Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani asks Chiraag if he wants her to keep relation with him, and betray Ranveer, he may see now what she does to him. He was calling Ranveer a driver’s son, he (Chiraag) isn’t able to stand with him. Ranveer loves her, as he has never touched her this way. Chiraag laughs, and says now it will be more fun. Ishaani says she won’t let happen, what is going in his mind. She looks at the file and goes to it. Chiraag moves to her, Ishaani says he needs this, now he will never get it. She begins to leave, Chiraag runs after him and gets her on the wall. She resists but he asks her to give him the file. He turns her arm, she denies. He snatches the file off her hand. He asks she thinks he brought her for this, no. He gets her and says he came to take revenge from her. She resists, but he says a villain never leaves the heroine. He will do what Ranveer didn’t do it. He makes it worse for her, he tells her that he has no prove. That was all bull-shit. It never happened. He tells her that Ranveer didn’t kill her father. Ishaani is shocked. Chiraag tells her that he didn’t ruined his business as well. She asks Ranveer is innocent in all. Chiraag laughs, backs up and says yes he went to her papa’s office but he didn’t kill her father. He left the office much earlier. She was emotional taking the death, and he used it. He touches her again. He tells her that he used the guard. She was an idiot, and betrayed her husband and today. Ishaani is frightened. He takes Ishaani forcefully to the other wall. Ishaani cries.
RV gets coughed, Amba request the inspector to keep him outside. The inspector says that until he is bailed, they can’t leave him. She asks for water, the inspector brings water for him. Ranveer says he can’t have water; he is fasting until Ishaani doesn’t break her fast.
Ishaani backs up from Chiraag, but he asks where she is going as he shows her the keys saying it is their wedding night. He tells Ishaani not to get scared, the reality won’t go out of the room, she will be his always. He holds her saree, Rishi takes pictures of them together. Ishaani shouts at him to leave her, he slaps her.
Ishaani shouts, but Chiraag takes her to the bed and throws her on it. He says she left him for money, she says he left her for money. Chiraag says he did the drama because she and RV both was idiot. He made her close to me, and she was caught in his net. She loved him only because the qualities she saw in him, all belongs to Ranveer. He used to tell him, and he applied them to his personalities. He copied him, and she fall in love with him. He, the driver, did this because he loved her a lot and was being faithful to her papa and gave his happiness to me. Chiraag confessed that he has used a number of girls to get her. He says he will rape her today.
She cries and resists, then struggles against Chiraag. Falguni hears as the story of fasting is being told, about the courage of the lady who saved her husband. Ishaani gets a vase, hits Chiraag with it and says she will hate him for her life time. Chiraag shouts in pain, she says he thinks she is delicate and he can do anything to her.
She hits him again, he shouts again as the other arm of him bleeds again. She was holding a broken bottle in her hand. She takes the keys, saying she came with her own will and will leave with her own will too, even if she has to take his life for this. She runs out of the room, opens the door and goes into the rain.
Rishi comes to Chiraag saying that she ran away. Chiraag says she left her respect here, and asks him for photos. Rishi shows him the camera.
Ishaani drives home, thinking about Ranveer’s love. She cries thinking about Ranveer. She says he loved her so much that he gave Chiraag all his qualities so that she could love him. He loved her always, she couldn’t recognize her. She regrets that they could all have lived together, her papa would’ve alive today. She calls Ranveer, but the inspector doesn’t pick the phone.
At the police station, the associate brings the bail papers. The inspector allows to free Ranveer. He takes his phone, Amba stays with the associate and tells him to save the hospital girl. If something happens to her, her Ranveer will go to jail. Giresh hears this, and says he will take his sister’s revenge.
Ranveer gets into the car, and watches Ishaani’s missed call. He tries her number but it was switched off. He asks the associate about Shaniella, he says she is in comma but is being treated. Giresh says he will not let him live.
At home, Ranveer forbids Amba to tell anyone about anything. He thinks about calling Ishaani. Amba says she saw her outside Chiraag’s house, Disha told her even that. He must tell her, what can be more important for Ishaani then Karwa Chot.
Ishaani stops the car, and cries. She says Forgive me Ranveer, I will be your wife for the seven lives, in return for your love. I am coming, and you can punish me whatever way you want to .

PRECAP: Ranveer got shot in heart at the time of Karwa Chot. He looks at Ishaani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasttttt

  2. Can Yu update this quickly thanks

  3. intresting episode… thank u sonaa…

  4. Nice move..
    Becoming interesting..
    Today should be the “maha episode”

  5. Sona…..we’re waiting….

  6. Thankyou soo much

  7. Ultimately…

  8. Thanks sona…

  9. Thanks sona…

  10. That dumb ishaani finally got the trueth……

  11. innaiku episode was interesting.. happy that Chiraag got nicely from ishaani and the entire truth of past is revealed. waiting for tomorrow’s episode.. very sad to watch the precap.. ranveer got shot.. Thanks for the update sona..

    1. Ishaani loves ran veer a lot and when ranveer gets shot she looks after him as a proper wife should

  12. Ishaani goes to tell ranveer she believes him and that she loves him

  13. Wow I love when ishani says I’ll be your wife for seven lives for ranveer’s love.
    Super cute .

  14. Finally all truth came you realise ! but Ishanni we can’t forgive you. In a relationship we should not doubt. Trust should be there like RV do.
    Afte all these sorts you want rv to love you and lead a happy life. Yeah sure he will do since he is mad on you but god and director will puish you for wat you did.
    These gun shot and those photograph its for you. Count your fate : (

  15. Would ishani tell rv that y she met chiragg

  16. Not yet rv gets pics from chirag and ishaani

  17. Shit mahn!! What’s going to happn!! 🙁

  18. Hi sona thank u for ur update. And very sad to watch the precap. I don’t know Hindi, but I like this serial.

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