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recap: deewan throw a party in that Kunj and twinkle giving each other’s tashan fully they both dancing with aditi and Vikram.They all fully drenched in alcohol.

Aditi and yuvi falling down on floor twinkle see kunj only. Kunj went to bar..

Kunj: give me drink..

Bartender: sir you already have so much now I can’t give you.. look at yourself.

Kunj: it’s none of your business you just give me drink you don’t know who I’m Kunj Sarna head of KS COMPANY I can buy your whole club.Give me drink na he throws card on him..

Abeer:this three of them totally mad..

Vikram:yup and you twinkle..

Twinkle:what Vikram just seeing this drunken Sarna.Mahi who already passed out.Kunj take the bottle gulp in one go. Aditi and yuvi see him they both get up somehow..

Aditi:this wrong BF you drinking alone.. in Drunken voice..

Yuvi: yes kunj.. this is wrong bro..

They both about to snatch the bottle while kunj didn’t let them..

Kunj:what I’ll not give my bottle now I have one only he cuddles tightly like a baby who cuddles his toys.. but Aditi is Aditi she snatch the bottle from kunj hands and drinking.. Kunj and yuvi look at her..
you Dayaan..

Yuvi:yes kamini give bottle even I’m in too line.they both try to take the bottle but she didn’t let them.other’s see and laughing on this because it’s seemed really very funny..Aditi started falling down. Kunj and yuvi hold her. Yuvi take bottle from her hands but in hangover condition also she didn’t forget about bottle.

Aditi: Meri bottle like a baby??..

Twinkle:she is mad like this two perfect three of them and their Jodi too. Kunj and Aditi or Yuvi started fighting for alcohol throwing drink on each other’s laughing loudly at the same abusing each other’s in their Code.. ??..

Aditi take the bottle and run from there..

Yuvi: Meri bottle mummy ?????..

Kunj: abye she didn’t take your milk bottle crying like this mummy ??did his mimic. Let’s go and see this bevadi before she did any siyappa..after drink this much still they both didn’t lost their sense have one sense.. both run behind Aditi after others too leave while twinkle in shocked she never see kunj like this old Kunj never touch drink today kunj who totally an alcoholic man..

Kunj and yuvi running behind Aditi who running..

Kunj:abey rukh jaaa..

Yuvi:yes Aditi.. still Aditi running while she stop get tired kunj and yuvi catch her. Where are you escaping from us kamini.

Kunj:yes come here.. let’s go home it’s too late aditi..

Aditi:let’s sleep together..

Yuvi:idea wasn’t bad.. Kunj guard who behind him kunj tell them call get the car. Car come they sit in car and left.

Soon they reached and come out of the car.

Aditi:shhh put her finger on her lips don’t do any noise if daee jaa will get to know we drink again break her promise.

Kunj:yup last time she forgive me.. now what do to..

Aditi: let’s go inside and sleep.. without doing any noise they tip toed went inside goes in room three of them lay down on the bed Aditi was in middle while kunj and yuvi beside her.. they sleep quickly..


Twinkle reached Taneja Mansion Vikram drop her she went inside and went in kitchen drink lemonade.After went in her room find ammar sleeping peacefully fuzu was there..

Fuzu: Arey di you come back..

Twinkle: yeah you didn’t sleep till now go and sleep..

Fuzu:yeah.I was sitting here for rockstar.

He went in his room while twinkle take her clothes went in washroom.get freshen up and come in room and lay down beside ammar caress his hairs while in sleep he totally reflected Kunj. She kissed on his forehead.. cuddles him sleep beside ammar..

Next day in morning..
Kunj second house where Aditi and daee ja staying even Kunj too.So guys that she is daee jaa.You see her with kunj and thinking about her ??.but poor still ?Aditi haina..

Daee jaa wake up and she went in kitchen make breakfast.

Daee: I’ll wake up aditi.. don’t know where she went last night she went to her room and see the door was closed she open the door and see the scenario and shocked.

They trio  sleeping on their stomach their back facing to ceiling in one line legs coming out of the bed.hay babaji what I’ll do with this girl see and this two.she hold her head today I’ll not leave them. She went and bring her wooden stick and water bucket.. daee jaa come and went towards them she try to wake up them with wooden stick but they didn’t give any response. She take water and slowly slowly pouring on them..

Yuvi: in sleeping tone Arey yeh barish kaha se ho rahi hai..

Kunj: pani..

