Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niranjan sleeping in the bus while it gets vacant at the last stop. The conductor asks Niranjan to wake up. Niranjan asks where are we. The man says Mumbai. He gets down the bus and asks for next bus to Pune. The man says you will get it in morning. Niranjan says I had to find Shlok, where will I find Shlok in Mumbai, I had to apologize to him. He says I did not feel helpless like this before. He starts walking barefoot. Its morning, Astha sweeps the house. Rekha comes and greets Anjali. She says everything is going fine now, have this Prasad. Astha says my hands are not clean, give it to Aai. Rekha says I went to temple to do puja, and talks to Anjali. She says Pappu and Chowksi are waiting, till he sees me face, he does not go for work, and leaves.

Anjali says she also wants to go to temple. Astha says Shlok will come, then I will take you. Anjali says I will go myself, you also wanted me to become independent, let me go, I will come back soon. Astha says fine, take care. Anjali comes to a temple and does not see Niranjan sleeping in the bench. He wakes up and senses something.

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Niranjan goes in the temple and says I m responsible for all this, I did wrong with everyone, I want to rectify my mistake, and I m ready to face all punishment, just make me meet my son, he used to preach me and I kicked him out, don’t know who is he, my life is waste without him. The pandit gives him Prasad. He says if you have so much belief in Lord, you will get your son, is he lost. Niranjan says no, I lost him. He thinks he should leave for Pune soon, I will find my son. Anjali puts grains for the birds and Niranjan comes there, and gets hurt. Anjali turns but some people come in between. He removes the thorn from his foot and leaves.

A man sees Anjali and snatches her mangalsutra. She says thief and runs after him. Shlok opens Astha’s hair and asks her to change her bindi. He says you make me do all the work. She says I do all the work. You just get the vegs from market, so don’t argue. He says fine, you won, where is Aai. She says she went to temple. He asks alone? You should have told me, I would have gone. She has come just few days back. She says I told you to wait but she said she is confident and will go alone, don’t worry, she will come, she is our Aai, and more strong than us, she knows the way, I went with her before to that temple.

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Niranjan hears Anjali and the mangalsutra falls on his feet. He says Anjali…… Kalindi says she will return the property to Ankush and he will be happy knowing this. Mala thinks you will be free of your duty, but what about me, what to do, I will ask her to give papers to me and I will give Ankush, by first confessing my love, maybe he will accept my love in his happiness to get papers. Niranjan runs after Anjali, and falls. The people gather there. Anjali comes there and sees him. She sees the watch, his ear tops, and recalls how he has troubled her in the past. She cries and asks him to get up, what happened.

The man says he is hurt. She makes him drink water. Niranjan apologizes to her. She asks people to help her. Shlok and Astha worry for Anjali. She says she will come along. They get food orders. Shlok says you stay here, I will go. Astha says Bappa don’t bring any problem in our life now. Niranjan tells Anjali to make her meet Shlok, its his request. She asks about his state. He says I don’t care why all this happened, I just want to meet my son and apologize to him, and Astha. I m regretting and ashamed of my doings, I request you to make me meet Shlok. She asks you tell me how did this happen.

He says what should I tell you, if I repented earlier, I would have not seen this day, my blood has cheated me. She asks what. He says yes, and says Varad named everything on his name by cheating me, I was helpless, when I opposed, then he has kicked me out of the house. He says he proved me mad infront of everyone and forgot I m his father. Anja,li says Varad can’t do this, I know my son. I can’t believe all this. Niranjan says its not your mistake, I understand you believe Varad. I have hurt you always and how can I blame Varad then. Its all result of my mistakes, its fine, take me to Shlok.

He says say anything, scold me or don’t be quiet, fine, don’t trust me, I m culprit of my son, take me to him, I will apologize and lighten the burden of my heart and leave. She asks how can I believe you want to apologize to him. She says I have seen you hating his fav things He says I love him, I wanted not to get restless by seeing his fav things. He insists and says I found him a lot, please, how will you trust me. Anjali thinks Niranjan is ashamed of his mistakes, maybe I misunderstood him, but Shlok… She recalls Shlok hates him too. She says he won’t meet you. He says I will die, I can’t live without Shlok, help me

He gives her the mangalsutra and folds his hands saying I will never show my face again, I request you to take me to Shlok. She cries and thinks she can’t leave Niranjan alone, she can’t move back from her wife’s duty. She wears the mangalsutra. She says come. Shlok comes there to the temple, and Anjali leaves with Niranjan. Shlok thinks where is Aai, and looks for her.

Anjali asks Niranjan to take rest. Niranjan apologizes to Astha. Shlok comes home and is shocked seeing Niranjan at home.

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    i had heared from g+ tat the show is going to off air very soon i wish it should not happen

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  5. shamim kasim

    Finally we see niranjan on his knees…. about time

  6. Nice episode…no words…

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