Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Renuka being glad that Riya’s proposal is fixed again and talks to the guy’s mum thanking them for joining the relation, and comes to know Jyoti’s family met them. She says yes, they are good people and we will be there at registry office. She ends call and scolds Jyoti, asking her to tell her family to be away from that family, as Riya’s proposal broke because of them. Riya comes and defends Jyoti. Renuka gets angry and leaves. Riya pacifies Jyoti and Jyoti sounds sad as Renuka’s annoyance is not ending.

Anjali waits for Niranjan. Kavita sees her and gives Prasad, asking is she waiting for someone. Anjali says she is waiting for her husband. Niranjan is on the way and says Anjali might be waiting, I will call her. He calls her and asks her to wait, he is reaching. Kavita goes ahead and Niranjan comes to pick Anjali. She gives him the Prasad and waves bye to Kavita. Niranjan turns to see and does not see Kavita’s face, as she turns to the other side.

He asks Anjali to come and they leave in the auto while Kavita goes in the car. Ahilya talks on phone and is happy. Poornima says her bathroom is not getting water, maybe tap has problem. Ahilya says I will try to find and calls Ballu. She asks Ballu to call any plumber, as Poornima’s bathroom tap is not fine. Poornima says it will take time. Ahilya asks can he help and he agrees.

Riya talks to Jyoti and says she is scared, its her marriage and she don’t know she can succeed. Jyoti says I know your dilemma, think about other’s happiness. Riya asks can she manages everything so well. Jyoti smiles and says Maa does not feel so. Riya says yes, Maa gets so angry and even then you bear everything silently, I did not hear you saying bad about anyone or getting angry. Jyoti says she learnt this from Sid, he has always supported her, when you get husband’s love, all problems get solved, I know Maa is good by heart and sometimes spice should be there in life. She asks Riya to think of her inlaws as her home. Riya thanks her and says sorry. She thanks for coming in their life and managing her, and sorry for talking badly to her. Jyoti says enough now and hugs her. ‘

Jyoti gets dizzy and says she feels weak. Shlok checks the taps and tries repairing. The tap gets water and he tells Poornima that there won’t be problem now. She asks does he know to repair geyser, hot water is not coming. Shlok checks the switches and hot water comes. His hand burns and she worries for him. She goes to get ointment and stops. She asks him to apply it. He says thanks and leaves. She says what happened to me, why did my behavior get so strange.

Mishti talks to Astha and asks her to tie the cloth and play. Astha recalls Kavya and moments spent with Kavya and Shlok. She smiles and Mishti asks her to come. Astha says come back from school, then we will play. Mishti insists to play now, and ties the cloth to her. Astha tries to find her and Indrajeet comes there. Astha gets hurt and falls. Indrajeet holds her and Shlok looks on. Astha removes the cloth and moves back. Indrajeet asks is she ok. She says yes.

Shlok asks Sapna to be careful as Mishti would have get hurt. Mishti says don’t say anything to Sapna. Indrajeet asks him what happened. Shlok says hand burnt by hot water, I will be fine after applying ointment. Indrajeet takes Mishti and Astha worries for Shlok’s hand. Jyoti talks to Anjali and is glad. Sid smiles seeing her and they have a sweet moment. He says he is happy seeing her happy, and says my lovely wife does not have time for me to talk to me with love and talks to your mum always. She says I can also complain this, my lovely husband does not have time, as he is busy in office work all the time, so I talk to Aai to get happy. She says my plan on me and music plays…… He says tonight just you and me, no one else. She asks why, where to send Ananya, Maa and Riya. He says leave on me and kisses her hand. He hugs her close and they smile. Renuka comes and asks whats going on, Jyoti has sold and eaten all the shyness, and scolds her.

Renuka leaves annoyed and Sid says your times have gone Maa nad hugs Jyoti. Jyoti says leave me, I need to go market, lets see how you keep your promise in evening. He smiles and she leaves. Poornima recalls Ballu and her moments, and says she is not troubled when he is around, and why she feels uncomfortable when he is hurt, why am I attracted to him, this can’t happen, I can’t love Ballu, its not possible, even if he works all his life, he can’t match my status, but why do I feel nice to be with him, its not bad to like or love anyone, I like him as I did not meet such good man before, I like his honesty, still why am I thinking about him so much.

Niranjan and Varad come to meet Avdhoot at his office. Avdhoot says Varad told me about Indrajeet’s new scheme… Niranjan says we did not come for any wrong work. Avdhoot says I told I will help in my limits, my work is my self esteem and I can’ t stain it. Niranjan says I respect this. Avdhoot tells them about Indrajeet’s primary school plans and Varad notes down. Niranjan thanks him for his good advice and help. Avdhoot says its my duty. Shlok applies the ointment and Astha comes to him. She says she will apply and he says no need. He is annoyed as she got hurt and tells how his hand burnt in Poornima’s geyser repair. She says stay away from her, she is being around you. He says why should we care, you mean she will like me, I did not see any ill mannered than her. She says any girl would have loved you. He says you would love me if I was anything. She says yes, I m unique. They smile. Khuda………….plays…………..

Poornima gives food for Shlok and Astha asks him why did she come to sprinkle salt on you wound. He says not just salt, she got the food. Astha smiles bein surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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