Aditi: don’t know now daee jaa pour more water on them they three of them open their eyes together and understand why this barish happening ?? get up with jerk.and see daee jaa standing in roar they know they are gone.. like a bheegi billi they stand up and looking here and there..

Daee: good morning.

Tiro: slowly good morning..

Daee: kya hua why you all look so scared haa. Daee jaa take wooden stick near them while they going in backwards..

Aditi:daee jaa please sorry na..

Kunj:yeah this Aditi force me.

Aditi:acha when did I..

Yuvi:daee jaa forgive us..

Kunj: yes its last time we’ll not drink it’s late paka.Aditi and yuvi look at him. Kunj winked at her.. in heart they know they didn’t do any promise just for her they telling this which give her happiness.

Aditi: yes..

Daee: okay its last time you people come to house after drink. Look at your stage like a beggar ??.. three of them look at each other. Go and get freshen up I’ll arrange the breakfast on table come fast .. she say this and went from there while they tiro get relief and sits.

Aditi:I didn’t do any real promise get it..

Kunj:kitni beshram hai.. kamini.

Aditi:haaa she laugh sarcastically..

Yuvi:you both are shameless I know even she too you both can’t leave drink..

Kunj:don’t come to me kunj give me one bottle huhu.. sambal aapne luggage ko.. he went in washroom..

he too went in another washroom even Aditi too..

@After sometimes later they all get freshen and went to dinning area daee jaa was waiting for them they all quietly sits and having their breakfast without doing any chu Chapad..

Daee:how’s your work going on??

Kunj:very good.just than Usha and Bebe come there and give them surprise..

Daee:Arey aap dono..aaiye na please..

Kunj:MAA and Bebe you both here in morning.

Usha:yes we come because we wanted to meet with your daee jaa..

Yuvi:hoo have breakfast with us our daee jaa best breakfast..

Usha:you both carry on we had our breakfast just now only..

Kunj:okay bye guys I’m going..

Yuvi:same here..

Usha: where are you going..??

Kunj: MAA where we’ll go expect that office. Bye he kissed on Usha and daee jaa forehead about to go but stop remember he forgot his special person. He went to aditi and give her tight hug kissed on her forehead. Bye sweetheart..

Aditi: same kamina.Yuvi give her flying kiss Aditi act like she take and throw it all laugh out.. Kunj Pulled Yuvi and they both left for office..

Purushottam Deewan was sleeping with young girl.. he wake up and look at girl give flirty smile..

Puru: hot chick.?..girl wake up and look at deewan he get up wear his silk robe. And. Throw money on girl face.. take your payment and leave from here before anyone will see you..

Girl:okay call me tonight he winked at her.
Puru:smile and look at girl she peaked him and went from there while deewan get ping from his pa he saw and give smile..

Puru:let’s meet miss twinkle Taneja.. lustily he give laugh out..

Twinkle was sitting in garden and still thinking about kunj last night behaviour.,
Mehar come with her kids today they have holiday so even abeer house is near their house.Mehar see twinkle drowned in her thoughts he sit beside him and snap the finger near her face twinkle come in sense.And found Mehar sitting opposite to her..

Twinkle: mehar you here..

Mehar: yes I’m what happened you. You lost in very deep thought..

Twinkle: nothing is like this just thinking about today meeting so much work is pending and you know I’m the head of this project just than abeer come there and see twinkle.

Abeer: oyye miss Taneja don’t you wanted to go office..

Twinkle: yes I’m just going you come..

Abeer: okay hope they both alcoholic brothers too come on time..

Twinkle: they’ll come pade honge kahi pe pee ke abhi take their hangover can’t go.

Mehar: hehehe I was enjoying lot that girl Aditi truly funny.. (remember abeer don’t know about kunj so note that.)ammar come to twinkle.

Ammar: mamma we all going to park can we please..

Twinkle: ammar spend sometime with nanu Nani..

Ammar: no mamma I promise to Romir I’ll come so now I can’t break my bestie heart.

Twinkle:awww look at this bestie who is Romir I never seen him..

Mehar: very funny twinkle you just see him and Romir together what masti they did when this two comes together.

Twinkle:I’ll too meet with him soon. Okay bye go be careful and take nanny okay.

Ammar:okay bye he come near her and kissed on her cheeks and left..

Twinkle:mera beta..

Even twinkle and abeer too left for office.

