Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani talking to Pratima. She says she met Krishna in the market and he wants to meet Soumya and make everything fine. She says she has seen Sharad seeing Soumya with love and wants to talk to Yuvraaj about them. Pratima says never, Soumya should give a chance to Krishna. Suhani says it was not a small fight, if a relation breaks, it takes much time to get like before. Lata hears Suhani and worries being mistaken. Pratima says we have to give a chance to Krishna. Dadi asks Soumya to get ready as they are going out.

Soumya tries some sarees and Dadi helps her in choosing. Yuvraaj comes to them. Dadi asks him to go with Soumya, to buy a saree for Soumya, from the shop from where he bought a saree for Suhani on her birthday. She says she wants everyone to see them in press conference today. He asks her to send Rags and Menka. Dadi says they went to parlor, I trust you, you go with Soumya. He says fine. Soumya smiles.

Suhani asks Lata what is her medicine doing in sink. Lata says it fell by mistake. Suhani asks her to say the truth and Lata lies to her. Sharad comes to meet Suhani and brings Yuvraaj too. Music plays…………… Yuvraaj asks did she feel he won’t come. She says I was sure you will come, but don’t know is this dream or true, as you are smiling, else you always stay angry. He ticks her face and asks is she sure noe that its true, else ask Sharad. She smiles. Sharad calls her again and again. She sees Yuvraaj has not come. Sharad says he understood whats going on in her heart, he regards her sister and saw the pain in her smiling eyes.

Rags and Menka tell Pratima that Yuvraaj is going for shopping with Soumya and how did he get interested. Menka says maybe he likes to go out with Soumya, so he agrees when Dadi said. Pratimaa says he is doing this for press conference and he obeys Dadi always. Dadi comes and scolds Pratima. She asks her to go and take rest. Yuvraaj sees Pratima upset and goes to meet her. She says Suhani’s mum is ill, you did not go to see her and going for shopping now. He says he is doing this for Dadi. She asks will he do what she says.

Sharad greets Lata. She says we would have felt good if Yuvraaj came. Sharad says yes, he made this plan, he got some work and went. Lata says its fine. Pratima tells Yuvraaj that Suhani had to stay at Lata, she still calls me, Lata does not have any son, you should visit him. Suhani tells about Krishna trying to reconcile with Soumya. Sharad is glad and says his happiness is in Soumya’s happiness. She smiles and thinks he is very good at heart. Yuvraaj and Soumya come for shopping. He does not like her choice. She says she wants to wear simple good color for the conference and asks his advice. He tells Dadi’s fav colors and she smiles.

Soumya sees a couple buying budget saree and thinks about Krishna. She chooses a Rs 50000 saree and enquires about the range. Yuvraaj hears her and asks her not to see the price, and just buy it what she likes. He says you are Birla family guest, we shop by liking it, not by rates. She smiles. Music plays……………..Soumya comes home and shows her saree to Dadi. She says Yuvraaj chose it and smiles. Dadi asks why two sarees. Soumya says one I chose and other Yuvraaj gifted me. Dadi says even she has something for her. Suhani cries and goes to open the door. She is shocked seeing Yuvraaj with the a flower bouquet.

She says no, this is my imagination. She shuts the door and Yuvraaj rings again. Dadi gifts Soumya the clothes she used to wear before marriage, and asks her to be happy, wear what she likes, life does not end with one marriage, everyone do mistake, it does not mean we bear it all life. Soumya smiles. Soumya thinks about Yuvraaj’s words that he loves her a lot, and tells Dadi that he knows her choice. Dadi asks does she know what Yuvraaj likes. Soumya asks what? Dadi smiles seeing her.

Pankaj asks Yuvraaj did he come to take Suhani. Yuvraaj says no. Pankaj says I should have understood you will do this after the loan is passed. Suhan hears them and asks what does he mean.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. when is suhani gonna find out the truth? sheesh and how long is it gonna keep happening in dadi’s favour?

    1. Upto directors choice.

  2. Only waste of time. It make no sense

  3. they are dragging too much

  4. Should we consider dis serial or should we consider its stupidity

  5. First of all playing games on a scared thigh called ‘Marriage” is wrong, as in
    this sierel elderly person like dadi encouraging the marriage of Sushasini’s
    to go astray and encouraging the lover of Yuraj’s to get closer to him, which is totally wrong.

  6. sorry pllz correct the spelling mistake as scared thing called ‘Marriage”

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