Muh Boli Shaadi 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anmol comes to Nikhil’s house silently and tries to steal the newspaper. Ratan Singh fumes saying newspaper have not come today. Pratap says he will enquire with the other neighbor. Nidhi tells them that the newspaper is not delivered today in their locality. Ratan Singh calls the newspaper editor, but his phone is unavailable. Bua ji catches Anmol and asks her to return the newspaper. Anmol refuses, apologizes and runs. Bua ji goes inside, shouting Ashok about the newspaper theft. Anmol comes inside and collides with Pratap. He asks from where you are coming? Anmol says she is coming from jogging as she needs to be fit. Pratap says he is really worried about the newspaper. Nidhi comes and tells that she told Pratap that newspaper is not delivered in their locality. She says may be there went on a strike. Chacha comes and says he went on a walk so brought the newspaper. Anmol and Nidhi get tensed. Bua ji informs Ashok that the neighbor’s girl had stolen……..Ashok doesn’t listen to her and leaves.

Bua ji tries to wake up Akhil and Sahil. She tells that Anmol snatched newspaper from her hand. She then wakes up Nikhil and tells him that Anmol snatched newspaper from her hand. Nikhil says I understand, why you are raising your BP and asks her to make tea for him. Bua ji asks him to teach a lesson to Anmol. He agrees and thinks he have to talk to Anmol.

Ratan Singh laughs seeing Nikhil’s photo with the girl (Anmol) and praises Pratap. Chachi praises Pratap’s photography. Pratap says it would have been enjoyable if the girl’s face is shown. Ratan Singh says he will ruin Pandit’s respect through this photo. Ratan Singh’s wife says this doesn’t suit us. Chacha also says the same. Ratan Singh says it is tit for tat. I have decided what to do. Anmol and Nidhi get tensed. Anmol tries calling Nikhil. Ashok sells the old newspaper for Rs. 15. Dadi bua brings newspaper and says Anmol will be punished for stealing our newspaper. Ashok starts reading the newspaper. He then folds the newspaper and sells that paper too for Rs. 2. Ashok calls Akhil as they have to go to Minister’s place.

Nikhil tries to stop Ashok and says he got Anmol’s message that his photo is published in the newspaper. He thinks how to stop this news. Ashok and Akhil come out of their house and sees neighbors applauding for them. Ashok thinks they are applauding as he is going to do havan at Minister’s place and shares it with Akhil, laughs. He sees Ratan Singh and his family and says they are also standing in line. Pratap says you are so wrong. He asks everyone to welcome namesake pandit and his family. Everyone claps again. Pratap says father is brahmin, son is christian, their family is unique. Anmol and Nikhil are tensed. Ashok asks what is this nonsense.

Ratan Singh says you do the puja to get money and your son takes a girl to church. He tells you are just pretending to be a pandit. Ashok says this is not true. They have to spoil their reputation and says his values are running in his sons’ blood. The neighbors asks him to stop it and throws the newspaper. Akhil gets shocked seeing Nikhil’s photo with a girl in church. Ashok is shocked to read the headlines, Pandit’s son in Church. Nikhil is guilty. Ashok couldn’t believe and turns to Nikhil. Bua ji asks Ashok what they are saying. Ashok tells you went to the church being a pandit’s son. Nikhil nods with his head low and says he didn’t change the religion. Neighbor says his religion is to roam with girls. They say they are betrayals. Ashok is upset as his religion is questioned because of him. Nikhil says I won’t do anything which makes you feel insulted. Ratan Singh asks Ashok to question Nikhil about the girl. Anmol gets tensed.

Ashok asks Nikhil to get out of his house. He announces that he is bidding bye to his elder son from his house. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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