Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba blesses RV and Ritika, Shekhar observes Ishaani. Ritika confirms from RV that he wants to marry her. He nods. Shekhar says to Ishaani that no one knows RV better than her. He says she has helped Ritika a lot, she is so happy. He asks is there anyone who never prayed for her. He says he is happy about her decision for marriage, he will share all his life and happiness with her. Ishaani is worried, he will share everything with her but she can’t share his feelings with her. Kanchal goes to congratulate RV and Ritika, Shekhar comes to congratulate RV. Baa takes Ishaani along. Shekhar says to RV that finally he is marrying Ritika and the good think is they both are marrying who they love. He asks RV not to fight now. RV says he won’t cross his limit, but he has gone to far that anything wrong can happen to him. RV tells him not to worry he won’t let anything bad happen.
In the room, Baa says to Ishaani she still wants RV to be happy. She agreed for the wedding so that RV lives happily with Ritika. She hugs Ishaani who cries. Baa says she is Harshid’s mother and Ishaani is filled with his morales. Ishaani says she doesn’t marry Shekhar, he knows about it so she has asked him to break this wedding. But she will give her everything for this marriage, she will be loyal to him ever. Baa says she is proud of Ishaani being her granddaughter.
The next morning, Ritika comes to the hall where RV was giving instructions to wedding planners. He brngs Ritika along and introduces her to the organizers. He explains to clarify the confusion that he is about to remarry, so everything would be of her choice only. He asks Ritika why she is so confused, he says this is wedding planner, her designer and makeup artist. He tells her to tell them what she wants.
Lakshmi asks Amba if she is happy now. Amba says she won’t be at peace until they are married. Ishaani is still around Ranveer, but that Ishaani has ruined her son.
Parul comes there, RV stops her and says no office for a few days and must help Ritika in wedding planning. Ritika asks where is he going. RV says his husband is a money man and not everyone can stay at home. He tells Ritika to send his lunch to his new office.
Shekhar says to Baa he wants to know about the likes and dislikes of Ishaani. He wants to make their wedding a grand one. He says to Baa that since Ishaani’s arrival, he has started to feel a lot. First he was practical, now sensitive too. Her heart has also grown bigger. He didn’t feel he would love someone but Ishaani has proved him wrong. RV was hearing this all standing at the door. Baa tries to speak but Shekhar asks her to let him speak. SHekhar says Ishaani did a lot for him, he wants to make all her likings as his. Baa was looking at RV while Shekhar asked him about her likes. Shekhar takes a leave from Baa and goes out.
Ritesh was talking on phone worried, Baa says to Ritesh that they must do something as Shekhar wants a grand wedding. Shekhar asks RV why he came to office. RV says he has forgotten what is happening in his office. He asks if he remembers he told him his law firm had loss. RV says if he remembers, he must know friendship’s first rule is to help the friend. He has brought the shares of this company and is an equal partner of his. SHekhar says he doesn’t know what is going on in his mind, but he must resell his shares. RV asks how much can he pay, SHekhar says he can pay more than what RV has bought them for. SHekhar signs a cheque, RV fills in an amount, Shekhar writes Mere Dost ki Khushi. Shekhar asks him to let this wedding happen and return his shares. RV says he will be happy in future because of this decision. Shekhar asks isn’t he happy because of this marriage. RV says to be honest, yes he is unhappy. RV says he felt a little jealousy, and a little pain because he loved her but now he doesn’t want her to destroy another house. He says he can’t bear him suffer what he did. RV says whether he thinks about him as friend or not, he will have to accept this partnership. RV says Ishaani can never love him. He has become a partner of his company to keep an eye on him, whether he likes him or not. Shekhar tears the cheque in RV’s hand and leaves.
Baa was happy that the saree maker has come. She looks at the bill and asks about the discount. The man says it is after the discount. Baa says she only has 98oo right now, she will send the rest later. The salesman says he can’t due the amount. RV listens this. The salesman says he might take two sarees with him RV asks how much is left of him. He says 4300, RV gives him 5000. Baa stops him but RV touches Baa’s feet. She says a lot happened between them, still he respects her. RV says whatever happened had none’s fault, he respects her because she is mother of his mota bapu. He asks Baa if she has no money? Baa says they don’t have money since last eight months. RV writes a cheque of 200000 to her and marry Ishaani well. Baa asks why is he giving this money when he himself doesn’t want Ishaani’s wedding.

PRECAP: Ishaani comes to RV’s house and watches Ritika and RV hugging each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. actually wht was the end of rangrasiya??

  2. actually wht was the end of rangrasiya??i didnt saw knw the plot

  3. Hai kaira I’m dhanu did you remember me.axcept merit aashiqi what’s are you watching serials .

    1. Hi dhanu ! 🙂 yes I watch DILLI WALI THAKUR GURLS .. IT’S A MUST WATCH AND A GREAT SHOW IT IS AIRED ON. &TV. … TO. ALL. MATSH FANS WATCH IT PLEASE…. ITS GREAT !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 story line is awesome… though didn’t gain trps but it’s must watch I think it’s even better than MATSH:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi ann. I also put the image. Thanks

  5. hlo gys..
    fan f meri aashiqui tum se hi

  6. Eppol ivaru onnu cherum … can’t wait

  7. Ranvir be happy with ritika and let ishani be happy with shekHar…..this is what ur love towards ishanni….that u think her to be a murderer….shame on ur love

  8. I want to make humble request to alk makers of the Meri Ashiqui Tum se Hi! Please bring Ishaani And Ranveer Together ever Forever as soon as possible. Because we don’t want to see anyone to take Ranveer’s place At Ishaani’s Life.and Shikhar called himself as the Best Friend of RV but in real he is not looing like that. Bcz Best Frineds never destroyed Our Friends life. He is “KABAB ME HADDA” we don’t want see anymore him in betwwen Ishaani And Ranveer’s Life & love life too. So please please we Request to all of makers of the Serial please make Ishaani And Ranveer Together and then after make any other kind of problems in their life axcept Sepration btwn both of them.

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