Mohe Piya Milenge 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meghna comes out of the room. Aadi says sit please, its your house not mine. She sits down. Meghna says why you came here in the morning? was it something special? He says no, why? She says i cant go out with you at this time? He says i dont wanna go out with you. I wanted to see you so i came here. Meena gives water to aadi, he says no formalities. Aadi says i think i should go i am getting late. meena says you are late because you went there first. Aadi says it was worth it. Meena says meghna will see you off. Meghna goes out of the with him. Aadi says okay then bye. She says okay. He says you will decide when we meet next, i will come whenever you ask. I will be waiting for your call. Meghna says sorry. Aadi says sorry for what? She says I said no to going out with you and i ws rude. He says I never came to take you out, so i didn’t mind it. She says then what you came for? He says i wanted to see your face. And I saw you, like always confused and lost. you look at me like you are watching me for first time. I just love that. I dont want anything else. You made my day, bye. Meghna says can you meet me today in the evening? Aadi is dazed, he smiles. He says sure. Its my pleasure. Meghna smiles. He says okay then, bye.

Baba comes and sits with his neighborhood friends. one says they have wedding arrangements going on in their house. Mehta asks when will we cook the dish of aadi? Desai says aadi is trying to catch the frequency. Till then we have to wait.

Scene 2
sanjivni calls meena and says aadi wants to meet meghna once again so they can decide. We think that we should let the younger ones have freedom to start their lives the way they want to. They are meeting today, if they decide something. We will proceed, we are so hasty to being our daughter in law home.

Madhvi asks what she said? meena says we will talk about later. Meena says to madhvi why is there so much gold in your bag? what is all this? madhvi says please dont ask me questions, we are doing this for meghna.

Scene 3
aadi and meghna are in cafe. he says you looked good in the morning, lost and simple. you don’t remember our first meet up, I rewind it all the time in heart and i find something new in it.I like you lost look. where you keep lost in? its like you can’t find the way. i want to take your hand and show you the right path. she smiles. Aadi says wow you smile too i didn’t know that. Why concealed such pretty smile from? but you know it was worth it. Why are you not drinking your coffee. megha puts cubes in her coffee again and again. aadi is shocked. aadi says you wanted to say something, tell me i am waiting for it. Meghna says yes.. I wanted to say.. and old man faints, Aadi suddenly rushes to him. He gives him water. Aadi says should i called someone? Aadi says meghna i think i have to take him to hospital, can you go home alone? I am sorry. meghna says yes i can go. he takes the old man to hospital.

Madhvi says wont she tell him anything? meena says aadi desai is such a nice man that he will make her his. Everything will be okay but we need to give her some time. Meghna comes home. madhvi says you came alone? Meghna says did someone else had to come with me? Meena says we thought aadi would drop you. Meghna says i am not a kid. madhvi says did you fight with him? meghna says we fight with people we know, he is a stranger for me. i wont fight with him, ever.

Vijiya comes to baba and says he has the mixer, he has dismantled it. Sanjivni says only we are left to be dismantled by him. Adi comes home. Desai says how many round tabel conferences have happened? Aadi says only two. sanjivni says did you talk about what you wanted to? aadi says no we couldn’t. He tells them about the old man. He says i took him to hospital and called his family. Sanjivni says you did such a nice deed, get fresh i will get the lunch ready for you. Vijiya says when will this meeting thing end.

Precap-Meena says aadi is a nice person, he cares a lot about you. Meghna tells aadi this wedding is happening against my will. Aadi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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