Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha looking for the DVD. Niranjan walks towards the study. Astha moves the portrait and sees a small space in the wall hidden. She gets the DVD there. Astha says it’s the same DVD, now Baba can’t stop me from telling his truth to Shlok and smiles. She turns and is shocked to see Niranjan. Astha gets tensed. Niranjan signs her to stop. He switches on the lights and looks at her. She hides the DVD. He sees her hiding it behind her back. He acts calm and asks Astha, whats in your hand. Give it to me. Astha says nothing. He walks to her and says bring your hand forward. Astha shows the DVD. He says good.

Niranjan takes the DVD and says small kids don’t lie. She says Baba, I knew your truth, but I got the proof in this DVD, I have seen you watching this in my room, I told you truth will come out one day. He says you did not see anything. Astha says I learnt if you see bad, then stop it fast, why are you afraid, if you are living such life, why now. Why can’t you see your mistakes and hurt your family, you are Lord for your children, why are you breaking their hearts and trust, you say Shlok is your life, think what will happen when he knows this. Niranjan says a lot of lecture, I m not interested in this.

She says Shlok will know the truth one day. Niranjan takes the DVD out and breaks it. He says Shlok will never know the truth. She says when you break the proof, truth can’t hide, I will tell Shlok the truth. He says you have failed before too, why don’t you accept it. He says Shlok will listen to me, not you, why to waste time. He asks her to have good food and wear good jewels and be happy. Astha says she won’t lose, as she is strong, and will support truth. She says you are proud, you know even Ravan was proud and it broke. The day Shlok knows the truth, he won’t live with you, this is my promise to you.

Niranjan promises Astha if she tries to take away Shlok from her, he won’t be yours too. He gives her the DVD pieces. She leaves without taking it. Niranjan smiles. Astha says I lost such a big proof, atleast Shlok would have trusted me seeing that. She says it was my chance to bring his truth out, and maybe Baba would have changed thinking he would lose Shlok. But I won’t lose, I have to do something that Shlok knows Baba’s truth. She comes to Shlok and says she got some proof against him. Shlok scolds her and says he is my Lord and I can’t hear anything against her.

He packs her bag and asks her to get out of his house right now, our relation is over now. He says don’t show me your face again. He drags her out. She says leave don’t make me leave the house Shlok. She wakes up by her bad dream. Shlok comes from his morning walk and says good morning. She runs to him and hugs him. He says that’s really a good morning now, what happened, why are you afraid. She says I love you. He says I love you too. He asks did you see any bad dream. She says yes, its fine, I m with you. He kisses her forehead and hugs her.

Riya comes and is shocked seeing them hugging. She cries and leaves. Shlok and Astha look at her. Shlo asks Astha to go and explain Riya, as she felt bad. Niranjan warns Pawar to stop blackmailing him, I want the original footage, else you won’t be saved again. Astha hears this and thinks she has to get the DVD before Niranjan. She leaves. Niranjan thinks to get Pawar out of his way soon. He calls someone. Riya cries thinking about Shlok. Jyoti comes to her and asks what happened, why is she crying. Riya says nothing, I want to go home, Sid will come to take you, its Raksha bandhan, I will tie him rakhi there.

Jyoti asks what happened, you said you want to celebrate it here. Astha comes and says she is crying because of me. Astha says Riya I m very sorry, Shlok and I joked with you, we did not know things will go this far, and we have hurt you, please forgive us. Astha holds her ears and says sorry. Riya says you had fun joking with me, but I got insulted. I got hurt. Astha says we are ashamed, forgive us. Jyoti asks Riya to forgive her, as such fun and jokes happen in marriage functions. Riya wipes her tears and says fine.

Astha thanks her. Jyoti says Anjali said its 4pm mahurat for rakhi, get ready. Astha says I will go and get ready. Shlok is with some office staff. Niranjan comes and greets them. Shlok says I could not delay the meeting as Tai is here, so I called them here. Niranjan asks him to go and get the file from his study. Shlok tells to Astha. Niranjan looks on. Astha goes. Shlok asks Niranjan is he fine, as he sees him worried. Niranjan says yes, carry on. Niranjan is tensed.

Astha looks for the file and gets one. She sees his phone and thinks to take Pawar’s number, as she may talk to him and get proof against Nirranjan. Niranjan thinks Astha can take my phone, I have to do something. Astha checks his phone for Pawar’s number.

Astha calls Pawar and says I m Astha Agnihotri and want to meet you. Pawar asks why. She says she will give him more money than Niranjan, give me original footage. Pawar says fine, meet me tomorrow at 4pm. Astha says fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So if Astha could record any of the incidents or conversations she has with Niranjan (as it is very easy to do it nowadays with our phones), the show would have been over months ago, lol. Of course, I understand why they want to prolong it and make it very dramatic.

    And really, husbands kissing their wives on the foreheads only, all the time, and Astha has tears falling on her cheeks after their first night, why regress our lives so much. India was a liberal and highly advanced country before the various foreign invasions that destroyed our country/religion/philosophies etc. Mostly, only uncles, dads and grandpas kiss children/daughters on the forehead. It is funny to see Schlok kissing her forehead so dramatically each time. At least kiss sometimes on her cheek, lol. Don’t believe the modern ignorant propaganda on Indian culture. For example, covering the heads/faces with saress/veils etc only became part of Indian culture after the Islamic invasions (women in Northern India started doing that to protect themselves from invaders and to assimilate themselves with the women of the invaders). That is why women in Southern India don’t cover their faces like women in the north. FACT!

  2. it was good and i agree with u whatever that only fathers and grandpa kisses on forehead

  3. it was intersting to know that u watch the show so deeply i don’t think that someone has notices this before
    all the best astha

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