Veera 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chai ji asking Ranvi not to be away from Gunjan, though he has right to be annoyed. She says Gunjan did mistake and she tried to rectify it, but fate did not had this baby, think with calm mind. Ranvi says I m not annoyed, you get ready, I will leave you to hospital, I don’t want to talk. He leaves.

Veera recalls Gunjan’s words when she tells I don’t want to become mum now and will abortion without telling Ranvi. Baldev asks why did she get upset, don’t work more, take some rest. He says don’t blame yourself for this, I know you wanted to help Gunjan. Veera says I m thinking that did I tell Gunjan, what she told to me, and I m feeling that I should have not hidden this from Ranvi, and told this good news to everyone, then situation would have not been this, Ranvi would have taken care of Gunjan knowing this. She cries.

Baldev says you feel this now and says if you told this to Ranvi, don’t know what would have happened, Gunjan should have told this to Ranvi. He says there should be trust between a husband and wife, if it breaks, then everything falls apart. Gunjan asks Chai ji where is Ranvi, is he at reception. Chai ji says no, Ranvi can’t come, he will meet you at home, he has much work. Gunjan says she is making excuse and cries.

Chai ji says no, he really had work, go and change, we will go home. Veera says does one mistake break a marriage, I know Ranvi’s trust has broken, but he has to forgive Gunjan, as relation is made by love and it can’t end so soon like this. She looks at him and cries. He says she can go and meet Gunjan as she worries for her. He asks her to rest as she did not sleep all night.

Ranvi comes to hospital and Gunjan is glad seeing him. She says there can be nothing imp to you than me, right. He says he will keep bags in car and talks to Chai ji. He leaves. Chai ji gets upset seeing Gunjan cry. Gunjan says he has always forgiven me. Bansuri talks to Gunjan and asks her to take care. Manjeet comes to her and let Gunjan do her work, think how to kick out Veera from here, you left them alone in hospital, why, do you have sense. Bansuri says why did you cut call, my daughter needs me, she is worried, you want me to leave Gunjan and get after Veera and Baldev, she is my bahu, why should you say more against her.

Manjeet says my motive is to kick her out. Bansuri says you did not know about their marriage, then how did this become your motive, whats going on in your mind. Manjeet asks why is she afraid seeing her, did old memories revive, why do you get scared, I did not have any motive, I want financial help, which Balwant and you promised. Bansuri apologizes and says I was thinking wrong. Manjeet smiles.

Gunjan comes home with Chai ji and Ranvi. She apologizes to him and says she loves him a lot, she will not lose and get his forgiveness, she can’t live by being reason of his tears. Veera comes to meet Gunjan. Ranvi asks her to meet Gunjan, as she is resting. Veera cries and apologizes to him, saying Gunjan did not wish to do this, she was having a baby in her womb. He says she will be getting peace, as she did not wish to tell me. He says she should have told me, she took the decision alone, this happened as she wanted this, else she would have not been careless, its fate that I reached there else I would have not known anything, you both did not tell me anything.

She says Gunjan told me as friend and expected me not to tell you, as she wanted to tell you. She says this is not true that she wanted to abort the baby, I was happy in Holi that she wants to keep the baby, then she said she will tell you, so I did not tell you, then this happened. He says if I did not know about this, she could have made any other excuse. She cries. She says Gunjan was afraid that he can’t understand her, please forgive her, talk to her, I know she is sad.

He makes her hand away and starts leaving. She requests him as she used to do in childhood, asking him not to leave her in pain. She says I just want to see you smiling, nothing else. He hugs her. Rabba……………..plays……………..

Baldev says when hope breaks, you get hurt, when we fight with our pain, we get angry on our helplessness and he gets angry on his loved ones and gets annoyed with himself. Veera cries listening to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why this manjeet is behind veera? I hate her…
    Love u veeba…

  2. Is it true that Ranvi forgave Gunjan? if so,that’s good.

  3. good lord, i rather read the teleupdates than watch the serial.. god forsaking so many commercial ads.. its really pisses you off…

  4. Good episode but Vera has the most horrible voice and accent . All the words starting with ‘ja’ like janti hoon, Jana hai are pronounced as ‘zanti hoon, zana hai etc. Likewise cha in chaiji and chai are pronounced as ‘Seiji. Very bad Hindi accent. Is it so difficult to correct her diction ? Voice is horrible but that cannot be changed.
    Gunjan never learns from her mistakes and hides everything from Ramvi. She is selfish to the core.

  5. Same old story like the old one boring something new plz

  6. todays written update …plz make it fast..plz…

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