Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha talking while walking in the temple. They argue. Shlok asks her to come. They start walking together again. Shlok asks did you ask anything special from the God. Astha says she have a mannat to fulfill for her kids. Shlok asks about Indrajeet. Astha says he didn’t come. Shlok says it was good. He asks can you walk in hot weather. Astha says yes, says once I decide, I won’t back off. I will reach first and make you realize how strong I was. Indrajeet thinks about his conversation with Astha, and thinks last 6 months was peaceful, but what I have done today. I need to apologize to Astha. He says I will take my Barkha to a pleasant candle light dinner.

Sojal is working. Varad comes and sees her working and smiles. Sojal sees him and gets happy. She asks about plaster on his hand. Varad says he is fine. She asks about Niranjan. Varad says he is fine and he left him at the hospital. Varad asks about Shlok. Sojal says he went to temple with Astha. She tells everything to him. Varad says it is good. Sojal says Indrajeet wanted to marry Astha in 15 days. Varad says I won’t go anywhere and will be with you and Shlok now. He asks her to give water. Sojal smiles and goes to bring water.

Shlok talks about his love for Astha and hopes God will help him unite with her. Astha says you talks like a hero. Shlok says I am good looking and praises himself. They walk on the temple stairs. Astha feels dizzy. Shlok looks on. Astha says it is hot weather, but I will manage. She shouts as something pierced in her feet Shlok makes her sit and sees the blood coming out from her feet. Shlok says let me wash it. He cleans the wound with water. Astha looks on surprisingly. Shlok takes out his handkerchief and covers her wound. She stares him.

He asks are you fine? Astha nods and says she needs water. He makes her drink it with the pot. Khuda plays……………….She slips and falls on him. He makes her sit. Astha scolds him and says these romantic ideas come to your mind only. He holds her hand and starts walking again. Indrajeet calls her, but she disconnects her call. Indrajeet thinks why she cut my call. I would have gone with her. Indrajeet calls her again. She picks the call. Indrajeet asks you have gone far and tries to say…..but. Astha says she will call later. They fold their hands and stand infront of God. Panditji covers them with Mata Chunari. Astha and Shlok look on and stares each other. Pandit ji blesses them and says only those people can come to the temple whose love are true. He praises them and says Mata Rani shall make you together. Shlok says we are just friends. Pandit ji apologizes and says he has mistaken. He says your wish will be fulfilled. Astha says my mannat would not been fulfilled, if you were not here.

Shantanu and Mishti say that they are missing Mamma. Mishti says we can just remember mamma in her photos. She asks about her mamma. Shantanu says she was very lovely. They look at original Barkha’s photo. Shantanu says Sapna didi is our mamma now. Mishti asks why you are missing mamma, if you likes Sapna didi. Shantanu says Mamma is real mamma and no one can take her place.

Shlok asks do you regard me as your friend. Astha says yes. Shlok asks can you do something for me. Astha says yes. He asks her to come with him. He says you are Astha’s lookalike. I want you to meet someone, who was shaken up with Astha’s leaving. Astha agrees to meet the person.

Indrajeet asks Astha, why did you come late? Astha says Shlok understands me better than you. Indrajeet gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very good episode full episode with aastha&shlok except for 3-4 min after many days. I think shlok is making aastha to meet kavya

    1. I think shlok is going to make aashta meet kalindi

      1. I think Nirangan

  2. Nice episode love u shlok and astha

  3. Nice episode

  4. Raj Saathiyanata

    I want to see some romance between indrajeet and astha.

    1. ARE U SERIOUS???????????

    2. aree stupid are u mad. i swear that u are not the fan of ashlok

    3. are u a mad

  5. Really nice episode & good precap

  6. good episode

  7. nice epi

  8. nice episode

  9. Avinash what happened to u yaar now a days looking like aids or cancer patient.U have become very thin n bent n ur face is shrinked n cheeks r too hanging down n looking also very much aged.Iam not critisizing.U r a bridegroom n looking so dull.Not nice yaar.Cheerup man,what ever type of Shal whether cheap r ugly r aged r characterless u have to bear her lifelong as u have committed to her.All d best yaar,though u cannot help it anymore.Decision itself is wrong n thirdclass.Sorry for interfering in per life.But that is d fact.Oncegain sorry yaar.

  10. Nice episode.full of ashlok scenes.They r so cute together.

  11. Shrenu I love u so much.Please come with new n good story n a young n handsome hero like naksh, mantu,neil, arjun etc.This man does not suit u in beauty n u also look too young beside him.Love u sooooooooooooooooo much.Please do not leave us atleast for 5 more years.

  12. i want to see threesome of shlok, astha and indrajeet

  13. Looking gorgeous in bengali bride.Really Shrenu no one ever compete with u in beauty n simplicity n character.I feel really sad for Avi ki he is a big loser n a big zero on n off d screen.Avi why did u n how did u let Shrenu like beauty n down to earth girl n good chractered girl.Most unfortunate guy in dis whole world.

  14. Avinash my God only left few days for u marriage with that witch n b*t*h n selfish n Shal dadi.Going tohave a gloomy lifw with Shal.Already looking like 40 now,after marriage with that Shal I think u look like 50 bec , u should match her na.

