Humsafars 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zaki asking Arzoo about her ISD number and says he thought to go to Dubai as he don’t want to marry Samaira. Arzoo asks him not to trouble her mind and says she would have taken her blood in cotton. Zaki says I have an idea. I will Kill Samaira then I don’t have to run to Dubai. Samaira comes to Zaki. Arzoo hides. Samaira tells him that she saw a bad dream. She says Arzoo wants to kill me and my child through a pin. She says this is happening because of you. Zaki hugs her. Arzoo signs him. He sees a taveez on her hand. Samaira tells him that Kurti Apa gave her a taweez. Zaki tells her that love seems to be beautiful, but when it is touched…..he pierced the pin on her hand and wipes the blood with the cotton. He takes her to bandage her injury. Arzoo picks the cotton and keeps it in the bottle. She thinks now she have Samaira’s blood sample and he will prove innocent now.

Kurti Apa talks to Rahman Saheb. Rahman says he can’t bear whatever is happening with Samaira. Sahir overhears them. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo for everything. Rahman says she seems to be innocent. Kurti Apa says she is very clever, her face is like bakri/lamp but her mind is clever. She tries to trap Sahir, but Sahir is very intelligent and didn’t fall in her trap. She gets in the Saiyyara and now entered this house. She trapped Zaki now. She don’t love him. Rahman says she is really clever. Kurti Apa says any girl won’t take blame of being pregnant. She did this for money and can do anything for money. Sahir hears them and believes her. He goes inside and recalls Kurti Apa’s words. He recalls Rahman Saheb threat. He gets angry and calls Arzoo. He then realizes and stops.

Zaki tells Arzoo that everyone will know the truth now. Arzoo asks him not to worry as everything will be fine. Zaki says I will call hospital and goes. Sahir sees Arzoo and applauds for her character. He says you seems to be helpless but had self esteem. He acts why you are acting. I have understood your plan. Arzoo gets tears in her eyes. Sahir asks her not to cry as he can see her greed behind the tears clearly. You can do anything for money. You took blame of other because of greed for wealth and money. Arzoo is tearful. Zaki calls Arzoo and says he needs her help. He signs her to go. Arzoo recalls Sahir’s accusations and gets teary eyed. She recalls Sahir protecting her before. She says I have done this for your respect. May be this is the punishment for loving you immensely. She sleeps. Ashrafi shouts thief thief. Arzoo tells it to sleep.

Arzoo asks Zaki you didn’t sleep entire night. Zaki says how can I sleep. If this baby proves to be mine then my life will be ruined. Arzoo says it can’t happen. Zaki calls the lab and gets shocked. He informs Arzoo that the blood sample is of parrot. She gets surprised. Samaira recalls to see them searching something on the net and may be exchanges the blood sample. She tells Zaki that test results have come and she has changed. She says you both have failed. Lets see what I could do. Zaki is shocked.

Sahir calls someone and says he wants to talk to Mr. John. The man informs him that Mr. John is not free and will talk to him whenever he wants to. He informs him that the deal is on hold. Didn’t Rahman inform you. Sahir gets shocked. He recalls Rahman’s words about giving DVD and deal to him if Zaki marries Samaira.

Sahir tells Zaki that their house, business and everything is on stake now. He says Singapore deal is necessary for them. He asks him to accepts Samaira and her child. Zaki refuses to marry her as she is lying. He makes it clear that he loves Arzoo and will marry her only. Sahir asks do you think that Arzoo will marry you. Zaki says I am sure as Arzoo loves me too. Sahir gets jealous.

Sahir wishes Happy Birthday to Arzoo and unveils the dress on the statue. Arzoo gets touched by his gesture. Sahir says you don’t feel good to celebrate your birthday naa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Sahir is playing with arzoos feelings 🙁

  3. Sahir is caught between love & responsibility

  4. Hmmmmm humilate arzoo more which will brust her out on sahir confessing everytruth why sge us doing and keave his house and stand up on her iwn feets which will realuse arzoo a innocent pak intelligent and a selfless girl and he will feel warm n realuse his mistakes this storyline could do wonders!!!

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