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Veera 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev coming to everyone. Veera says she has found him everywhere. He is drunk and claps. He says he does not find her worried. Ravni says don’t know what will he do now. Baldev says will she tell him what to do and not, she ruined his respect. She asks him not to create any issue and Baldev breaks things in anger. Ranvi shouts Baldev. Gunjan asks Baldev to stop it. He says do you know what happened with me, you came to party. Veera says they have come for dinner, and she came here to take Geet and Deepu. Baldev holds her hand and Ranvi gets angry.

Ratan stops him. Baldev says come with me and twists Veera’s hand. Ranvi says he will not leave him. Ratan asks him not to get in between. Gunjan says yes, don’t worry, he will not hurt Veera, she wil manage him. Deepu hugs Geet and cries. Geet says she will leave now. Ranvi asks Deepu not to cry and he will drop them. Ratan says no, I will leave them. She asks Gunjan not to let Ranvi go anywhere.

Geet and Deepu come home. Manjeet sees Ratan and scolds Geet. She asks her not to go to school from tomorrow. Ratan asks about Baldev and Veera. Manjeet says no, are they together, they did not come home. Baldev gets Veera are they are on their way. She says leave me, you are hurting me. He says he can’t leave her, and is angry on what she did. He says he hates himself for loving her. She cries and tries to defend. He argues with her. He says sometimes I wish to make you leave my life, the pain can get less, but I know I will get more pain of separation.

She says she will not accept to lose their relation. She brings him home. He says he does not need her help. Balwant and Bansuri see him drunk and Baldev asks Veera to go and scheme against him with Balwant. Balwant asks what nonsense and scolds him. Veera brings him to the room and explains him about her step. She sees he has slept.

Its morning, Gunjan come to Guru ji to learn music and greets him. She says she will learn in one week. He says one week, its not any pickle making. She says she will work hard and learn soon. Veera sees Baldev sleeping and covers the curtains. Deepu comes to her and says Manjeet scolded Geet, how will Geet sing now. Veera thinks to tell the truth to her. Everyone has breakfast. Balwant asks for Baldev. Veera says he is sleeping. Veera tells Manjeet about Geet, she sings very well and Ranvi took her to recording studio for audition, producer liked her song. Manjeet asks how dare she lie to her. Veera says producer wants Geet to sing with Ranvi. Manjeet scolds her for making her bahu Geet against her. She says Geet will not sing. Veera asks her to listen. Manjeet scolds her. She says Geet will not step out of this house.

Balwant says this is my house and I will decide, you will not stop Geet from singing, Geet will get freedom which Veera got. Manjeet says it means she has no value. He says he can’t let her decide about Geet’s life. Veera says Geet does not want to sing for name and fame, but to become independent and manage Deepu’s expenses. Balwant says we should encourage Geet, women should be independent. Bansuri signs Manjeet. Manjeet says fine, you can sing Geet. Veera smiles.

Veera and Ratan come to talk to some lady asking why is she not sending her daughter to school.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. day by day its gate boring

  2. Want change going a lil boring

  3. Hmm a lil boring but not bad

  4. Waste of tim

  5. veera baldev don’t understand each other then why re they live togther

  6. Very nice episode.

  7. The producer/director/script writers seem to keep adding a twist to the story just keep the episodes going. Day after day this show is getting hopelessly boring even to read the written update. Utter Nonsense. The actors should be ashamed to continue acting in this crazy serial.

  8. worst serial ever

  9. not interested to read the written episode, utter flop serial
    and actors except ranvi wyakkkkkkkkkkkkk


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