Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam waiting for Suhani outside a shop while she buys a gift for Ragini. Nivedita comes there and asks him to go and pick lab report for her. He says he will once Suhani comes. She insists. He says he will call suhani and then go. She says she will inform him. He leaves. Suhani comes and asks her where is Agam. She says he left on her work and says she looks like Rupali and tells she spent a lot of time with Rupali, but is feeling sad as her daughter could not. She tells her about Rupali’s hobbies and asks if she wants to see Rupali’s home. Suhani agrees.

Agam selects a blazer for Neil. Badi naani and naani on the other side selects sari for Ragini. Nivedita calls Neil and acting as crying asks him to come to Rupali’s house. He asks what happened. She says Suhani…Neil gets tensed.

Arav goes to Babu don’s den and requests him to give him some more time to return his money. Babu’s goons frighten him and Babu say she cannot give him time. Agam calls Arav and asks if he is ready for mom’s birthday surprise. Babu says he will let him today to celebrate his mom’s birthday, but he will not spare him tomorrow. Arav thanks him and leaves.

Neil reaches Rupali’s home. Nivedita with her filthy acting says Suhani insisted to see Rupali’s home and is crying here continuously seeing Rupali’s pic. He sees Suhani crying. Suhani says she did not realize all these days that her mom is in her and she does not know howmuch she hates her, etc. Neil says he knew Rupali well and she would have loved her as she is a very sweet child.

Ranbir gets ready and asks Agam to give his blazer. Agam gives him gun and asks why did he bring in here. Ranbir loads magazine and points it on wall. Shilpa comes and gets afraid seeing gun. Ranbir says it is licensed gun and he got special permission to bring it here. She asks him to be careful, else it may fire. He says it has to be loaded and fired and demonstrates it. He asks why did she come there. She says it is Ragini’s birthday and she came to pick him. He says he will stay there for some time and will leave. She asks where will he go then. He says he wants to go to US but cannot, so he will come back here.

Pam reaches party venue and asks RK if he threw it for Ragini. He recites an urdu shayari and says she will not understand it as she is not in love with anyone. She asks if Neil threw it. Agam says where is dad. Ragini enters. RK asks to switch off light. Ragini enters with Naani and calls Neil. RK swithces on light and wishes her happy birthday.

Neil tells Suhani and Nivedita that he will go back to Ragini’s birthday celebration. Nivedita asks him not to tell that he was in Ruapli’s home as she may get upset. Suhani says she is right and says he should not spoil mom’s happiness.

Ragini thanks Karan and RK for surprise party. Karan says she should thank Neil as it is his idea. Nishi comes and wishes her happy birthday. Agam says he informed her. Ragini asks about Jignesh. She says he is busy in some other work. Ranbir wishes her happy birthday. She thanks and asks how is he. He says he is fine. Shilpa wishes and gives her gift and she may be waiting for Neil’s gift. Cake comes and Karan asks her to cut cake. She says let us wait for Neil and Suhani. Neil comes with Suhani. She thanks him for surprise party and asks where he had been.

Precap: Ronnie enters Ragini’s birthday party. Neil asks how come he is here. Ronnie asks him to introduce him to other and says he is Rupali’s boyfriend.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ronnie’s back, poor Neil. What happened to Ragini that she doesn’t trust even her husband. She has no faith when trust is tested.

  2. OH man shucks!!!!! What is wrong wit Suhani, she has to fall in2 Nivi’s (Witch) trap, of all times she wants to think about her mother. Heeeelllllo!!! Its Ragini’s Birthday!!!!!!!!! SO sad that Nachikit was not present wen Ragini walked in2 party!!!!!!

  3. Ragini shud not worry about what so called Ronnie gonna tell her, his feelings shud not matter, wher was he all this time , infact he shud be thankful to Nachiket for bringing up his daughter as he shirked his responsibility!!!!! So why ar they making him so important!!!!!!!! Anyway its not like Rupali coming bac frm the Dead or is she 🙂 no man just cannot happen, not giving u any ideas WRITER hehehhe 🙂 Love Agam, just 2 QT

  4. So exactly wat.iz nivi cat wana achieve by bringing suhanis dad bk????

  5. all these soaps start of ok but then they bring in these useless swisits and turns and negative characters like nivedita just ruins the show all together and then to top it the writers will drag the story with no head or tail.

    1. The story is such boaring I donot know how big actors accepted this daily soap.

    2. They’re undermining the smart educated viewers, totally stupid now!

  6. Clare Monnier

    Twisted story. Maybe Suhani changes her mind abt. Her dad after all.

  7. Ragani is a puss

  8. Exactly how does shit ronnie have to do wit Neil n Ragini?
    Darn back to square one eishhhh.i tink writers not moving forward just like a dog chasing his own tail….
    Viewers n not dumb….

  9. Does anyone kw precap spoliers for forthcoming episodes?

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