Kunj and yuvi already reached and they both sitting in conference room both doing something fishy in laptop..

Kunj: idiot see perfectly I put in his pocket..

Yuvi: dekh hi raha hu na why this not showing anything did really you put that microphone..

Kunj:yes I know don’t forget I’m Kunj Sarna after drink also I’m in my sense.

Yuvi:haa pata hai why this not working he is more smart than us kunj..

Kunj:but don’t dare to forget koi kitna bhi smart ho he always left one clue behind himself.

Yuvi: it’s not easy to make him confess everything did you think..

Kunj:we wanted proof Yuvi that we’ll get it soon I know what his weak nerves ?girls.

Yuvi:saala totally freaking Casanova.. abeer and twinkle come and they directly entered in conference room and find Yuvi and Kunj get surprised to see them here before them quite surprised for them..
Kunj and yuvi see them they immediately off the laptop and look at them they com inside..

Abeer:hi guys you both here before us amazing I thought you both will be sleeping till now.Kunj give smile..

Kunj:yeh hi toh galt baath logo ki they itself assumed anything about anyone.

Twinkle:acha what about you.Didn’t you think itself anything about anyone.

Abeer:you both don’t start again don’t know why and which Tom and jerry fight you both doing it..they both take their seats.

Twinkle:where is other’s twinkle call her pa he come and tell her that deewan is on the way.. till than they normally discuss about meeting.Kunj just looking at twinkle while she knows he staring her she ignore him. Twinkle smirked and message vikram.He entered in conference room after see him kunj smile immediately disappeared vikram working with twinkle in her office.Come vikram he sits.deewan come and meet with them.

Puru: I really like you guys after party today you all come for work very passionate toward your work..

Kunj:yes sir we are even you too. In this age also you are working so hard..

Puru: yes work is my everything..hope our first session report is ready..

Kunj:yup mr deewan..
Kunj forward the file to him deewan see and get very impressed to see kunj work..

Puru:how you do it I mean it’s so hard people take weeks you just do it in one day. All data already you make are you sure only this much amount we needed on this project.

Kunj: in arrogant voice yes I’m. Why you thinking we needed more money. We’ll see step by step before only we invest our money what’s the profit in this. I didn’t wasted my single penny even didn’t let anyone wasted others money too. Puru give him doubtful look..

Puru:I didn’t get it young man..

Kunj:nothing I’m very enthusiasm business man?..shall we began the meeting. Already 30 minuets we wasted..

Twinkle:right.They started the meeting.

Twinkle explaining each and everything. What they planned for this project.. deewan must interested in twinkle beauty. Than Kunj babu see and closed his fist.
Deewan asked them serval questions..

Abeer: sir don’t you think for this project we should take place in city so we can give good things to these kids. Puru think and look at abeer.

Puru:I know mr Malhotra but can’t do anything.

Kunj: But we didn’t meet with those Orphaned children let’s meet with them and asked what they wanted we’ll do what they wanted don’t you think this all questions making puru angry..

Puru:it’s my work not yours so better you just complete this orphanage plant after I’ll see it.Kunj and yuvi understands their question making him aggressive..they all keep quite he give file to them..

soon meeting get over deewan hug twinkle and went from there.. Kunj sit on the table. And see the file which puru leave for them.

Twinkle: it’s office my not your club..

Kunj:why you always become like geyser baby it’s already so hot be ac it’s good for us even for you too all giggles while twinkle fuming on him..

Vikram: let’s go twinkle she hold his hand and went from there..

Abeer: you are really amazing kunj.

Kunj:love you bro give him flying kiss.They too went in their cabin which twinkle give them kunj and yuvi in same cabin which opposite to twinkle only glass window between them they can see each other..

Yuvi:see this dirty puru.

Kunj:saale wanted to make orphanage house just in world eyes but his main motive behind this nobody know.. orphanage just for namesake real me toh.

Wanted to make brothel house(a house where men visit pr*stitutes)

Yuvi:True But didn’t you think it’s bad if we make this project I mean complete.

Kunj:take the coffee mug because twinkle told them in her office not alcohol allowed.
Who told you we’ll complete this project he tell us orphanage house we’ll make orphanage house only he think knocking shop. Saala buster knock up man.. (Vulgar Slang To make someone pregnan)

Kunj went near window and pulled the curtains and see twinkle working looking so innocent..

Yuvi: what happened what did you thinking??

