Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani falling and Yuvraaj holding her. Saawre…………….plays…………….. She goes to clean her dress. Yuvraaj sees the fishes and smiles. Murari sees the divorce papers and asks Krishna. Krishna asks do you still think I m wrong. Murari explains her to try again. Krishna says I m fed up trying to reach Soumya, she hates to see me. Murari says she is young, we will talk to her, don’t sign the papers. Krishna says fine. Lalita and Rakhi hear this. Rakhi and Lalita talk about the cheque and they can encash it in bank. Yuvraaj talks to Sharad about Suhani getting dirt by playing with Snoopi. Sharad says enough, its Soumya’s mistake, she was not playing with snoopi, Soumya’s foolishness made the fish drain in basin….

Suhani thinks she should talk to Soumya about her lie. Soumya comes and says thanks you found the fish. Suhani asks why did she not tell her, Yuvraaj;s image would have got down infront of his friends. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that Suhani and I have found the fish, waiting for one hour at the pipe, she did this to save your respect. Yuvraaj says why did she not tell me. Sharad says she was worried why did Soumya lie to her, that snoopi has ate the fish, if you knew it, you would have got angry, Snoopi helped us in finding the fish. Yuvraaj says I should ask Suhani why did she hide this. Suhani asks Soumya why did she lie. Soumya says I was scared, I don’t like to lie, I came to see this fish. She leaves. Suhani says its not good to blame others for mistake being scared.

Yuvraaj asks Soumya did the fish go in basin because of her. She cries and says yes, it happened by mistake. She says I lost the fish and I was scared. I know it was very imp for you. He gives her tissues. He says you should have not lied. Soumya says Suhani was shouting on me, so I lied. He says its ok, calm down. Dadi comes and supports Soumya. Yuvraaj leaves. Soumya says she is thinking to talk to Krishna once. Dadi says fine, talk to him. Dadi says ask him was the cheque enough for him or not. Soumya asks which cheque. Dadi says I have sent Rs 10 lakhs cheque along with divorce papers, to know does he care for you or not, but he has proved that he does not need your love, he wants money.

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She says he has sat silently, he is like this, do you still want to talk to him, or think of going back to him. She says Yuvraaj cares for you, and scolds Suhani for petty mistakes, and forgiven you for big mistake, think well and decide, the last decision will be yours.

Suhani talks to Bhavna and says she is very happy, and talks to her. Yuvraaj comes to her. Suhani sees him upset and thinks what happened now. He asks why is she giving look. She asks what happened. He says whats the use, you won’t tell me how was your day. She says why won’t I, and stops. She says she fell playing with snoopi. He says lie more, Sharad told me everything, Soumya drained the fish. She says but she… He says by mistake drained. She says yes. He asks why does she lie. She smiles and says whats the use to say the truth, you would have got angry. He asks what problem she has with his nose. She says you always get your nose in the matter.

She asks where will he get his anger out. He says on you. She says fine, get angry and shout, I can’t digest food till then. She asks for a gift. He says fine, tell me what you want. She asks really? She says you have dinner with me tonight. He says done, lets go out. She says at home. He says fine, I will be late, you prepare. She says fine. He asks whats she doing on laptop. She says she got presentation order and will tell at dinner. He says fine. He says take care of yours, do the dressing. She says its small wound. He says sit quiet, and does the first aid, while talking to her. He jokes on her and laughs. She says you are jealous as snoopi loves me more. They laugh.

Suhani comes to Soumya, and sees her crying. She asks what happened, Yuvraaj said he did not tell you anything, I got scolded. Soumya says you do this easily, you made the reason to hurt me and now acting to share pain, you will become great infront of everyone. Suhani says its not because of me. Soumya argues. Rags hears them. Suhani leaves. Sharad tells Suhani that he told Yuvraaj, if Soumya did mistake, Yuvraaj should know. Suhani says she feels I complained to him. Sharad asks her to be careful of Soumya, as she is lying a lot these days. He leaves as Yuvraaj calls him. Suhani says she is my best friend.

Rags asks Soumya to make Yuvraaj towards her. Soumya says he is annoyed with me. Rags says make him happy, think what you have to do, don’t be late, else your share of happiness will be taken away by Suhani.

Dadi asks Soumya to do anything to spend time with Suhani. Suhani asks Soumya for medicines, and she gives her wrong medicines to make her sleep.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. to be good is no good

  2. Agree no use being this good and having some1 walking over u all the time. All the time that ugly girl accuses suhani of hurting her and poor suhani wnt even hurt a fly

  3. this soumya is getting cruel day by day.. how can someone b so selfish

  4. The good one’s always end up getting hurt!

  5. foolish dadi yuvraj scolds suhani 4 petty mistakes bcs he loves her and she is his wife he had every right on her…….

  6. Soumya should be rejected by yuvraj he should realize tha soumya wants the luxurious life not he himself..he should throw soumya out of the house..

  7. soumya does not deserve a friend like dare soumya is acting like a selfish b*t*h…..;>…….

  8. want to give a hard slap on the preety face but acting and basically be more than a devil ….phewwww…>hate her…***..dusro ki husband churane ki koushish karnewali..friendship ki koi value nahi denewali …..*****

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