Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet saying he loves Astha and wants to marry her by all rituals. Kalindi says this can’t happen, she is married. He asks what marriage, which has made you lose her and never gave her happiness, Astha has got just pain and tears with Shlok, life has a aim to live happily, which she did not get with Shlok. He says Astha was never happy with Shlok. He asks her to see Astha being happy with the kids. Kalindi cries seeing her. He says trust me, I will give her all the happiness, she has seen enough pain with Shlok, why did Lord snatch Astha’s memory, maybe so that Shlok and Astha does not stay together.

He says she got a new life after accident, she has right to be happy, Shlok has given her all the luxuries, but I will give her right to happiness, you are her mum and know the best for her, if you feel it will be good to tell her the truth, I will tell her and send her with you, please don’t cry, you are Astha’s mum and mum figure for me too, I can see you are angry on Shlok. Shlok waits outside.

He says he wants to stay with Astha, you can see in my eyes, I will not break your trust, for me Astha is everything. He says doctor said Astha’s BP is high, if she meets you, she will get thinking, so I request you not to meet her, I will get her to you she gets normal, I love her a lot and will always keep her happy. He takes her blessings and asks for one chance, he will not let her regret.

Surbhi talks to Sojal and asks about Shlok. Sojal says he told Kalindi the truth how Indrajeet fooled Astha and everything. Surbhi says that’s great, what did she say. Sojal says Shlok took her to Indrajeet’s home. Surbhi says I hope Astha recollects everything seeing her mum. Sojal says even I want this. Kalindi comes to Shlok and says you will find me selfish, but my daughter is happy with Indrajeet.

He says he can’t believe this, Astha lost her memory and Indrajeet is using this. Kalindi says bappa gave her new life by making her lose memory. Shlok says you can see her happy so wants her to stay there, I called you to help me, fine when bad time comes, everyone leave support, I promise to show you I m good or Indrajeet, I will get Astha, our relation will not end, I don’t need anyone, I will manage everything alone. She leaves. Indrajeet come and holds Shlok.

Astha packs her bag and says she wishes to go out, and asks Apsara about Indrajeet. Apsara says she has seen him going towards the gate. Astha says she got late, maybe he is bringing the car out. Indrajeet asks is Shlok angry, he can understand this, what did he think, Kalindi will favor you, did he wish to tell his truth to her and make him away from Astha. Shlok says his tries is failing, but I will get my Astha one day. Indrajeet says he just says great things. Shlok says it will happen, you will see.

Indrajeet says Astha’s mum has accepted me as her husband, and now I will marry Astha by all rituals, first I explained my kids, then Astha and now her mum. Astha walks towards the gate. Shlok and Indrajeet argue. Indrajeet sees Astha coming and asks Shlok to leave. Shlok says this will not change the truth, Astha was mine and will always be mine. He leaves. Indrajeet takes Astha with him.

Shlok walks on the road and recalls Kalindi’s words. He wishes Astha recalls everything. Ankush says Kalindi is not taking call and Ajju worries. He says I will find her. Indrajeet tells Astha that he has cancelled the meeting. He asks is she not happy. She says no, I m just asking. He says I thought to help you in marriage arrangements and holds her. Apsara looks on. Astha says kids’ result is going to come, I hope they get good marks. Indrajeet says I m sure of it. The kids come and say they came first. She says I m so proud of you and hugs them. He asks the kids what do they want. They ask him to take them on holiday. He says sure, but after our marriage. Astha says she will give Prasad in temple for this. He says don’t know Lord exists or not. She says she has belief. He says pandit ji will be coming tomorrow.

Sojal says she is sure Astha will come after meeting Kalindi. Shlok comes home and says Astha will not come. She asks what is he saying, Kalindi went there with you then? He says she feels Astha is more happier there with Indrajeet and wants her to be with him. She says no, Indrajeet can’t love her more than you. Rekha asks him not to get sad. Sojal says I had many expectations from Kalindi, this is your test. He says I don’t see any hope. Days are passing and I m not able to do anything, I feel she will be mine one day and I try with this hope, I can’t lose. Chowksi says great.

