Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam getting tensed that Nivedita has not come back home and says Karan that she is worried about Ranbeer. Karan asks her to relax and have food. Neil comes out getting ready. She asks him not to scold Ranbeer when he comes back. Nivedita comes back and tells that she could not get bail for Ranbeer. Pam gets panicked and asks how can it be. Nivedita says it is second Saturday today and they will have to wait till Monday. Neil says his son cannot stay in jail for 2 days and she will have to do something. She says she cannot take law in her hand and Ranbeer has to stay in jail till Monday. She starts badmouthing about Ragini and says she Ragini knew it is second Saturday and played her cards well. Neil asks her to forget about Ragini and use her contacts

to get bail. Pam shouts that because of Ragini, her son will be in jail for 2 days. Neil angrily leaves home.

Security guard informs Ragini that society people are waiting for her for a society meeting. She says she cannot come. Naani asks her why she does not want to attend as people want her to become secretary. Ragini says she is already busy with personal issues and cannot get more responsibility. Naani suggests her to go and inform personally at least. Ragini attends meetingh. Society member calls Shilpa’s mom’s name. Lady says she does not want to become secretary as her daughter is in critical condition. He announces Ragini as secretary. Ragini says she cannot as her daughter’s marriage is on the way and she is busy. Neil comes there and drags her from there. Society members discuss that Ragini is having affair with 2 men. Lady says one who came is her ex-husband and another is her boss. One of them say that she is busy with her affairs, so she does not want to become secretary.

Neil drags Ragini to her room and says she purposefully got Ranbeer arrested on Friday, so that he does not get bail till Monday. She says he went to jail because of him as he did not control Ranbeer and let him do whatever he likes. He says because of her, someone’s life was at risk and they had to divorce. She says it was his mistake. They both start a heated argument with alleging each other. Society members listen to their conversation standing near the door. Aman comes there and they all leave. He enters in and sees Neil angrily breaking vase. He warns Neil for misbehaving with his wife and says her dignity is his and he will not let anyone insult her. He is sparing Neil for the last time and from hereon he has to speak to him first before speaking to his wife. He asks him to attend his daughter’s wedding and not interfere in his wife’s life. Neil asks him to stop his speech and ask Ragini why did they divorce.

Neil starts drinking alcohol on the road standing next to his car and starts reminiscing Ragini’s backlashing and Aman telling he has to remember Ragini is his wife and he should speak to him first before speaking to her, etc. Sabkuch yahi hai…teri ahaten……song plays in the background.. He gets jealous reminiscing Aman hugging Ragini.

Neil reaches Nivedita room inebriated. She starts acting and showing fake concern, apologizes him for not bailing out Ranbeer and says she can do anything for him and his children. He asks if she will marry him and be his wife for the rest of his life. She hugs him and smirks.

In the morning, Nivedita informs Pam that Neil proposed her yesterday night in an inebriate state and wants to marry her. Pam gets happy. Dimpy says she should speak to Neil once as he must have told this in anger. Pam says she knows her brother and he does not decide anything emotionally. She hugs Pam and says once Ranbeer is bailed out and will get her and Neil’s engagement. She asks Nivedita if she is ready to marry Neil. She says yes.

Shilpa’s mom happily informs Ragini that Shilpa shook her fingers. Ragini says it is a great news and goes to check Shilpa. She asks doc if there is any improvement. Doc says she is responding to treatment well and will be fine soon. Ragini thinks she knew Shilpa will be alright as she is not wrong, soon she and Arav will get her justice by getting Ranbeer punished.

Precap: Neil asks Nivedita what did he say her yesterday night. She says he proposed her. He says right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Y cant d misundrstandng betwen neil n ragini get cleard?
    Its nt gud yar

  2. what is going on…neil proposed to nivedita..too bad and when neil will came to know the truth of ragini and aman’s fake marriage…

  3. omg wat an episode.. gosh so kuch of love n hatred n jealousy
    Full of emotions n ronit roy n pallavi kulkarni

  4. The show is nice. Pam over act in all episode. Like Ragini character

  5. good drama, but surprised how Ragini character is being showed as a weak, who cant reply or speak for herself, if she can stand and divorce raise 2 children for an unknown reason (means stands for what she believes), now every body incl pam, his/her children Nivedita all teach her and say all rubbish words and she most of the time silent and look so vulnerable character is not strongly established here. hope the directors understand this and looking forward to some strong reply by her if not it will become another daily serial soon.

  6. I must say Neil is a good looking man but can he not afford to get the teeth fixed! Just saying…I’m sure it’s not a money issue!

  7. Ragini just cries and neil loves her its so clear but he yells nivedita should b kicked she is evil and bad but in the serial like always evil will win

  8. Very surprising to see that Neil didn’t bother to confirm Renveer’s crime with Karan or his wife???, This story is also moving towards other daily sops where the evil’s are intelligent and not been blamed or caught. Also Dr. Aman logins to Ragini’s house any time???? I hope Neeshi gets married before Neil!

  9. Neil has come to India for his daughter’s marriage and he is planning his marriage – and he was shouting at Karan about age and being mature etc etc. Ranbir is in jail and he is proposing to Nivedita – he is so disconnected from his children !!!

  10. Sumant Kumar Singh

    When will Neil come to know the truth?????????????????????????????

  11. Just silly.. Females are the keep shut.. Absolutely fake..son is in jail and father is busy finding mother’s to him.. A surgeon getting bogged. Crazy.. Stop lingering the story..come to the real world else just like prerna kept moving b/w anurag basu and mr bajaj, so will this story be.

  12. YAH Niti u r right…how neil can think about his marry with nivedita when his son is in jail… last 2 -3 episodes the serial looks to be going illogical and bakwas..the main point of the serial that how neil and ragini will come toghether, is being deteched by these panga’s like ranveer go to jail,nivedita’s marry with neil,aman as ragini’s husband etc. director sir please come on the main point and make this serial some watchable…

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