Kunj: nothing Yuvi just time change people lot what people say love can teach us and give the reason to live but this love also snatch the reason from us to live in love only you’ll get betrayed. Look at her she is so happy in her life after make my life hell.. Iss ke bewafai me I’m become alcoholic Kunj who didn’t touch the bottle her betrayed make me this kunj who can’t stay without drink because I’ll feel good still yeh bhi nahi Chadti hai.i wanted to lose my sense but how much I’ll drink still in sense.
Kunj take out the nip alcohol small bottle from his pocket and pour some drop in his coffee.. Yuvi see him and get shocked.

Yuvi:you’ll die kunj if you drink 24/7 hours.

Kunj:he laugh out painfully who wanted to alive..sad rabaa ve play in bg????.

After sometime they all again sit and Kunj explaining them plot plan which design he make it..

Abeer: right way kunj but this more

able to be understood in plan model..

Kunj: yes abeer more understandable..

don’t worry model will be soon in front of your eyes.

Twinkle: Kunj your site plan this amazing even I like too but don’t you think in which way puru sir wanted it’s totally different after see his  file.

Abeer: But kunj design is perfect twinkle I didn’t like even not understand puru sir design its totally different from orphanage house I mean the way he wanted what’s the need of so many rooms in different different corners I mean.

Vikram: abeer is absolutely right twinkle it’s seemed like boudoir (a woman’s bedroom or small private room.)

Kunj: perfect word you give vikram.

Murmured but these this twinkle can’t understand mad girl..

Twinkle:what you murmuring haa??

Kunj:nothing. We too invested our part in this project let this puru do whatever he wanted saala

Yuvi:limp-dick old…

all make omg face while twinkle looking here and there.. Kunj give him death glares.

Kunj:shut up Yuvi.. so listen here specially you Mrs Taneja.
abeer get confused twinkle gestures him leave it.. they all discuss Each and everything.After they take the break.

Abeer:master mind you kunj..

Kunj:you just wait and see my mind.. just than Kunj pa come along with someone..

Zara: sir someone come to meet you.

Kunj: who??..

Man:sir I’m the owner of hard rock club..

Kunj:so… in annoying voice..

Man:sir miss aditi didn’t give my payment.

Kunj: hoo Okay how much..

Man:10k.. sir all shocked..

Yuvi:she drink 10k ki???..

Kunj:okay I’m sorry behalf of her. zara give him his payment..

Man:thanks sir.. he left.. as soon as that man left immediately Aditi come and see him.

Yuvi: le aagai kunj..

Aditi: what this man doing here..

Yuvi: he come here to take his payment dayaan you drink 10k alcohol still alive.

Aditi: yup??. But I don’t know I drink only 10k alcohol thinking maybe less..
Kunj pressing his laugh..

Kunj:Aditi are you mad totally. It’s not about money..

Aditi:don’t give him money buster..

Yuvi:think this before drink baby.

Twinkle: you drink this much why it’s not good for health..

Aditi: jo nahi peeta woh kaunsha amar rahata hai twinkle. At least kaha pee ke maro??.. haina BF Both did  hifi. And you get up come with me..

Kunj:aditi I cant you see I’m in office na you can go alone where you wanted.

Aditi:Arey please na..

Kunj: hmm not today but tomorrow I’ll try you understand please..

Aditi:okay BF ??. She hugged him. I’m going out can I.

Kunj:sure but come on time don’t be late and take car and guards too don’t know where you’ll sleep in your hangover..

Aditi:woh toh hai.. she give smile which make kunj really happy.. bye. She went from there.. twinkle see kunj and her bond. Kunj take out nerds gummy candy from his pocket and having it twinkle see and shocked.

Abeer: you eat this like kids??..

Kunj:it’s my favourite nerds gummy candy .i love it.. twinkle Remember how ammar love this nerds gummy candy like a kunj even Kunj having in same type like ammar have not ammar have in kunj style.

Yuvi: give me..

Kunj: I’ll not share this you know bro??.

After sometimes later when their work completed kunj and yuvi leave..

Twinkle was in her car going home on the way.. she resting her head near window and thinking about Aditi and Kunj.

Twinkle:he didn’t love me this much today I can see love in his eyes for Aditi..mere pyaar ka toh koi naam hi nahi hai babaji..

Only Ammar exist between us. I thought ammar is existence of our love.But not kunjj after see You today I thought you’ll changed after read it but not. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes one side kunj and Aditi face flashing in twinkle eyes in another her small soul who craved for Papa.

