Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankush meditating and acting like Baba. Mala laughs seeing him give the Pravachan. Ankush the old lady gives free advice, they are like Chanakya, don’t know why is Lord punishing me, to give me hell here. He says he will go the heaven and everyone will say Ankush Baba Ki Jai. Mala’s saree slips from her shoulder while she laughs. Ankush looks at her and asks her to make it right. He leaves. Mala says someone gave respect to me for the first time and smiles. Astha is worried thinking about Shlok’s anger. Sachin talks to her and asks what happened. She says she is not talking to Shlok and she needs to say she kept warm water for him. Sachin gives her an idea to sing and give the message. She gets glad and likes the idea. He says come to me if

you have any problem, I have ideas for every problem. She thanks him. He leaves

Astha sings and gives the message to Shlok to sign by warm water. Apsara looks on. Shlok goes to washroom and sees the water buckets. He thinks she is number 1 Astha smiles. He brings the buckets outside and keeps near Astha. He thinks Astha thanks, if he agrees this time, she won’t realize how much big mistake she did, if he is getting hurt to teach her, then its fine. Apsara smiles. She taunts Astha in her singing way, and asks her to wash the clothes with the warm water. Renuka smiles as Riya asks Sid to do her marriage grand with all functions. Renuka asks her not to worry, as they will go the marriage in five star hotel.

Sid says fine, the rituals can be done at home. Riya says she is not interested in simple functions. Sid asks Renuka to explain Riya, why to waste money, he can give her FD. Jyoti hears them, as Renuka blames Jyoti for all this. She says she will sell her village house to do Riya’s marriage. Varad comes to office. The staff does not see him once, and then apologizes. Varad gets angry and asks Mahesh to come in cabin. He says my name will be there at the cabin, and move Shlok’s name from his cabin, as Indrajeet Sarkar’s name will be there, everyone will know about him soon, I have to meet design team to get a new logo. Mahesh says first ask Niranjan before taking such a big decision.

Varad reminds him that he signs his salary cheque and threatens him to obey his orders. He makes himself clear and says he knows what to tell Baba and what not. Mahesh leaves. Varad sees Niranjan and Shlok’s pic, and puts inside. Astha sees Shlok and stares at him, thinking her husband is very hot and handsome. She gives him tea. Apsara also makes tea for Shlok. Astha asks Shlok how long will he stay angry. Apsara says she made tea for Shlok and gives him. Astha scolds her. She says he is her husband and she will make tea for him. Apsara asks Shlok will he have tea. Astha says why. Shlok takes tea from Apsara and says thanks. Astha is left stunned and makes a sad face, seeing him drink and praise it. Shlok leaves. Apsara asks Astha to go for work.

Mahesh tells Varad about staff asking about Indrajeet Sarkar, and they are not understanding the work pattern after Shlok went. Varad says make a circular and put it on notice board, that Varad Agnihotri will be the final authority for all decisions for branches of our institute. Mahesh says fine and leaves. Varad says he has enough, not anymore, he will not let them take Shlok or Baba’s name, only he will be the boss of this company. Astha talks to Shlok and he leaves. He hears some guys eyeing Astha dirtily and commenting on her.

Shlok gets angry and beats them. Astha asks him to leave them. Shlok says she is my wife whom you are calling item. Chowksi, Apsara and everyone come there.T The guys’ father defend the guy Satya. Astha and Shlok say the guy was teasing her and they will send them to jail. Satya’s dad also respects women and asks him are they saying right. Satya is silent. His parents slap and scold him, reminding he also has a sister at home, and should respect women. Sojal sees some necklaces. She asks or something new. The jeweler says he will bring new designs next time, Varad calls her and says if any call comes for Baba on landline, don’t let him answer it, take his mobile too and delete missed calls list. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, I will tell everything when I come home, just do this. She says fine, I will manage.

Astha asks Shlok is he hurt. He says do you care, I did not wish to open the food court because of this, people don’t come to have food, but to see you. He says women should work and be independent, but not in such bad places, I m worried about you, if anything happens to you, then what, I was here today, if I m not here tomorrow then. She says she is not afraid of anyone, and she will raise voice to stop all this. He says fine, we will do what we want, if this happens again, I will break their mouth. Astha asks why did he feel bad, and he can go to jail if he beats them. He says he will go to jail. She is his responsibility. She asks if you love me so much, why do you get angry, you can say sorry, I will accept. You can say I love you too, I know I m your life. He says this is not her dream sequence, he won’t tell sorry and I love you.

She says choice is yours, either say sorry or I love you, else I will create a scene. He says girls can never get better. Sajna ve…………..plays…………… She thinks she will make him say I love you in 24 hours, else her name is not Astha.

Astha cries and says her husband Shlok fights with her. She says till Shlok says I love you to me, I won’t come down, and looks drunk. She stumbles and falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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