Its morning, Kalindi tells Ajju and Ankush that she has seen Astha. Ajju asks where. Kalindi tells them everything. Aju says we also regret to lose her, you show the pain and we don’t, as we have to care for you, but I will not support you in this, how did you think Astha will be happy with Indrajeet, Astha married Shlok and loves him, Indrajeet is cheating her, she is with him as her memory is lost, when she recalls everything, she will run to Shlok, not you, their love did not end by many problems, you did this wrong, you will realize this very soon.

Astha meets Shlok in temple and asks how did he come. He says he has some special reason. She slips on the muddy layered edge and he holds her. They have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG I absolutely hate Kalindi … she knows how much Astha loves Shlok but still she is going to let Indrajeet marry her? If Astha never loved Shlok then she wouldn’t have been with him after Niranjan tried to burn her alive, or even after finding out that they have lost their house!!!! THIS STORYLINE IS ANNOYING.

  2. f**k

    1. Hey…kalindi how fool u r ?? After astha gets memomry she will b annoyed if she came to know truth….and she will only run to shlok and not to u……idiot fool ..r u astha ‘s maa itself..idiot paagal wala ladki…..i know asshlok will b 2gether soon…

  3. really i want to a tight slap for both kalindi and that shameless INDERJEET ….. writers are so senseless that they r writing nonsense over kalindi character … a mother cannot be like this ..a mother should knows all her children likes and unlikes …. ON BEHALF OF ALL FANS I REQUEST U TO STOP OR END THIS SENSELESS TRACK SOON … DONT MAKE THE FANS TO HATING THIS SERIAL

  4. Actually Kalindi ko Avinash Sachdev ki mummy hona chahiye Dono ki choice ekdum third class hai jaise she prefer Indrajeet not Shlok vaisehi jaise Avi prefer ugly Shal n not beautiful Shrenu or Ruby.

  5. guys do anybody remember from which month our show started to come for 6 days a week before it was only 5 days plz reply

  6. Eagerly waiting fr tomorrow’s’ epi.At least Aastha aur Shlok k scene enjoy kar paungi.

  7. I love ASHLOK only because Shlok is Avi and Shrenu is Aastha .agar in dono me se koi ek bhi absent hota to mai is show ka great fan nahi hota .Only ASHLOK I.e Avi Shrenu
    I love them sooooooooo much.

  8. ajju you are gave kallindi a great answer. Kalindi that is sure when aastha remember everything she will hate you.aastha only loves shlok. plz unite them very fast.

  9. nice epi and very nice precap and the eyelock was mesmerizing love u ashlok ajju u said rit when aastha gets her memory she will sure run to shlok not kalindi love u ajju and i hate kalindi and love u soooooo much ashlok waiting for tomorrow

  10. Nice precap. Meenu I dont remembr that but u have an option if u wanna know it the hotstar website and find the first saturday epi by using a calendar.its not easy to do.

  11. I knew it ajju will definitely support Shlok .Ashlok is charming n sweet couple in the world..I will never watch star plus any more after end of this show
    Ashlok we r going to miss u.
    Avinash and Shrenu thanks fr coming in our life.Avinash Shamless Chimpanzee SHAL se kabhi shadi mut karana.

  12. Meenu it started in d month of Jan 13,2014 n Iam 99 percent sure about it.

  13. Manasi jaise yeh serial hai teek waise he Avi aur Shal rishtha.Avi rubi jaise acchi ladki ko chod ke Shal jaise second hand characterless cheap se shaadi kar rahe hai waise he Shlok bhi Aastha se dhoor ho ke apni brother ki wife ke saath ek hi ghar mein akele reh rahi hai.Avi n Shal r both s*x deprived characterless cheap persons.No values no selfrespect no shame nothing.

