The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 16

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Days started passing by. Ragini was now overall normal and started taking care of her sister.

In a dark room.

We could see a man standing in front of a big picture of swara’s.

Man: Swara I’m missing you…..i want to u. Please come back to me. Oh my plan got flopped last time but this time it’s never going to be…. (Smiles like a manic)

He switched on the light which reveals to be Sahil.

@Maheshwari mansion

Days started passing by (1 month). Ragini was now overall normal and started taking care of her sister.


Ragini is doing all the preparations as tomorrow is Holi and today they have holi dhan function today evening in their mansion. Inspite of this sanskar, sujata, AP and ragini offen comes to check swara.

@ Swasan’s room:

It’s been afternoon. Swara is sitting on the bed with many sarees in front of her. She was thinking which she should wear. Sanskar came in.

SAN: Swara.. (stopped his words seeing his wife)

He smiled a little and sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her.

SWA: Sanskar u itself choose na what shall I wear today evening.

SAN: K let me do.

He looked at all her saress. After seeing everything he took a saree.

SAN: Swara this will be nice.

SWA: Only nice? (Pouts)

SAN: ha…. beautiful

SWA: Only beautiful?

Sanskar came closer to her ears

SAN: Don’t do this otherwise I will not be able to control.

Swara flushed red.

SWA: Who’s asking u to control?

Sanskar’s smirk face changed into suprised one.

SAN: Oh….. Shall I then?

Leaned a little over her while she pushed him back a little through her hands on his chest. Sanskar laughed a little.
Swara smiled. Sanskar got a call so he went out to attend.


Sanskar was all ready but not his pretty wife. Swara is sitting on the bed and sanskar on his knees near swara.

SAN: Princess it’s getting late (catches both her hands).

SWA: I’ll get ready, I’ll do but please wait.

SAN: Swara try to…….

Suj: Sanskar.

Sanskar stood up and swara too.

Sujata came near them and took the saree from the bed.

Suj: I’ll make swara ready. Come swara.

Sujata started walking towards the dressing room followed by swara. But she stopped as she felt a tight grip on her wrist. She turned to see her lovely husband staring at her, he pulled her a little closer to him.

SAN: If you told me this before I could have helped u. (Wispers)

Swara flushed red as she understood what he meant.

Suj: Swara come.

SWA: Ha ma.

Swara went inside and sanskar sat on the bed while laksh too joined him and both talked a bit about their business and laksh left. Sujata came out followed by swara. Swara was drapped in a beautiful red saree with gold borders and blouse, he was just rooted in that place seeing her. Feeling his intensive gaze swara looked down blushing. Sujata smiled and left giving privacy to them. Sanskar came towards her and lifted her chin up. Their eyes met and they shared a beautiful eyelock.
He spoke without breaking the lock.

SAN: Looking gorgeous.

Swara blushed even more.  He kissed her forehead.

SAN: Come let’s go.

Swara nodded and went to the hall and attended the puja. All wishes “Happy Holi”
to each other.

Lak: All come out let’s go and celebrate.

All smiled and started moving outside.

SAN: Swara come let’s go to our room.

SWA: Nooooooo please sanskar I want to celebrate please (pleases cutely)

Sanskar melts.

SAN: K only for sometime.

SWA: Yeah! (Hugs him)

All went out, Raglak were infront of swasan. Soon after reaching the doorstep a pool of color water fell down on them. Swasan were suprised. Raglak was like ‘Aww’ but soon got indulged in celebrating. Swara was admiring them and sanskar saw this and wrapped his arms around her.

SWA: Look sanskar after soooo many days they r happy now.

SAN: Ah swara.

SWA: Wish their happiness stays longer forever.

SAN: It will.

Sanskar dragged her a little and they went to the back of the mansion. Swara stood in the support of the pillar and sanskar was standing in front of her.

SAN: U applied colors to everyone but didn’t do for me?

Swara who had colors on one hand transferred a little to the other and she applied it on both of his cheeks.

SAN: Now for me?

He caged her in the pillar and both were together so close. He placed his cheek on hers and did that on the other. Swara was catching him tightly with eyes closed enjoying his closeness. After applying the colors he looked into her eyes with lots of love. He moved closer to her but Swara pushed him a little through his chest and walked away all blushing. Later Sanskar too joined them. Swara was enjoying Holi in full swag. She was throwing colors and playing  with everyone. Sanskar was always having a eye on his wife. It has been 1 hour since swasan were there. Sanskar felt a little worried for her health as she didn’t even sit down. He went near her.

SAN: Swara come that’s enough of playing Holi, u take rest.

SWA: No sanskar please na!

SAN: No please come.

Swara agreed like a small kid and went with sanskar to their room.

@ Swasan’s room

Swara was sitting on the bed and sanskar closed the door. He came and sat near her.

SWA: Sanskar

SAN: Hmm?

SWA: I want something?

SAN: Ask

SWA: I want bhang.

Sanskar who was drinking water spilled it out and looked at swara in horror.

SAN: R u serious? U want to have bhang?

Swara nodded her head in yes while sanskar looked at swara in disbelief, like seriously, she wanted to have bhang now.

SAN: Ask me anything but not that. I will never give u.

Swara made a cute pout.

Sanskar took a chocolate bar which he already had and gave it to her. She winced happily and started enjoying her chocolate. She completed her bar.

SAN: Swara

SWA: Ha sanskar

He hugged her. Swara was surprised yet she too reciprocated.

SWA: What happened?

SAN: I’m feeling something wrong is going to happen.

Swara cupped his face.

SWA: Nothing will happen, don’t over think k?

Sanskar nodded yet he felt something restless in his heart still, he made her lie and she too slept.

It’s evening by now. Swara came out wearing a loose white dress with gold borders. After all the celebration in the evening it was 8:30 now. Everyone has ate already.

SWA: Sanskar we’ll go to park na!

SAN: k we’ll go.

Both came down and sanskar slided his hand in his pocket to take out his car keys.

SWA: What happened?

SAN: Jaan I left my keys in our room, u be here, I’ll take and come.

Swara nodded. Sanskar went up.

Swara was standing but someone closed her mouth from behind. Her eyes widened. She tried to look behind as well as to get out of the grip but the one who was holding her’s grip was stronger. The unknown used a handkerchief which had tranquilizer in it which made her faint but she saw the face and was shocked.

SWA: Sahil

with this mere whisper she fainted.


PRECAP: Sanskar get know about swara’s kidnap.

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