Mata ji scolds Mama ji and Vyom.

Prabha lifts the vegs bags and is tires. Bindu asks why is she walking like this. Prabha says Shanti has beaten me that day, so I m unable to walk well. Shanti feels unwell and says I think bhajan mandli have made me catch bad sight. Kaushlaya chants mantras and prays for Shanti.

Sarla cries and asks tantric to say where, when and how to bite the person by this scorpion. The man says the one this scorpion bites will be Panauti for you, get that person here and I will free you from problems. He asks her for Dakshina. She says she has nothing to give. He asks her to see, she will have something. She hides her bangles and says I have nothing. He says this scorpion works as her your belief, give the bangles to me, its about your life. She weighs the lighter bangle and gives him. Sarla leaves. The man asks the assistant to find gold rate in market.

Pari goes inside home to meet Sujeev and he aims gun at her. Vyom, Mata ji and Mama ji look on on cctv feeds. Shivam says we will go home. Riya says she will take him on date. Shivam and Riya leave. Rani changes her dress. Amit asks her to burn the dress. She says I will not wear it again. He cuts the dress. She asks him to break the lock of Sarla’s room to take jewelry. He could not break it. She opens the lock by pin and tells him. He asks how did she learn this. He says she learnt from Sarla. He asks where did she keep the jewelry. He gets the jewelry and smiles. He thanks her for doing so much. He says Sarla should not know this and goes out. Amit asks can she open any lock by pin. She says she is unable to break his heart out. Amit asks her to cook and wash utensils. He leaves. She smiles and says Amit is very happy with me today. Ashok asks the men to leave from the canteen and the men threaten him. The lady senior comes and vacates the canteen, cancelling Ashok’s license. Ashok gets sad as police seals the canteen. The man informs Amit the same.

Pari does drama and asks Sujeev to kill hi, he is so good, she knows she will go heaven if he kills her. Sujeev says I m sorry. She says fine, I m also sorry. He smiles. She says you look very good when you smile. He thanks her and says I did not identify you. She says I m your mum’s friend’s daughter. He says I did not hear about you, which friend. Vyom says he did not say the name of mum’s friend. Mata ji gets angry. Sarla comes to Shanti Sadan and drops the scorpion. She looks at it tensely and thinks she did not know Preeti is so clever, she is risky for me.
Sujeev talks to Pari and laughs. He asks her name. She says my name is Parineeta, everyone calls me Pari. She takes care of his hand and flirts with him. She says sorry. Vyom says she said same lines to me. Pari says she has to come in this house, she means their mothers are best friends. Sujeev shows the house to Pari. Mata ji says where are they going, they should not go to lady’s room, else Pari will run from there.

Preeti says she is unwell and she took half day. Nimmi taunts Sarla. Shanti and Kaushalya come and Sarla keeps an eye on scorpion. It goes to Kaushalya. Sarla wishes Kaushalya gets bitten by it. The scorpion goes ahead. Sarla thinks who is
Panauti in her life. Sujeev and Pari sit near the locked door and have a talk. She asks him about locked room and his room. He says he will show her room. She says mum said your house is beautiful. Mum said right. He says yes, come.

Shanti asks Nimmi to make lahenga well and not let her nose cut. Nimmi asks her not to worry. The scorpion gets on the clothes and Sarla looks for it. The scorpion falls and comes back. Sarla says she will sit at this place only as she has neck pain. Shanti asks what is she finding. Sarla says she is doing exercises. Sarla sits with Shanti and looks for scorpion. Sujeev asks servant to bring juice for Pari. She asks where is his room. He says its here, come. Sujeev starts liking Pari and asks her to play with her hair. He shows his room. Vyom says the bedroom camera is not working, I will go. Mata ji stops him. Sujeev shows his room. Pari says our room is so beautiful. He asks ours? She says I mean yours. Sarla sees scorpion on her saree and stands to make it fall. She asks Shanti to sing Daiyya re daiyya………. She starts dancing while Kaushalya plays the song record. Sarla dances and everyone look on puzzled. Sarla gets relieved seeing the scorpion fallen off and sits. Shanti asks her what was all this, problem has come on Sarla instead me, call pandit here. Sarla says no need. Shanti gets bitten by scorpion and she screams. They all see the scorpion and scream. Shivam and Riya come and throw the scorpion away. Riya ties cloth to Shanti’s leg. Sarla recalls the baba’s words about enemy of her life.

Sarla calls Bansi and asks her to come Shanti Sadan. The baba comes there and Bansi’s moustache starts coming out. Raghav comes home and sees Shanti unwell.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This drama is turning out to be very entertainig. The humour is good. Sarala’s dance was fabulous!!!. So was Rani’s dance. The story line/s is/are kept alive in a subtle way. Sarala’s two goons are a bit silly. But overall, a good drama. A bouquet to the crew from me.

  2. who are in a right mind to believe babas these days,you morons.please do not promote such beliefs,can be very dangerous.

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