Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam coming to Ragini’s room. He tells he wants to sleep in her lap as he may not get a chance again in life. She allows. He asks if she will come to US to meet him. She says she cannot. He says he will come to meet her else and asks if she missed him any time. She says she missed him each day. They both get emotional. She asks him to sleep and he sleeps next to her. Naani wakes up and drapes blanket over them.

Inspector questions Neil and other about Suhani and asks since she was missing. Nivedita says she went to meet her mom and went missing. He asks who i s Pam then. She says she is her mom. Pam says she is her aunt and Neil’s sister. Inspector continues asking same question. Neil gets irked and asks Karan to call his IG friend and ask to send another officer.

Ragini serves breakfast for Agam and Arav. Aman comes there to pick up Ragini. Sunny tai gives him tea, but he says he does not need it. She says when Ragini prepares tea, he drinks 4-5 cups, but is rejecting her tea. Aman tells Arav that he will drop him to college. Arav says his friend is coming to pick and will go with him. Once Aman and Ragini leave, Arav rushes with his friend.

Pam starts crying. Ranbir asks her to stop crying. She asks him not to call mom. Ranbir asks why. She says Neil told her not to and continues crying and telling that she took care of children since 15 years after Ragini and Neil’s divorce, etc., etc. Karan says Neil did not mean that, but she continues her drama.’

Arav reaches Neil’s home with his friend and is about to ring door bell when Nivedita comes and asks him to meet Neil some other day. Arav says papa called him. She says Neil is in an emergency, gets police in and shuts door on his face. Arav gets angry and yells who the hell she is to stop him meeting his dad.’

Inspector takes everyone’s statement and leaves. Pam continues crying. Nivedita asks her to stop crying. Pam says because of her Suhani is missing, with whose permission she called Suhani to India. She says because of her she is getting engaged to Neil and says she can share her brother but not her children. She continues shouting and asks her to go and find out Suhani. Dimpy hears their conversation and says that means Nivedita called Suhani here. She says yes. Dimpy asks why did not she inform Neil Pam says she brainwashed her that Suhani is getting into depression, etc. Dimpy asks her to inform Neil now. Pam says if she tells, Neil will strangulate her telling she chose Nivbedita for him, in all this she is losing her daughter.

While driving car, Aman says he is hungry and wants to have pakoras. She agrees. They both go and sit on a roadside stall and he orders pakoras. He starts enjoying them and asks her to try. She says she does not need and reminisces her last night’s meeting with Neil and his care for her. Aman says she tells she does not care if Neil marries Nivedita, but she is jealous and is in pain. She asks if he does not feel bad about it. He says when she is in pain, he feels really bad. She says she did not want to call Neil, but had to agree for Nishi’s sake. Even this bad phase will go soon.

Neil and Nivedita reach morgue and see a girl’s dead body. Nivedita gets tensed while Neil silently watches.

Precap: Aman and Ragini reach Suhani’s hostaged place. Aman says they should inform police. She says she is sure girl here and hears Suhani’s sound.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. even mr. hasan r irritated with pam drama..;p

  2. So that dumb suhani is. Kidnapped good what a twist in the show after a long time

  3. Ragini and Neil’s chemistry is so good but this disgusting nivedita always shows her drama and fake love for Neil’s children.

  4. Dears don’t worry they know how to entertain us

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