Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam provoking Ranbir that Ragini is trapping Agam and Suhani with her emotional drama and they are easily falling prey. Agam gets angry and says he will not let it happen and will get Agam back. Pam says he is the only one who has similar thinking and asks him to go ahead. Once he leaves, she thinks she wants Ranbir to do this as she cannot lose her brother Neil again.

Nishi and Jignesh’s engagement rituals start and Panditji asks Neil to tell his daughter’s name. He says Nishi Khanna and Ragini Nishi Patel. Sunny tai suggests to tell Nishi Khanna Patel as it is a latest trend. Neil repeats Panditji’s words that he Neil Khanna gives his daughter Nishi Khanna Patel’s hand in Jignesh’s hand and Jignesh’s father also repeats same. Everyone congrats each other after engagement. Karan tells Dimpy that many years ago he and Neil decided to attend Nishi’s marriage together, but after Neil and Ragini’s divorce things change, fate had a turn and today Neil is attending both engagement and marriage.

Ragini searches Ranbir among guests. Her mom asks if she is searching Ranbir as she saw her searching him since Neil came. Photographer asks for a family pic, and Neil and Ragini stand next to each other behind Nishi and Jignesh. Neil asks if she will not call her husband Aman. She says he is not needed here. He says as always, she forces her decision on everyone.

Ragini sees Aman and apologizes him for telling lie. He asks why did not she tell Neil is her husband. She says he is not her husband, they are divorced. He says he should have asked if Neil is Nishi’s father. She says yes. Aman says she fooled him by asking to be her husband in front of Neil and he did not realize it. She says Neil thinks no man can tolerate her, so she took his help to act as her husband and requests him to continue drama until Neil goes back to US. He agrees.

Whole family starts dancing after engagement including Ragini’s naani. They drag Ragini for dance. After dance, Ragini gets into dressing room and tries to pin her sari pallu. Neil sees that and says, her ego will not hurt if she will take someone’s help and they both go into flashback where she asks his help. Naina laage….song plays in the background. Jignesh’s father comes and asks Ragini to come out for the remaining rituals.

Jignesh’s father gets on stage and thanks guest for attending his son’s engagement and requests to attend marriage after 10 days. Dimpy takes mic from him and thanks guests and special thanks for Neil to attend her engagement and says she is happy that her whole family is present on her special day. Neil smiles and Ragini fumes. She requests Neil to spend as much time as he can with her, so she wants him, his siblings and aunt to come and stay with her until her marriage. Agam gets happy. Neil asks Ragini what is going in her and her daughter’s mind. She asks what does he mean. He says he already told her, he just will attend marriage and not get emotional with her children, but Nishi made such a big announcement. Ragini says she herself is surprised and says she gave her children good upbringing, but sometimes their father’s blood speaks up.

Ranbir comes there and says she does not have right to talk to his dad like that. Neil asks him to stop. Ranbir says he cannot tolerate anyone misbehaving with him and says this woman does not know how to talk. He continues yelling. Ragini asks him to stop shouting and asks Neil this is what he taught his children and says she cannot tolerate her children misbehaving with her. Ranbir calls her Ragini Patel and says she is not her mom. Neil asks him to stop. He says he cannot hear all this from this lady. She says she did not invite him to stay in her home and it was Nishi’s childishness, she will correct her mistake. Her mother comes and takes her saying guests are leaving. Pam sees the whole incident and smirks thinking she has shoo’d Ragini’s own son against her.

Precap: In office room, Neil says Ragini it is raining outside. She peeps out of window. He decreases AC temperature and water falls on her. She gets back to avoid water and falls on Neil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this serial is going awesome day by the perecap..

  2. Really nice

  3. Hello friends,would u tell me when sony repeat this show?

  4. i think evening 6:00 0r 6:30 pm repeat timing of this show

  5. ร‹ยงลฅhรซr..!!!

    No the repeat is at 7:00pm

  6. This is touch a awesome show. Jus luv it.

  7. Am still confused. How many children does Ragini have?? There are so many mistakes in the written update. Why Dimpy took mike and said thanks for attending her special day?? Seriously that is Nishi right!! And in the beginning of the episode when Pam provokes Ranbir, Why is Agam getting angry!! God this serial is already confusing and the writer has confused me more. Please giv correct names while updating…Its so confusing yaarrrr….

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