  15. U r right madhu,but now he is also helpless.I think he is repenting now,that’s why he is looking so dull now days on d screen.Shal is not marry or family type girl at all by her looks n by her shapes.Avi,how did u fall in her second hand love leaving Rubi n Shrenu angels who look,us well experience aunty ke chal mein jaal mein kaise fas gaye ho my dear Avi,u urself degraded u to that low levels.

  16. PlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzz Shrenu do not leave us alone like this n go away.I tgink Avi also looking sooooo sad to leave u I think that is why he is looking sad n dull though he is going to be bridegroom.Looking not happy for his marriage with blo*dy aunty Shal.

  17. Plz guys don’t call Avi uncle ,he is just 28 n Shrenu is 25 so age wise they are perfect .Those who hv dought that Avi is not handsome plz watch Teri meri love story.Avi suits her perfectly aur rahi baat height ki to Shrenu ne khud Kaha hai ki height difference cute lagata hai kyo ki jab WO Avi ko hug karati hai tab Shrenu ka seer Avi k dil k pass hota hai.

  18. Plz give correct information whether the serial is going to end if the serial end i am going to miss shlok and cuty pie plz dont end serial there are many stupid serials are going in starplus from many years plz end the serial

  19. Plz dont end the show

  20. Shrenu se juda hone k gum me hi Avi ki ye halat hui hai.Shrenu kuch waqut k liye hi sahi lekin Avi ki taraf attract zaroot hui kyo ki agar in dono k beech sirf dosti hot I to last yr star pariwar me forcefully Avi se door dikhane ki koshish nahi karati aur usase rudely behave nahi karati.Ek taraf wo kaheti hai ki uske parents janate hai ki wo industry me kisi ko date nahi kategi aur dudari taraf Avi k sath affair ki news ate hi Avi se dur rahane lagi varana jaise Avi ka nature hai use Shrenu k sath photo khichaneme koi problem nahi hog I.I don’t beleive k Shrenu innocent hair.

  21. Love u ashlok ….wonderful epi..
    Hello guyzz enjoyed the episode??

  22. Avi though its ur personal life n I know verywell that its none of our fans business,one is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry clear that Shalmalee is not correct to u as she looks very big in her age though she is just 25 n her character her face her body every part is very ugly n aunty type si.Though Shrenu is also 25,she looks 19 a teenage girl.Leave aunties didis dadis n perdadis n marry agirl like Shrenu who is agood charactered a cute n pyaari girl.

  23. Asha prabakar

    Plz dont end this bcoz we really love this show

  24. U r 200 percent right Avantika,I think this is exactly what happened behind d screen.Shrenu ko love kiye bina koyi bhi nahi reh saktha,Avi bad luck,agle janam mein koshish karo yaar.Shrenu loves u sooooo much but she respects n cares her parents more than ur love.That is what exactly happened.

  25. I think serial is not to end becouz mansi tell that she will show to astha the she do bad for her and even shlok uncle ( kaka) is not back in the show please director don’t end the show I love it all the best love aasklok

  26. Shrenu reject kari ya nahi woh tho humhe patha nahi,lakin Shrenu pe gossein ki wajah seus Shal ko thum close hui warna kahi pe younger brother se very elder sister se ishq wala love hotha hai kya aur ho bhi gaya tho shaadi thak tho jaroor atha nahi hai.Shalmalee ko chod dho Avi.Listen to fans Avi.We beg u Avi.U deserve much more beautiful n selfless nyoung n dil ki acchi ladikiyan.

  27. Day with out Shrenu would be so difficult.But still Avi n Shrenu r not interested in d show as dey r dead enemies off screen.This is all bcoz of Shal witch.She is worlds best spoiler of a good relations.Go to hell Shal with Aids n so much of gyaenic probs.

  28. Shrenu darling Avi loves u so much.That is very sure otherwise itna hans wala Avi aise ghum kabhi nahi dhika,please Shrenu apni parents ko manaao aur Avi se shaadi karo.We only not able to see Avi like this means,ur r connected to him since 2.6 Years.Soch lo Shrenu.Avi ko aise haalath mein math chodo.Basically a nice guy but SHALMALEE jaise gandhi aur chalaak buddi se yeh barbaad ho gaya hein.

  29. Avi Shrenu nahi to koi baat nahi u r handsome n successful actor u will definitely get beautiful girl than shrenu.Shrenu ko jalane k chakkar me ugly Shal se shadi mut karo pkz.Shal didn’t suit s u in any department SHAL KAKI PLZ STAY AWAY FROM AVI.HE IS LIKE UR YOUNGER BROTHER.

  30. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz avi shalmalee se shadi mat karo………. plzzzz ek baar phir shrenu se baat kro use belive karwao apne pyar ka………. plzzz ase alag mat ho jao plzzz……..n shrenu plzzz avi ke sath aisa mat karo…. plzzzz aap dono shadi kar lo……. god ne shayad isiliye milaya tha aap dono ko……… plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ek ho jao hamesha ke liye.

  31. I completely agree with Avantika and geetanjali.Avinash plz do not marry with Shalmalee u dezerve most beautiful girl

  32. i really love u aastha and shlok

  33. Very nice and interesting epi.full of ashlok scenes.good precap.

  34. Nice episode ,love u shlok

  35. Dear sir,
    IPKYNDEBP is the best show in the world please not end the show request you

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