Veera 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera calling Baldev and he forgets his phone at home. He leaves to find Veera and realizes he forgot his phone. He takes the torch and goes to find Veera in the fog. They both call each other’s names. Rajveer sees Veera coming towards him. Ranvi wakes up by bad dream and shouts Veera. Gunjan asks what happened. Ranvi says I got tensed by bad dream. She asks is he fine. He says he will just see Veera. She says no, she will sleep by difficulty. He says I will not wake her up. She says no, you will start talking to her and she has to look beautiful tomorrow, don’t disturb her. He says its very dark outside and fog too. He says its very scary night today. She says don’t worry, if night is dark, the morning is bright, we have much work, sleep now.

Ranvi thinks I will not always be with Veera, now Baldev will protect her. Rajveer smiles seeing Veera. Veera asks Baldev to come infront of her, else she will beat him. Rajveer says Veera in low tone. She says I know you are here Baldev, enough mischief now. Rajveer walks to her. She takes Baldev’s name and says I know you are near me. Baldev comes in between Veera and Rajveer, and smiles. Rajveer hides seeing him. Veera beats him and says does anyone joke like this, I m so scared and shivering in cold. Rajveer thinks how did Baldev come here, Veera would have become mine. She asks the surprise and why did he call her. He says I did not call you, I saw message in sent, I was scared and came to see you.

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She says good story and bad joke. He says its not any story, am I mad to call you here in such fog night. He says I don’t know who sent the message. She says maybe Gunjan sent it, as she was joking. He says if I did not see message then what. Rajveer hears them and gets angry seeing Baldev hug Veera. He thinks it was his mistake not to delete message after sending it. The torch light goes. He beats it to make it fine. Baldev asks Veera to come, he will drop her home. She smiles and says you are sounding responsible. They talk and walk. She falls in water stored and feels very cold. Baldev sees a small hut. He says lets go there. She asks how can we go. He says people make it for such times.

Balwant asks Bansuri to forgive him. She says you and Baldev were leaving me alone at home. Balwant says we were acting, I knew you will agree to us. She says it means you were playing game. He says leave anger now, Veera told Baldev to come with you. He praises Veera. He asks her to accept Veera by heart for his sake. She smiles and he happily hugs her. Baldev and Veera come in the hut. He lights the lantern.

Baldev sees Veera shivering and asks her to give the shawl. He says he will put it for drying. He gives his jacket to wear and asks her to put her kurta to dry too. She says yes, but where to change. He makes the shawl hang to make a changing room type space. She smiles and goes to change. She says don’t try to see, else I will beat you a lot. He says I was not seeing, I was sitting here, you change. He sits near fire. She comes in the jacket and sits by his side. He smiles and says I m with you, you don’t need to get afraid, I worry for you more than you. She smiles. He says we are here as we can fall in darkness, and jokes. He says I m getting a beautiful wife and even I want to look handsome. He says else people will joke on me. She laughs.

Baldev takes out a chocolate and says you will get fat. She takes it and says even if I get fat, you have to marry. He asks will you gave choc alone, what about me. Mahiya………….plays………… They have it together. She bites his finger and laughs. He says you are mad and holds her hand to bite. She resists and they come closer. They have an eyelock. Rajveer drinks wine thinking about Baldev and Veera hugging. He throws the glass and says my foolishness made them meet today, why did I not delete the message, why don’t I remember small things. He gets a call and comes to know Nihaal will go Pritampura tomorrow. Rajveer says I will call in sometime, how to kill them, if he calls anyone, inform me. Rajveer says Nihaal can’t tell anyone about my past, I won’t let him ruin my life like this, these small things are enough, and I have to play something big.

Baldev and Veera romance. Rajveer holds the ring, and says one arrow, two shots, my victory, Baldev will lose and Nihaal will become the prey.

Update Credit to: Amena

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