  14. nice precap. Kalindi u are soooo iritaiting. Don’t u know ur daughter’s feelings? This soo cheap. Thankzz to ajju for supporting shlok. Luv ashlok

  15. Stupid kalindi!
    I want ds show as nml as bfr …
    Vn anjali was dr…it was nice…
    Nw ds s n wrng irritating track.

  16. rishi jana jayanthi

    i really hate kalandhi how can you easily change your suninlaw wewill not support for this bloddy shameless end dirct. sir please make an accident to indrajeet to lose his memory and unite astha with shlok ajju please take some important step soon go and meet astha and shlok take asthas father help tomorrow i wont see this serial its very irritating

  17. when astha gets her memory back she vil nt forgive her mom

  18. Avinash,the way Shal is with u n attending pubs n bars n parties n she must be doing that also with of Iam not wrong because dating means sab kuch hotha hai na kyonki u both r javaan ladka n ladiki ho though u both look 35 to 40 years aged people,Shal must have done all these SHiT WITH KIRTHI RAI WHO DATED SHALMALEE FOR 4.5 YEARS N THAT TOO COLLEGE WHERE THE MIND WILL BE IN CONFUSION STATE THAT THEY BOYH DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY R DOING.Well mujhe koyi dhekkhath nahi hai os mein,as I love sooooooo much from heart I just want my Avi’s life to be happy with beautiful n young n good charactered girl n unselfished girl just like SHRENU PARIKH.

  19. astha vil nt marry IS that is 4 sure bcz when he was trying to close astha.she is feeling nt good.At last she vil reject in mandap

  20. I really dont get the point,why everyone is always bothering about shlok and sojal?
    I mean com on guys! we should not interfere in there personal lives!!
    I personally have never been a great fan of shrenu, nd yeah,its each to his own..
    but I do love the couple,and this does not bring me the right to speak ill about any other character’s personal life!!
    And looking upon some of the comments here, i really wonder,which family do these people belong to,using slang and vulgar all over!! :s
    this is ridiculous!!
    Well, you completely have the right to criticize, but it should be constructive, rather than targeting a certain person.
    Hope, the authority would make some time to sort these things out,as these seem to be disgusting and sickening to the true fans of ipkknd..
    nd yeah

  21. Rafia u are right I don’t know their problem about sojal and shlok relation

  22. Correct swathi

  23. My adorable darling ,I think of u every night every morning.This song is for my Shrenu.There is charm in face Shrenu which drags every one at u which ever age group they r.Hats off to ur parents for such nice production.Though she lives away from her parents in a fastest city like Mumbai,with out any blackmark on her character she is going with a jet speed in her career.God ,bless our Shrenu with a good n handsome husband.

  24. the producers wants to end this show so we all have to watch nonsense everyday – please note this story is all about Shlok & Asta not about vomit face Indrajeet – at least wright better story lines !!!
    Kalindi – as a mother should know if her child is really happy or faking it – Only parents could tell !!!!!!!!!!!
    So producers you have failed writing todays episode as well – please do some research before writing stupid story lines!! don’t drag it too much please ……
    If Shlok could feel Asta ‘s feeling then a mother should be not being arrogant and not thinking why I wicked man is keeping her daughter ?/
    I hope tomorrow episode Asta should be able to remember her love of her life Shlok

  25. Aastha what can we do with out u.If it 5:30,I would finish all d work before n eagerly waiting for u to come before tv .Can not imagine a day with out u.Sundays somehow we kept ourselves busy in cleaning d house n in pre some spl to child so those days went on like that but now all days r going to be Sundays.Please come with a good story line n good n hans n young hero this time atleast.All d very best dear.

