Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha lying to Ahilya about Ballu being drunk and she has locked him to control him from any wrong thing. Ahilya says fine, Indrajeet is also in such state, and goes. Indrajeet wait for Sapna and talks silly. Pradeep and Rashmi hear him and see how he is taking Sapna’s name. Astha comes to him and he says he was waiting for Sapna, and wishes her. Astha is stunned. Ahilya asks her to take Indrajeet. She then asks Poornima to go and help Sapna in taking Indrajeet to his room.

Indrajeet says does she know he has drunk thandai and he needs to talk to her. She says she will talk tomorrow. He asks her to fill colors in her life. She is stunned. He asks did she not understand, he will explain her. He says I love you Sapna. Astha is shocked. Poornima hears this and she is shocked too. He says I love you, simple and smiles. Astha asks what is he saying. He says he will say, I m saying what my heart is saying, to say what my heart loves you. She says you are not in your senses, we will talk later, come. She takes him to his room. She sees Poornima looking at them.

Indrajeet lies down on the bed and says I really love you Sapna, I m saying this from your heart, when you are near me, I feel I m alive, thanks for filling colors in my life, I love you. Astha gets angry and leaves closing the door while he repeats the same. She comes out and Poornima stops her. She asks Astha to be away, as she wants money so she is with Indrajeet, but she will not let her motives succeed. Astha moves her hand and says I don’t know what are you saying, but I know I m not one of them, and you are mistaken that I m not interested in your brother, get any girl for him, never talk to me like this from next time. She leaves. Poornima says fine, I will make you fall in his eyes and he will kick you out, then lets see what you do. Astha cries and comes to Shlok. She says take me from here, I m feeling very scared. Shlok is sleeping in drunk state.

Astha asks Shontu to give food and also clothes to Indrajeet. He says he will not like if I touch his cupboard. She still sends him. Astha gets angry on Shlok for not caring for her. Shlok asks her whats the matter. Shontu says Sir is angry and he is calling you. She leaves. Shlok asks Shontu about him. Shontu says I don’t remember anything. Ahilya says he will write names and best wishes on gifts. Poornima comes and says we should keep new PA. Ahilya asks why, Sapna is nice girl and she takes care of him, I want to keep her here, I don’t want to listen any complaint. She thinks she knows what to do, as Indrajeet can’t choose any poor girl. She leaves.

Ahilya says Sapna takes care of this house as hers, she will be good for Indrajeet, I will explain Poornima. Indrajeet waits for Sapna as he is unable to choose clothes. Poornima comes and greets her. She says she want laptop and tells about seeing girls for him, working on high post, they are perfect by our status. He says not again, I m fine being alone, I will not marry, I don’t like such girls. She says yes, why will you like them, as I know whom you like. He gets puzzled. He says what and she leaves. He says does she know whom I like, very strange.

Niranjan comes to Varad and asks him to check is phone off or silent, as he is worried Bhonsle did not call them, they can lose the tender. Varad says why will they tell you if he did not wish to give guarantee. Indrajeet says why did Sapna not come today. Astha comes with breakfast. He says Sapna and she does not respond. She keeps his medicines. He says my clothes. He asks why is she ignoring him. She says as if you don’t know, what you did yesterday.

He says sorry, I had bhang, I don’t remember anything. She asks really? He says really, if I told anything rudely, I m sorry. She asks how can this be, if you repeat one thing, I will say the same, let me know what happened that you are behaving so. She says you… forget it and leaves.

Bhonsle tells Niranjan that he will not get in risk by being their guarantor. Niranjan is shocked and tells everyone that he refused and we will not have the tender now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. yes,it was not a bad episode.

  5. Nice episode I like it

  6. ok googd epi

  7. Nice episode

  8. Love u shreenu impressive acting hats off avinash keep it up…love for all

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