Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neil and Agam come to the dinner. Ragini asks Neil to behave like a guest. She reminds him that he came there as Nishi’s father and also reminds him that he is her ex husband. He says he forgot long back. Neighbour thinks to find out about Neil. Sunny Tai asks Aman to put ginger garlic paste in the dish. Ragini says nani is keeping eye on them. Nani says she will. Ragini asks Aman what are you doing here. Aman says he was free so thought to help them. He says he is learning from Sunny Tai. He adds that he can’t come after Nishi’s marriage. Ragini says this house is open for you always. She informs him that they have come. Aman says Dr. Neil. Dr. Neil comes and greets Nani. Nani asks where did you go. I searched for you everywhere in the house. I won’t let you go. Nishi greets Neil and says she is so happy as he is attending all her marriage functions.

Neil sees Aman cooking in the kitchen and takes his pic. Aman says I am surprised. Neil says I am not. Aman asks why you are taking my pics. Neil says you runs a hospital and here you are cooking food. He asks do you stay here. Aman says I have a home at Juhu, but I stays here. Neil says you lives here in 2 bedrooms house. Aman says sorry for calling him bad and says I didn’t know that you are Ragini’s husband. She didn’t tell me your name too. He says you are not that bad. Neil asks what do you mean. Aman says I mean you are not bad. Neil says I am not good like you. I saw you folding hands infront of Ragini. He adds that he doesn’t care about Ragini.

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Jignesh comes with his family and greets them. Neil asks Aman to show the house to them. Aman agrees. Jignesh’s grand maa sees the house and praises Ragini. Aman shows the bathroom as Arav’s room and tells that he got nervous. Neil taunts Aman saying there is no photo of yours in the house. Aman says photo is there. Ragini says she will book a hall. Jignesh’s parents say their guests will be much. Jignesh’s father says his mother is emotional about Jignesh’s marriage. Ragini gets upset. Jignesh’s father says he will bear the expenses. Ragini says she will manage. Jignesh’s mother says we haven’t asked anything from you. She asks her to get the marriage done lavishly. Neil comes and asks what is the matter. Ragini says she can handle everything. Neil asks her to inform Dr. Aman about his responsibilities.

Karan massages Dimpy’s feet. He lies to Pam. Dimpy smiles. Pam says she went shopping for Neil. She asks where is he? Karan says he left already for Ragini’s home. Pam gets angry and asks why didn’t you stop him. Karan says he is not my son nor husband. I can’t stop him. Pam says Ragini spoiled her plan and thinks she can’t let Neil go on a wrong path. She calls Nivedita. Nivedita says thank God, you called me. She says I returned to Mumbai after a long time. People are staring at me. Pam says sorry as Neil is not coming. Nivedita says I am sure that he is stuck somewhere. Pam informs her that Neil went to Ragini’s home. Nivedita gets angry. Pam requests Karan to take her to Ragini’s house.

Dadi asks Jignesh’s father about Aman and asks what relation he have with Ragini. Jignesh says he is like Ragini’s family member. They are just good friends. Dadi says they can be more than that. Sunny Tai serves tea to Neil. Pam comes and tells Neil that she has to come here because of him. Neil says he has to come with Agam. Pam says I planned your dinner with someone else. Neil says I forgot. Pam scolds him for forgetting and says you forgot as you are here. She reminds him that you came here to take your kids back home. Neil says I said that I came with Agam. Pam shouts saying you don’t want to see. Ragini and Aman hear them. Pam says she wants to trap you. Can’t you see? She raises a question on Ragini’s character. Ragini says she didn’t invite anyone. Pam scolds Neil further and asks can’t you see what this woman is doing with you. She moved in life and can’t see you move in. Door bell rings.

Ragini’s mum opens the door. Pam turns and gets happy seeing Nivedita. She asks can I come in? Pam says she is surprised and says sorry. Nivedita asks her not to apologize. Neil greets Nivedita. Pam asks him to apologize. Neil says sorry. Nivedita says I came here without any invitation. Nivedita says she knows only two homes. one is hers and other one is of Ragini’s. She goes to Ragini and says can I call you didi. Ragini stands silently. Nivedita says I will call you Ragini. Neil says sorry again. Nivedita says your place is much high in my eyes than sorry and thanks. I can wait for entire life for you.

Neil asks did you get married. Nivedita says she didn’t get life partner like her. She will move in if she gets a life partner like him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now ragini will be jelous by see neil and nivedita together just like dr. neil is feeling to seeing dr.aman and ragini together…it will be too… superb and interesting.

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