  26. Plsss…can anyone tell me that when is the show going off air?….plss this is a request…if anyone does know pls help

  27. Omg,r we living in India or in US?Such a stupid mother can not understand her child.This story soooooooooooo cheap n sense kisi ke wife kise ke saath reh sakthi hai.Babhi devar ek saath ek ghar mein and Aastha n Ind in another house ek saath.Sharam nahi aathi aap ko yeh dhikathe hua.Iam reminded of one saying in foreign countries like US,A hus n wife talks to eachother like this,YOUR CHILDREN AND MY CHILDREN R PLAYING WITH OUR CHILDREN.Surely dis serial is going to be like that if at all it gets an extension.These dialogue will b bet SHLOK PERDADA N SOJAL PERDADI.

  28. Barun sobthi n Suhail zargar etc lean n small n cute faces suit u Shrenu.Please Waseem sir next u plan something like this combinations.Avi does not suit for hero type character,his face suits to a villain n he also looks very aged.Very very big face,eyes, too inside n dark circles around his eyes,jaws r, too hanging down n he stoops alot I mean shoulder bone is bent which makes him look like 40.In Choti bahu he looked lit nice.

  29. Please Avi do not underestimate ur self n bond to that Shalmalee,she is characterless n selfish n cheap aunty.Ple Avi u r d only son to ur parents.Gift them a good charactered girl n some one good at heart not like Shal aunty.She will surely snatch u from ur parents also Avi as she is mahir in that.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Avi do not marry Shal aunty.

  30. Sojal’s face is sooooo funny.Her eyes her nose her forehead her mouth her cheeks n whole her face itself is tooo swollen n protruding too much in front.She also stoops like her husband Avi,They match eachother in each n every quality n both r characterless n secondhands.Nice yaar Avi.

  31. Thank u verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much Star plus for ending devar bhabhi ka nazayaaz show.When ever shl n soj appear on d screen na I feel like spitting in dem for spoiling d sweetness of ashlok relationship on d screen.If I see them anywhere I would kill them n go to jail.That much I hate dem.

  32. Shrenu u r d best actress of all tv shows.Why can not u try in films cutie.Try hard u will surely get an opportunity to act on a big screen.We all r with u Shrenu to support u.

  33. Common,guys get a life.. wad d f*** u had to do wid dier personel lives.. watch it as a fiction.. dnt involve too,much.. ur comments are very childish.. grow up b****..

  34. Cv’s please unite Ashlok fast n show us lot of Ashlok scenes before u end show.Ashlok r d best couple.Love u alot.Aastha u r looking fab now a days in ur cut blouses n designer sarees though the sarees have repeated very often.

  35. East or west,north or south Shrenu Parikh is d best.Love u Shrenu.Omg ur fan following is increasing day by day.There is something in u yaar that really attracts everyone.U r born beautiful n talented.

  36. Hey dirty Avinash n b*t*h Shalmalee go n marry soon n never come to d industry with ur dirty faces again.U shameless people.Are u not ashamed of ur self.To do these dirty things u come for shoot daily.Eat eachothers shot daily after dis show ends.

  37. Hey this who r taking our class fr not to comment in pkz try to understand our point of view. We all loves Avi from our heart always pray fr his best.He is not just actor bt we treat him as a family member. We are trying to show him the difference between right n wrong without harming him.We really concern fr him.
    Agar Avi kisi acche girl se shading karata to is waqt har koi use best wishes de raha hota.AVINASH PLS.HUMARI FEELINGS SAMAZO DO NOT MARRY HER PLS.

  38. Kalindi r u really mad???? IS it is sure that u wont marry astha bcoz astha is for shlok

  39. Wat r u doing kalindi…..
    And guyzz c’mon lets leav wat the actors r doing wid der personal lives…..its der life der choice…i reqst u al not to unnecessarily coment on Dem…..
    Kalundi being a mothr u shld understand aasthas feeling….. You r al nuts…nd plzz show som ashlok scenes this serial gnna end very soon nd stp gvng us these horrible mental tortures bfr the end………

  40. I just want to knw, whether u guys just read the written update or watch the tv also?

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