Aditi went out with her friend girl group. Only two men’s exist in her life that Kunj and yuvi.. while Kunj and yuvi get bored think let’s go and play with kids they buy gifts for them. They left for garden and see kids playing happily they too went and see their little gang was too there kunj see ammar and bright smile automatically comes on kunj lips..

Kunj: hi bacha party.. they turned and see Yuvi and Kunj started jumping in happiness..

Ammar:Arey lambu uncle??.

Kunj:oyye lambu hoga Tere baap.

Romir; hoo Papa gift for us.. Yuvi and Kunj give them gifts.

Kunj:let’s play game..


Romir:today I’m in kunj Chachu team..

Ammar:okay if you think you take him in your team ammar will lose never bro.Kunj and yuvi see ammar in shocking way..

Romir:okay challenge.they all stand in side ammar looking at Romir in same way when kunj look at his competitor.the match starts Yuvi and ammar in one team.

While playing kunj eyes on just ammar moves he so zeal boy like him whatever he wanted that he want to get it at any cost. But Not matter how??That passion kunj see in ammar eyes which surprised him after himself  he saw someone too like him.The basketball is in kunj hands kunj about to do goal but ammar come and take the ball leave kunj shocked.ammar give ball to Yuvi and he did the goal. Ammar raises his eyes brows and show to kunj he see and get amazed. Like this match going on just for ammar kunj playing let match easygoing that smile he see on ammar face when he winning the match Against kunj. At last ammar win the match he jumping in happiness don’t know why kunj world too get happy in his happiness unknown feeling and touch for kunj.

Yuvi:wowwwww ammar great player..

Romir:uff we lose Chachu..

Kunj: hmmm Yuvi see kunj lost in his thoughts.They all get tired and they sits on land.ammar drinking water he was so thirsty in one go slightly he choked so badly started coughing kunj see him he started patting on his full pidhi..

Ammar:hmm.. kunj make him drink water with his hands and wiped his lips

Yuvi: abey oyy K3(kamina& kutta kunj)?

Till now you didn’t like kids I mean to clean their face and all’s just for games you love them to spend time with them. How behaving like nanny??kunj Sarna superb name why not you Open this business ??.. kunj give him death glares..

Kunj:you just shut up..

Romir: Papa ice cream..

Yuvi:come let’s have ice cream all kids went with Yuvi while Ammar and Kunj still sitting..

Kunj:aur pidhi hows you..

Ammar:see I win..

Kunj:??Iii know how . aur pidhi..

Ammar: my name is not pidhi I’m AMMAR.

Kunj:hoo ammar nice name it’s my favourite name.

Ammar:haa now me bhi aapka favourite Kunj look at him nodded his head in yes??.Kuand  

and make him sit on his lap.

Kunj: yes you are my favorite now even before you someone too he remembered that small ammar miss him.

Ammar:who he is buddy.??

Kunj:don’t know his name but he is too cute like you I saw him when he is so small can’t even walk.

Ammar:he laugh Arey buddy small baby is your friend and favourite haaa.. good..

I didn’t like small kids they do noise pollution lot this hiya sister too same.

Kunj:acha ji he laugh out on his antics..

First I didn’t like but when I meet with him he was the one baby whom I loved Lot.. don’t know how he look now become little big like you..

Ammar:now you forgot him and remember me because I didn’t like my love ones to share with anyone.. even Romir is my friend if he talks to anyone I didn’t like it.

Kunj:you jalkukda??..

Ammar:haa.. you don’t miss him remember me as his place okay..

Kunj:okay mere baap???. kissed on kunj cheeks and cuddles him tightly this all Yuvi see from far and give smile. Kunj take out and give ammar

Nerds gummy candy ammar see and give smile..

Ammar: dost it’s my favourite candy.

Kunj: you have this..

Ammar: yes mamma didn’t allowed me but still I have.. gum hai na little bit??.. Kunj give him. Both bounce the candy in air and directly land on their mouth??..
Yuvi and kids come back and give ice cream to kunj and ammar.. Romir let’s celebrate your defeat..

Romir: haa Arey.. Both cheers up with ice cream Yuvi and Kunj see them.

Yuvi: why you both celebrating this kiddos.

Romir: Papa we celebrated each other’s defeat too.

Kunj:why?? Usually people celebrate victory ..

