Yudh 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with YS reaching orphanage building and seeing Taruni tied up by Ajaj. Ajaj asks YS to call Rishi here. Rishi collects pendrive and hardrive from Ajaj’s home and leaves for orphanage building.

Anand gets into his home, takes out chocs from fridge and calls his son Aditya. Aditya hears his voice and starts firing at him. Anand asks him to give gun and take chocolates. Aditya does not agree and continues to fire. He shoots Anand on his knee. Anand says he did not get hit by a bullet and it is fake gun. Aditya gives gun to him and takes chocs. Anand takes gun and gets relaxed. Police comes and arrests Anand for eloping from police station.

Ajaj asks YS to give his phone. YS gives him phone and asks howmany people he will kill. Ajaj says he knows the answer best and says he destroyed old buildings for new ones. He shows CCTV footage of his office and then plays his clip in which YS says he is responsible for 10000 people’s lives and does not want his illness news to be leaked. Taruni wakes up and asks Ajaj how can he do that. Ajaj says he is orphanage owner’s son and he lost his parents because of YS. He asks YS why did he provoke his brother Sanjay to kill his parents and orphan children. He asks why did he come back and took property papers which had his name as Gautam’s partner. YS says Taruni he is telling lie and has decided to blame me. He asks Ajaj to do kill him and leave Taruni. Rishi reaches the spot and asks what is happening. Ajaj says he does not have to worry about that. Rishi asks if he is Ajaj Shatru. Ajaj gives rishi machine guns and asks him to go his office with guns. He shoots bullets and says he will kill his family if he does not go. Rishi takes machine guns and reaches Shanti constructions office. Ajaj watches Rishi entering office with nurse. security officer checks Rishi and asks him to show his bag, but Rishi does not let him check and leaves. Security officer informs about it to Dabra. Dabra asks Rishi to show his bag, but Rishi scolds him instead and sends him. Ajaj calls Rishi and asks him to get all his office staff at the auditorium. Rishi asks his secretary to do the same. Ajaj asks him to go to conference room next.

Ajaj says YS that he was waiting for this day from his chhildhood and when the day has come, he is getting a feeling of completion. Taruni asks what him what did the innocent people do to you. He asks YS to answer. YS says he did not harm anybody. Ajaj says only defeating him is not enough. Nurse informs him that Rishi entered conference hall. Ajaj asks Rishi to start firing bullets. Rishi says he cannot do that. Ajaj says he has only 2 minutes. Nurse pushes Rishi in. Staff member sees Rishi tensed and asks him why he is tensed. Rishi hesitantly opens his bag. YS gets his Huntington attack and gets hallucinations of clown. Ajaj sees that and says he will fire him. YS starts fighting with unseen clown. Ajaj calls nurse and asks her to stop Rishi. Dabra gets into conference hall and hides from CCTV camera. YS says Sanjay Mishra wanted to do deal, but he did not and his father-in-law and Gautam made a deal with Sanjay. When he knew about it, he ran to orphanage but Sanjay had already killed everyone and he was the culprit. He says went to orphanage to cancel the deal. Ajaj asks if that is the case, then why did Gautam bought the property. YS says he parted ways with Gautam after that deal. Ajaj calls nurse and asks her to ask Rishi to fire. Rishi signals Dabra towards CCTV camera. YS sees Ajaj busy looking at camera and hits him with rod. Dabra kills nurse.

YS rescues Taruni and runs from there. Ajaj shoots Taruni and she falls from the floor, but YS holds her hands and pulls her up. He hides when Ajaj comes there and bashes him from behind. He then sees Taruni about to fall and runs to rescue her, but Ajaj hits him with bamboo and he falls down. Ajaj drags YS and tries to strangulate him with a rope. He throws brick on Taruni making her fall from the building into water tank. YS sees that and hits Ajaj back with bricks continuously till he goes unconscious. He then runs to rescue Taruni and is about to pull her up from water tank but gets his illness attack. He somehow with great difficulty pulls Taruni back.

Serial ends with YS killing Ajaj and rescuing Taruni from water tank.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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