Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita and Pam reaching Ragini’s home to meet Neil. Nivedita sees Aman and asks who is he. Pam says he is Dr. Aman, Ragini’s new husband. Nivedita congratulates her and says it is good she moved on in life as everyone deserves happiness. Pam says she is explaing Neil the same and wants him to move on.

Agam on phone speaks to Suhani and shows what dress he wore on Nishi’s engagement. She says he must be looking funny. Agam says he felt family love for the first time and his importance also. Suhani asks if Ranveer enjoyed function. Agam says he is fool and just has grown tall. Ranveer comes there. Suhani signals Agam to stop, but he continues. Ranveer asks what is he talking about. Agam says he was just praising him. Suhani adds fuel in fire and laughs looking Ranveer running behind Agam to beat him.

Suhasi’s mother counts money for function and says they are very less. Ragini says she has some FDs, even then she cannot arrange more than 50,000 rs. Mom asks her not to worry. Ragini gets emotionl saying it is her only daughter’s marriage and she will think her mom could not celebrate her marriage well. Mom says she knows how she bought her up with great difficulty. Mom asks if she can take Jignesh’s parent’s help. Ragini says they are already sharing for 4 functions and she cannot ask them more. Mom asks if she can lend money from Aman. Ragini says he is just her good friend and she does not want to burden him. Mom asks her to take help from Aman. Ragini says she took care of children alone and even now god will help her.

Nivedita asks Dimpy if she can suggest her a hotel. Pam says she can stay at Karan and Dimpy’s house. Dimpy says she can stay here. Nivedita says she is feel odd. Karan says she is also like a family member and should stay at his house. Pam says Nivedita must have not eaten and suggests Neil to take her to a restaurant.

Neil takes Nivedita to a restaurant and orders sandwich and coffee for him and her, asks if he ordered it right. She says her taste has not changed, but he has started drinking coffee instead of wine. Musician asks him what song to play. She says Zindagi kaisi hai paheli… Guitarist plays same song. Nivedita says she knows he likes playing guitar. He says that was before marriage. She says he should move on and will get a better life partner. He says even he hopes she gets a life partner of her age. She says she got many proposals, but did not want to compromise on her conditions, says if life partner is elder it is good and Ragini is elder than her new husband and they look happy.

Dimpy is busy helping Karan exercise. Pam comes there sadly. Dimpy asks her what happened. She says Neil is behaving weirdly and is in stress, he is not accepting Ragini’s remarriage, she is worried that she will lose her brother again. She says now Ragini has moved on and Neil also has right to move on, so she sent him with Nivedita to get comfortable with her and start loving her, their names Neil and Nivedita match. Dimpy asks her to relax and let Neil take his time. Pam says she is worried that Neil get attracted to Ragini again.

While traveling back home in car, Nivedita says Neil that she missed this city a lot and loves it. Neil says he does not and asks why did she leave this city then. She says first her sister left and then he left her, so she went to Kolkota and kept herself busy in work. He stops car, gets out and looks at an underconstruction structure. She asks what happened. He says just like her, even he has a lot of memories in this city and tells his house was in the place of underconstruction builder and tells him about his childhood with his parents. She says if he remembers so much, they why don’t he like this city. He says he don’t. She suggests him to buy a property in this city to reminisce his old days, says he is a very good human being and needs better things.

Precap: Neil gets angry on Pam for telling in front of Ragini that he and Nivedita are engaged and even sent Nivedita to his room. She says what difference it makes as Ragini left him long time ago. He says it makes a difference.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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