Ammar:yes but we’re different na to celebrate your defeats it’s also amazing sometimes try it you both. Kunj and yuvi laugh out with surprisingly..

Yuvi:oyye pidhi even we too did same..

Just that there ammar nanny come.. ammar see her and hide behind kunj back. While all get confused.

Nanny:ammar baba come it’s you susu time ????…

Ammar: Arey Don’t say this why you doing izzat ka falooda.. all listen and laughing..

Hiya:haa take this baby if he did pee in his clothes ???.

Ammar:you just stop nip*le face..

Ammar: you go mujhe pee nahi aarahi hai..

Nanny:but what about mamma.

Ammar:I’ll handle mamma..

Nanny:I can’t lie with her..

Ammar: acha he come in front. What about that time when you secretly eat laddoos from the kitchen that time where your sachaai ki devi went.. Kunj hold his head totally he is master mind..

Nanny: huhu I’ll telll mam about you..

Ammar:go ahead I’ll fire you ??.. nanny went from there. Wasted my precious time man. Come Romir where were we.. Kunj bend down sits on his knees.

Kunj:from where you learned this man. Totally full package what your mother eat before giving you birth.

Ammar:I don’t know but I’ll asked her and tell you okay.

Kunj: yes ????. Kunj pulled his cheeks.

Yuvi: your mother set your pee time too?. What a mother and son funny..

Ammar: my mother is so cute but sometimes little Weird she didn’t understand now I m become big no more pamper baby.

Hiya: hoo look who’s talking you remember karna he pee in his clothes last.

Ammar: haa so what uncontrollable hogaya ta issliye ???..

Hiya:can’t you control on pee.. ? helpless

Ammar: yeah helpless even mujhe toh Tere phar bhi bhut gusaa aata hai but control karta hu na nip*le face ???. Don’t Know when I’ll lose my anger control and shower on you behana…

Yuvi:bas bas kya bacha hai???Hats off you man really Tere baap toh bada kamina hoga I’m sure????   Us ki factory ka junior product aesha hai..

Kunj:tujhe bada pata what about yours Iss ke ka toh pata nahi But Tere damn sure ??dono hi damn kamine dayaan..?..

Yuvi: hehehe very funny but I can say one thing if you have baby than he was exact copy of this ammar ???.. I can find out your some Germs inside him..

Kunj:haahaa I think still you are drunken.

Whole evening kunj and yuvi spend with kids they do masti lot that they can’t

Describe in words what happiness they get it with this kids Kunj specially with ammar.

Twinkle was in her room waiting for ammar he come and twinkle see him he immediately hug her ..

Ammar:mamma I win again.

Twinkle:good mere bacha. I’ll prepare milk for you okay.

Ammar:no mamma I have lot today.

Twinkle:what did you eat ammar again outside food you’ll get I’ll na..

Ammar: offo mamma first that nanny aunty do falooda of my izzat now you.

Twinkle: stop talk like him she stop in middle.

Ammar: mamma whom like I talk tell me.

Twinkle:nothing I’ll give you bath first.

She take him washroom and give him bath while taking bath ammar tease twinkle lot.

Twinkle dress up him.. than both mother and son sit together because Rt and Leela went out for some work they’ll come late even fuzu too.

Ammar: mamma you know what. My new friend like my name he told me that Ammar name is his favourite name..

Twinkle:okay.. now sleep you must be tired before sleep ammar just have little bit milk.

Ammar:okay just little bit.. twinkle call servant and tell him to bring milk for ammar he bring quickly she make him drink with her hands wiped ammar lips making him sleep she patting on his head.

Twinkle laying down beside ammar and see him. She remember one day flash back.

Twinkle watching someone dailysoap saerial with full concentration.

Twinkle: Kunj see this baby is so cute. Kunj see it’s really cute baby..

Kunj: right so adorable.

Twinkle: even his name too cute..

Kunj:no I didn’t like this name if I had baby in future I’ll keep his name ammar.

Twinkle: why is it anything special in this.

Kunj:yeah because I love this name meaning twinkle. Bol na you’ll keep this name.

Twinkle: don’t know where this topic come kunj. It’s little awkward for them like this nothing between them. Kunj pulled her name to him and held her Chin with his finger made her look at him..

Kunj: I know abhi aesha kuch nahi hai but future me toh hoga hi na humara baby. I’m not saying about now.. twinkle blushed on this baby topic.

Twinkle:tum bhi na kunj kuch bhi. She hide her face..

Kunj:why you blushing baby is normal even we are too someone baby now it’s our time you just escaping from me when I come close to you.. twinkle hide her face under kunj chest and both smiling like anything. Twinkle you didn’t give me the answer please one day we’ll to become one don’t know when’ll that day come in our life. In heart when you fell for me same twinkle think..

Twinkle: okay Mr Kunj Sarna I’ll promise to you I’ll Keep your favourite name to our baby whenever he’ll come it’s my promise don’t worry where’ll we are.

Kunj: why where?? We always together.

Tears falling from twinkle eyes In present.

Twinkle:you didn’t fulfil your promise kunj you aren’t with me on our baby time I keep his name what you wanted but what you did you toh don’t know you have one small baby. How easily you move on in your life with Aditi what about me I’m standing there only where you leave me alone.. you all abused me when my baby was in my womb whatever words coming in your mouth you all shower on me even didn’t think once about me after in Mumbai also abused my baby ???.. if I have power in my name I’ll vanished your blood inside from his body than he didn’t went on you I can’t this dark fact of my life I can’t change it after how much I deny. You always his father and remain I didn’t give your name but your reflection I can’t remove this..???.. one time you didn’t ask me Twinkle yeh bacha kesh ka hai..

Kunj and yuvi went in deewan office like a thief and everywhere darkness..

Yuvi: in low voice kunj what you’ll get here bro..

Kunj: chup na open your mouth less let’s find out something we’ll get Yuvi here.

They both slightly went in cabin having torchlight in their hands. Both started finding something but wearing gloves. so nobody couldnot take their finger prints.
Deewan is not small thing. Kamini since from birth.. Kunj see something and give smile while Yuvi look at him hey confused.

Yuvi: what you get..

Kunj:Machli chahe kitni bhi tezz ho … ek baar kaante mein phas jaye toh kilo ke bhav bikti hai(No matter how fast a fish is … once it gets stuck on the hook then it sells by the kilo) episode end on their face..

no object is mysterious the mystery is your eyes..


How was the episode??

Hope you like it.. don’t know why you all confused but I’m loving it???.. 

step by step hope your confusion clear.. 

this episode I write long back so today I post can’t write more hope you all understand just for some days back to the mood.. again.. think more ??… 

Thanks to bear me???.. 

bye love you all and best of luck each and everyone..  belated birthday bday shalini Remember me in your prayers 


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  1. Meharin

    Awesome appi:)kunj and amar’s scene is amazing:)read well and try 2 post soon if u can:)love u.Allah hafiz

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    Fantastic episode pls post soon

  3. Vibhu

    Great update
    Ammar & kunj’s scenes were the cutest. ?
    This Deewan is a big kamina! ?
    I hope Kunj gets to know the reality soon.

  4. Fabulous episode…
    Plz post next soon and RSSNI and plz it’s a request plz post tomorrow RSSNI or IPKND bcz it’s my birthday plzzzzzz

  5. It was an amazing epi ???
    Firstly, the most adorable part was kunj & ammar scenes..they were super cute …ammar is but carbon copy of kunj …we can say he is our little kunj ???
    This deewan is bda hi kamina type ka bnda ???
    Yuvi , aditi & kunj shares a super cool bond ..luv them .??❤❤❤
    Daai ja is so sweet ….?
    Overall it was superb ??
    Luved it ??
    Luv u ???

  6. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Just superb episode amazing

  7. Hello di episode was super specially Amar and kunj di pls tell me if you know why ssk jisne pyaar karna sikha writer not post ff and si pls post rssi bhi jaldi post karna because I love your ff

  8. Hi Di lovely episode it was really awsm and specially the amamr and kunj scene but I want twinj wala tashan mere I really love the fights plsss post soon Di love u take care

  9. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Loved it????

  10. Awesome amazing
    And kids are superb.
    Hope Kunj will get to know about his baby soon.
    Amazing yaar

  11. Sameera

    Amazing yaar lovedddd it so much man awesome chapter twinj ????…
    This Kunj is really very big idiot man ????
    Post soon cant wait for the mystery to get solved …
    Love you ?????

  12. Fantastic fabulous episode kiya
    Ammar yrrr kya bacha h ye ?????
    Ye deewan to ek no. Ka kamina h
    Kunj bechara aabhi bhi twinkle ko vikran ki wife sochta h
    Superb episode
    Luvvvv u sweetheart ??????????

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